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619 The rescue team
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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619 The rescue team

The meeting had concluded, and everyone was now back on the ship. The others thought it was pretty obvious what the right thing to do was, to wait for more information.

Quinn didn't even know if Vorden was truly in trouble or not. There was no image of him, they only shared a single phone call. There was a chance he wasn't even at the Blade's residence, that the coordinates that Owen had given were a trap.

He could potentially be going to the most dangerous place on Earth and for no reason. There were just too many details that needed to be clarified before making a solid decision.

All of the group were sitting at the round table, following Quinn's order of a meeting.

"I understand what you are all saying," Quinn said. "But he asked me to save him. He said he needed my help. Even now as the clock is ticking, I'm thinking what if we were too late, what if I had acted sooner? If we wait and I find out that Vorden had died, then I don't think I could live with myself."

"I just don't think we have the power to go against a family that strong Quinn." Blip said, "They had the power to get rid of Truedream, getting rid of us would be like blowing an ant off their finger."

Quinn looked at everyone there, and he knew they were right, but something was telling him the problem was severe. The whole time Quinn knew him, Vorden had only ever revealed his other personalities once.

If Quinn was correct, Vorden seemed to have good control of his mental state despite this, but there were three of him talking to him at the time of the phone call, fighting over each other. There must have been something that happened for him to have even gotten like that in the first place.

"I just need to scout it out, I just need to check. I'm not planning to go to war with them, that would be stupid." Quinn replied. "And I'm not asking any of you to come with me. I'll go on my own, and no one should have a problem with that, right?"

The conversation had been going in circles for hours now, and it was always them trying to convince him not to go, and him saying why he needed to go. At this point, all of them realised that it was useless, Quinn had decided he was going either way, even if he needed to sneak off the ship.

"I'll go with you Quinn, you can't go on your own. It's not right, and at the end of the day, Vorden came with you to save me, so this would be me returning the favour."

No one else had volunteered but at the same time, they couldn't. They were needed to stay there to look after the people and to keep things running. Quinn was the leader, but it was mostly only in name as most of the operations were run by a team of people.

The meeting was dismissed, and Quinn actually decided to approach one person in particular about the whole thing.

"Is it okay if I go with Fex?" Quinn asked Kazz as he pulled her off to the side.

"You can do as you wish, you're a vampire leader you don't need my permission." Kazz replied. "Vampire leaders are upholders of the laws and a position above mine. The way I see it, I was never sent here to look over you, but just him." She then looked in the direction of Paul.

'Is she being nice, trying to get out on a technicality?' Quinn really wasn't sure. Going to the Blades meant that he might have to fight, and if that was the case, he couldn't hold back, and that meant using everything.

She wasn't a fool and knew this.

Two vampires would be going to potentially the most dangerous place on Earth. It was surely something that would need to be reported, but Kazz was just more concerned with staying with Paul.

"Thank you, Kazz. If you need something from me, I will return the favour."

"This is no favour. Paul will be staying here, and I will make sure he doesn't try to report to the humans while you're away. I will trust a leader and not overstep my position." Kazz no longer wanted to talk about this and decided to walk away from the matter.

'What am I doing, it's fine right?' Her words were like she was trying to convince herself, but technically everything she said was true. The only person that would have wanted her to keep an eye on Quinn, was Bryce.

The words and doubts of the others were still bouncing around inside of Quinn's mind, but there was a clear difference between him and them. They didn't know Vorden, they weren't friends like him.

He was sure if Blip and Linda were put in this situation, Dennis and the old man, they would have gone anywhere to save the ones they cared about, even where the Blades were to save them. For Quinn, this was the same with Vorden.

Still, he wanted to get a second opinion from someone who had a similar relationship, just to make sure he was doing the right thing. That meant he would make a call to Logan, and while doing so, he had updated him on the whole situation.

"A family like that exists, I wonder how they were able to remove their presence from history, from all the files. Now it makes sense. There were many holes in the past when I was trying to discover something. Usually, reports would go into detail of what family achieved what, but in the timeline at times, such as the powerful, strong beast attacking Earth, suddenly there were no details at all.

"The Blades, I can't believe Vorden was able to hide something like that from us for so long."

Quinn nodded.

"It looks like we all had our little secrets in all of this. Well, do you think it's wrong for me to go and try to save him?"

"No," Logan replied without any hesitation. "I don't, and you know what? I'm coming with you. To get to Earth, you will have to go to an Earth station. I can easily travel there and travel back here at any time. So I don't have to bypass anything, and Mona will think I remained on this planet the whole time.

"Besides, how will you get to this place once you're on Earth? I doubt you have the resources, money or anything, or did you not think that far?"

Quinn was sweating a little and started to scratch the back of his head. "Haha, I thought we could figure those things out when we got there."

"Right, about what Owen said though, I believe he was giving you a big hint in all of this. Unlike Truedream, who was located on Earth, Burnie is located on his own planet at the moment.

"A force capable of taking out the big four, they would have to be quite large no matter how strong they are. Which means when this does happen, there won't be many left behind. We don't know if they will take Vorden with them if there is a war, but at the same time, that will give us a chance to check out this place.

"Maybe even design a plan before they return, or save Vorden if he needs saving and is really there."

Quinn knew speaking to Logan was the right choice, just through speaking to him, the risk had already been reduced by quite a bit. They would have to wait, which would just worry Quinn, but this was the safest option for them.

He was not planning on dying.

The call was over, and the plan was made of when the three of them would go to the island located on the coordinates. However, Logan had another reason he wanted to go. For a family to cover up their tracks, when the internet existed was near enough impossible.

The information would have been archived, spread, reposted and even more. Yet, there was truly nothing on them. Which meant someone had to be involved in helping them cover it up.

And he couldn't find anything to do with the Green's which meant there was a possibility, that maybe the Eno family were involved in this, or another power.


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