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621 Family love
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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621 Family love

It didn't take long before Vorden decided to leave the temple and head back towards his original goal, the castle. The emotional toll it was taking on Sil was just too much. If he was on his own, then perhaps Vorden would have tried to enter the temple to look around.

But with Sil being more conscious than he usually was, it just wasn't possible. If Sil complained, the Raten would complain, which in the end would just lead to Vorden getting one almighty headache.

Finally, he had reached the castle or at least the foot of the castle. For when he looked up there was a very wide long staircase leading all the way up to a platform, and then eventually one would have to enter through the doors.

"I always hated these stairs," Vorden said as he reluctantly started to pace himself as he walked up to them. It was a lot easier than he last remembered. It seemed like in the past year, his body had gotten significantly stronger from the military.

Before he thought it wouldn't do much, but he really had gone through a lot more than he had expected at the school. Vorden actually already had a body that excelled normal physical human needs. Not quite as much as a vampire, but at least beyond your normal human.

There were certain reasons for that, which was why he never thought his body would ever improve beyond what it was, not without the Blades' help anyway.

On top of putting his body through extreme situations again and again. There was also the fact that he had been provided with the blood pills from Logan. That had increased his strength every time he took one.

Even now, till this day, the pills were taking effect, which meant it was permanent. Finally, after a long walk, he could see the top of the platform that he would be on, the last step was taken, and a change in the wind could be felt.

"Damn it!" Vorden yelled, raising both hands to cover his head.

At that moment, a kick was hammered into his forearms, and he was starting to lose balance. If he fell now, it would be a pretty nasty fall, but he was more concerned about the pain of having to go up all those stairs again.

However, his body held out, and he pushed the legs away and rolled onto the ground, safe and sound on the large platform area.

"Oh, you used to always fall in the past." A female voice said.

Looking up from the ground, he could see a long blonde haired girl.

"Vicky, do we have to do this?" Vorden asked.

She ran off and swept her leg back, preparing a kick towards his stomach. Out of instinct, he wanted to lift his legs up and crouch into a ball, but he stopped himself from doing so at the last second. Attached on the side of his leg was a small toolbox device, and inside there at the moment was Borden.

He had brought him with him, since Borden refused to go with anyone else. Still, beforehand he made sure that he wouldn't do anything even if his life seems to be in danger. Vorden simply said, that this was his family, and even though it looked like they might be hurting him, they would never ever try to kill him.

When the kick hit, his body skidded across the floor, and he coughed out blood.

"Let me take care of this bitch!" Raten said.

For once, Vorden was pleased to switch. Getting up from the floor, Vicky was already right on him, throwing consecutive kicks without placing her foot down, but Raten was able to block each one of them.

The kicks hurt, and his forearms were throbbing, but there was just a smile on his face. Seeing this, Vicky stopped.

"You switched into him? That's so boring." Vicky said as she walked away. "You can greet him now, brother."


Hearing those words, Raten ducked, and it seems to be at the right time. A fist was thrown out and had just missed his head. While ducking, Raten spun on the floor, kicking and sweeping whoever was behind his legs.

A thud was heard as the body hit the ground and Raten went in for the punch.

"I give, I give." A blonde man said, His hands were waving in front of his face. He looked nearly identical to the girl he was fighting just seconds ago.

Raten's fist had stopped just above his face, nearly touching his nose, while his other hand held his collar up.

"Do I care?" Raten said. And proceeded to give him a wallop to the head.

"Vicky! Help!" He shouted, between each punch he received.

She turned around and just looked at the two of them, shaking her head

Soon, the punches had stopped, and the boy was left with a bloody nose.

"Raten switched back with me, stop hurting brother Pai," Vorden said, the two swapped places and Vorden let go of his brother's shirt.

"Call me anytime to deal with these two, I've been waiting to hurt them for a while now."

Raten had always been a better fighter then Vorden, but before even if he had switched, when it came just to regular hand to hand combat, neither of them were able to even land a punch on either of these two.

"Thanks, Vorden." Pai said. "I never expected you to dodge that attack, you were never that fast before."

"Thanks," Vorden said, giving his brother a helping hand up off the ground. The two people that had attacked him, or rather this was their way of greeting him and welcoming him back, was his older twin sister and brother. Vicky and Pai.

These two were strong, strong enough that their speed and strength matched Vorden currently. Even though Vorden had used the red blood pills and didn't have any armour on either.

This was just their natural body strength and speed.

After learning about vampires, if he didn't know any better, their strength was so abnormal that Vorden would think that they were vampires. But if their strength was considered abnormal, then what about the rest of his family?

Still trying to clean up the blood from his face, his brother and sister didn't say much and started to walk towards the entrance.

"Grandpa is expecting you," Vicky said, and just like that, the two were gone.

There were no questions asked about how he was doing, or what he had done during his time away. Nothing, just a simple little scuffle.

"What did you think?" Pai asked.

"Pft, well he beat your arse, didn't he?" Vicky replied.

"That was because I wasn't ready," Pai replied, embarrassed. "Still, he has gotten better I have to admit that, and he blocked all of your kicks.

The two of them, although twins were quite different, both in personality and fighting style. While Vicky liked to use her legs, Pai liked to use his fists in a fight.

The two of them were the first to enter the main room, and their grandfather was sitting in his chair, waiting at the back. Standing by his two sides where their father and mother. When he saw Pai's face, the biggest smile ever could be seen.

"Man, maybe Grandpa would have got a hard on if he saw my face all bloody as well," Vicky said.

"Crude as always, sister, very crude," Pai commented as the two of them went to join their mother and father's side.

Finally, entering the room was Vorden, and his heart was beating faster than ever. It took him a while to look up, but eventually, he did, and he could see all of them looking at him. Just as intimidating as he remembered.

"Vorden!" Hilston shouted in a loud booming voice. "I'm guessing, anyway. I thought you might have run away in all this chaos. These fools kept saying you probably died, but I didn't doubt for a second that you were still alive."

Vorden didn't say anything back and just simply laughed.

"I asked the servants to prepare a grand feast for your arrival. We have a lot to catch up on and a lot to talk about. Why don't you go rest in your room and then we can talk about it together then?"

Vorden still didn't say anything, he just nodded and bowed, and then headed off away to his room, waiting to be called for dinner.

As soon as Vorden had left, the big smile Hilsoton had on his face had disappeared.

"So he's still the same as before." Hilston sighed.

"Yes. He switched in our little fight earlier." Vicky replied.

"I was hoping after seeing Pai like that, he had changed and was fixed."

"Don't say that, father." The blonde older gentleman said. "Maybe he is getting better. I'm sure if we give more time, then he will be okay."

"Maybe," Hilston said, rubbing his fingers through his rough beard. "I've been thinking, maybe we should send him to the temple again."

When they heard Hilston speak of this, each one of them started to shake slightly. The hairs on the edge of their bodies stood up.


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