My Vampire System
615 Finally a reply
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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615 Finally a reply

After learning what was said from the Bree family, Logan didn't want to give up there. He constantly tried to put pressure on her, trying to get any details he could. Not just for Quinn's sake, but now his own curiosity was driving him and as well.

Just who the hell were the Blade family and was it really linked to Vorden?

He tried making new deals with her, offering her more support, exclusive support, but she wouldn't give in, and not once did it seem like she was even tempted, in the end, he had to give up and gave the report back to Quinn.

"Just like the others then," Quinn said. "The big three know of the Blade family, but it seems like only they do. Yet they seem almost scared of them. Thank you Logan, we're still deciding what to do about the Demon tier beast. Let us know when solid plans have been confirmed."

Now Quinn was at a complete dead end. He had no more leads, no more cards to play and didn't even know where Vorden was, only that he had gone home to be with his family. Still, he couldn't help but now have this huge worry on his mind.

The group at the round table in the command centre had heard everything. Since it had nothing to do with the vampires, it wasn't a secret he needed to keep. If anything they were more surprised that Quinn had contacts with the Bree family as well as the Green family.

This child certainly never stopped surprising them all. But Quinn wanted them to listen in to hear if they had any ideas, but they didn't either. So they moved on to the next topic of the agenda.

Which was about the Demon tier beast. It was already decided that Quinn would be heading to the planet. That was where he would meet with Logan, Layla and Cia, who had replied, but couldn't speak. They had only left a message saying they would be there.

The only one that hadn't was Vorden.

The question they were asking now though, is if they had any other goals when getting there. Was there a need to send a large team, or a small team, and would Quinn be trying to take and steal the Demon tier crystal? It would be a significant boost to their power.

However, nearly everyone else was against the idea. They tried to explain to Quinn just what fighting a demon tier beast was like, and when he saw one, he would probably change his mind. Even if he planned to steal it, like he had done the king tier, the strongest powers in the world would be after him.

Quinn was strong, but he still wasn't at the big three leaders' level, and definitely not at the level where he could fend off all of them. If one person couldn't do it, then their army needed to, and Quinn's army was the size of a peanut when in comparison to the others. Maybe even smaller.

Logan was their eyes, and he would tell them when the Bree family was on the move. According to him, they had spies stationed in the other families, and they were waiting to see what they planned to do.

"Has there been any movement from the Sunshield family, any more information?" Sam asked.

"Erh yes." Blip said. "I spoke with our friend, who is still under the Graylash family banner. Apparently, the Sunshield aren't just messing with the Graylash family, they're going on a bit of a rampage. They started to attack the Bree family and the smaller military planets as well. Their plan is to cut off the smaller powers to eventually weaken the head.

"And honestly it seems like it's mostly working as neither the Graylash family nor the Bree family seem to be doing anything to retaliate. They're letting their planets get taken over one by one. Only the military has tried fighting back against the Sunshields."

It sounded strange, but there was always more going on behind the scenes than what appeared on the surface.

"There movements have started to slow down a little. As they seem to be preparing like everyone else, for the Demon tier hunt. Or at least that's what we assume."

When the meeting was over, everyone started to head back to their rooms, but Fex had stopped Quinn saying he wanted to talk before doing so.

"I was just wondering about your Soul weapon." Fex asked, "Do you mind telling me how it works?"

Quinn saw no reason to hide, so he explained it the way the system did when he used his inspect skill on it, and Fex was nodding along. For the first time, it seemed like he was actually paying attention to something.

"I see, I see," Fex said. "It kinda sounds like a blood weapon to me. The way it needs blood to properly work, it's the same. Obviously, though a blood weapon is a permanent thing and nothing like a soul weapon. Anyway, thank you, man." Fex said, walking off.

It gave a lot to think about, and Fex was starting to wonder if Sam's theory was correct based on this. Maybe vampires could have a soul weapon, they just had to crystallize their blood crystal within to form the weapon themselves.

With this in mind, he decided to head to the training room to have a go on the machine, hoping to make a breakthrough.

A few days passed by, with nothing much happening. They were in a stalemate until either the shelter was complete or one of the big families made their move, but no news was good news in a way Quinn guessed.

*Ding, Ding, Ding.

One day in the command room, a call came through to the ship, and when Quinn saw who it was, his eyes lit up. The name underneath, was Vorden.

Immediately Quinn answered it waiting to see if he was okay.

"Hello Vorden, are you there?" Quinn asked, but there was silence, and only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard in and out.

"Hello, can you hear me!" Quinn shouted this time.

"Everything should be working," Peter said.

"I told you not to call him, what do you think he's going to do!" An angry voice said down the line.

"But he's our friend, I need him." The voice sounded similar, but softer.

"You'll get him killed, killed, killed!" The angry voice returned.

Then finally, a more familiar voice appeared.

"Quinn, I'm doing fine, I got your message, unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to make it."

"Huh Vorden where are you, we'll come to you it's okay," Quinn replied.

"No, it's fine, don't worry. I'm okay."

Then the soft voice suddenly came back once more.

"Quinn, us. I want to see you again."

And before he knew it the call had ended right there. Nothing was ever seen on the screen but black, and it sounded like they were communicating with three different people.

"What was that all about?" Peter asked.

Although it sounded like three different voices, Quinn's ears could pick it up. All of them were coming from the same person. The voices were the same, only with a slightly different tone on each one. One of them he had met before, it was another personality Vorden kept inside of him. As for the third one, he had no clue.

'Was Vorden hiding more from me that I didn't know about?'

But that wasn't the thought that stuck in Quinn's head, it was the last line. If Vorden was in trouble, in serious trouble based on his personality, he would have never asked Quinn for help. He wouldn't want him or others getting hurt, but the other personality clearly was saying they were in trouble, they needed help.

"Damn it!" Quinn shouted. "I don't even know where the hell the Blades are, or what family they're under."

Without even this basic information, Quinn could do nothing. He thought hard about what to do, but no one knew anything apart from the big three, who weren't going to tell him.

"Wait, Blip!" Quinn called out.

It was so sudden it startled Blip.

"You said that the Graylash family kept bugging you right, that they wanted to have some type of meeting?" Quinn asked.

"Quinn, you aren't thinking of actually inviting them back to the planet are you?" Blip replied a little nervous thinking about the last thing he had said to them on their call. "We haven't been giving them crystals for weeks. Even if we did try contacting them I doubt they would even be coming especially if they're busy fighting the Sunshields and preparing for a demon tier hunt."

"I know, but I don't know what else I can do," Quinn said. "All we can do is try, right? I think If we put it out there then maybe, he will be interested. Tell him you want to have a meeting, and it's about the Blades."

If Quinn was right, the family's name being mentioned by a low ranking family member might prompt him to act quickly and come over, especially after they had successfully defended an attack.

Plucking up his courage, Blip did as asked and got back in contact with his Graylash spokesperson, and said exactly what Quinn had ordered. A meeting had been made, the leader of the Graylash family, Owen, and Quinn would meet face to face.


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