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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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614 Bree“s advice

When Quinn confronted Kazz, and she had realised what could have possibly happened to Paul, she had decided to spill the beans. Kind of. She blabbed on about how maybe this or that might have occurred, or maybe she had overheard the vampires talking about sending over two people.

And she just happened to overhear their plan.

Quinn didn't really care enough to find out why she was telling him this, but was just happy that she had done. It did come as a surprise because it was obviously a ploy set up by one of the vampires that had something against him, and there were many in that council room.

Yet, for some reason, Kazz, who he thought was against him, had decided to tell him. Quinn rushed off but turned around and shouted.

"Thank you Kazz!"

Hearing those words leave Quinn's mouth, filled her with relief inside. She now felt that she had done the right thing. Now she was just hoping Paul wasn't hurt.

'Paul, why did I think of him?' She wondered.

When Quinn had arrived at the Crows, his connection with him was telling him immediately that Paul's life was in danger. Following the feeling had led him right to where Paul was, and on instinct, he had hurt the person who had inflicted damage to Paul.

Sure, Quinn and Paul didn't get on at first, but he knew Paul was trying to guide him as time went on. In fact, he probably didn't realise how much he cared about Paul until he saw him, a bloody mess. A strange rage was completely consuming Quinn, and he didn't know if it was something to do with the vampire blood they both shared.

Tupple looked at her brother, who had been chucked a great distance away. It was only a single slash, no blood abilities or anything was used, but he wasn't getting up.

'Wasn't he using his ability?' She thought.

Looking at Quinn's hand, she could see that it was cut in several places and the skin on it torn. It was a sign that Kiln had used his ability. Still, Quinn had powered through the ability and had done that to her brother.

If she didn't do something fast, she knew that she would be next.

"Tell me who sent you!" Quinn shouted.

She closed her eyes, not wanting the influence skill to work, and then felt a heavy slap across her face.

"Fine, you want to ignore me. I know the perfect thing for both of you." Quinn said.

Kiln was lifting himself off the ground, he was still alive, but his wound was still bleeding and wasn't healing at all. When he opened his eyes fully, he could see his sister standing in front of the tenth leader with a shadow above his back. Behind the tenth leader, the shadow took the shape of a large ball, and then it opened wide like a mouth.

Kiln had seen this before, he had seen Arthur use it, it was the skill Shadow eater.

The two mouths shut on his sister, consuming her shadow, and soon after, it moved towards Kiln doing the same.

[Shadow eater successful]

[MC points have been raised from 120 to 130]

[MC points have been raised from 130 to 140]

They weren't going to tell him who sent them and he knew that, but for hurting his family to the point where they could no longer stand, he wanted them to suffer.

With their shadows being eaten, nearly instantly they could feel it. Even though there was no sun out and they had their special magical rings on. A burning sensation started to run through their whole body, and they felt incredibly weak. It was even worse for them as nobles compared to regular vampires.

For these two, they had relied far too much on the rings and were reluctant to train like the leaders or Arthur, who had a natural resistance to the sun.

They knew what the skill did and the idea of having to live the rest of their lives with this pain, they couldn't stand it. Quinn had left them to suffer while he went over and fed some blood from his flask to Paul, allowing him to heal up.

The two of them continued to groan until they eventually decided that death was better for them both. Not having enough will to do it themselves, each of them finished the other off with their ability. A clean strike to the neck for both of them.

It didn't matter if Quinn couldn't get any information out of them, there was someone who knew all the details anyway. He was pretty sure based on Kazz's reaction and through her ramblings, she had outed the person by accident.

It was the first leader. For some reason, he was trying to frame him. If Quinn tried to make any moves against him now, there were too many people who were on his side. They would think Quinn was making it up or an excuse. Now he would have to be cautious as there were more things to worry about then just beasts and humans.

What Quinn was pleased about was the shadow eater skill. It had increased his MC points which were in need of a boost for a long time.

However, watching how much pain those two were in, he knew it was a skill that he should only use on those that truly were deserving of it.

After Paul had recovered, the two of them got rid of the bodies and headed back to the spaceship.

"How did you know?" Paul asked on the way.

"It seems like your intuition was right," Quinn replied. "Kazz might not be as bad as I thought. But she is someone who needs to be watched. I still can't forgive her for the things she has done. But it doesn't mean I can't understand why she did them."

Seeing Paul come back safe, a wide smile broke on Kazz's face and for the first time when Quinn saw this, he could see what the others could see. She was kinda cute. No longer was she hiding behind a fake smile but this one was genuine.

In the back of Kazz's mind, she was a little worried about what to do when her father found out and what to say, how to tell him his plan was a failure, but she wouldn't have to do that until a month's time anyway. For now, it could wait.

The next day, things had still been hectic compared to what they were before. Real repairs were happening at the core shelters as they soon wanted to use it to resume hunting. For now, they were only doing small types of quests and nothing major.

People were still recovering, but eventually, Quinn thought it would be beneficial to try and explore the new land. At some point, they would need to improve not just his gear, but the gear of all the others as well if they wanted to go toe to toe with the big families.

However, there was nothing he could do to speed up this process. Things would take time. Because of this, Quinn decided that it was time he started to look into something else, the Blade family. No matter who he asked or how much searching he did, no one could help him.

In the end, there was one person he could rely on. Right now, he was on a video call with Logan in the command room.

"Sure, I can try to look into the Blade family for you. Have you not tired contacting Vorden himself?" Logan asked.

"I did. I left several messages, but he hasn't replied to a single one of them. I'm not too worried he's strong, and if his family is as strong as him, then I doubt there would be many who could take them on." Quinn said.

Quinn had told Logan how every time he had mentioned the Blade's no one seemed to know of it. Strangely enough, even Logan, part of the Green family, knew nothing about him. There was nothing in their files at all, and no amount of searching would bring up results.

Yet, for some reason, two out of the big three knew who the Blades were. The mystery once again interested Logan and he was determined to help Quinn out even if the two of them weren't close.

"I'll set up an appointment with Mona and see if she knows anything," Logan replied, and the video call had ended.

Some time had passed, and the day of the appointment with Logan and Mona had come around. She came to his house as usual. The two of them now had a much better relationship now that the device was complete and Logan had handed it over.

The information had already been spread about the Demon tier, but she had no clue who was responsible, even if it was Logan, she didn't exactly care. He had only revealed the location of one Demon tier beast. She had a device that would allow her to locate many.

The two of them sat down at their table as usual, and the people Mona would bring with her were there as well. All of them were eating sandwiches that had been served by Logan's rover.

"I wanted to ask you, do you know anything about the Blade family?" Logan asked.

The moment he did, nearly at the same time, each one of them dropped their sandwiches on the ground.

"I'm sorry, Logan. Even for you, this is one thing I cannot share." She stood up and was prepared to leave. "One word of advice Logan, because I like you. Stay away from the Blades."


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