My Vampire System
613 Paul“s stand
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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613 Paul“s stand

Kazz had spent enough time alone to gather her thoughts, and she had decided what she would do. She would play the fool, playing dumb on both sides, pretending she never heard of their plans.

When returning to her room, she could see that the pair had already left. She thought she had already made up her mind, but seeing that they weren't here, she could picture in her head what horrific things they were planning to do.

'Breaking the rules are wrong, dad wanted me to become the perfect vampire, and the perfect vampire doesn't break the rules. But it will upset dad if I ruin his plans. '

Then, she had a eureka moment in her head, she figured out a way. 'What if I'm not the one that ruins his plans?'

Thinking about this, she returned to the Crow's base and entered the teleporter back to the ship. When returning, she walked around, trying to find Quinn. On the way, she constantly changed her mind about telling him about the vampires or whether there was a way to tell him without actually telling him.

Then before she knew it, she was in the command room where several people were.

"Err Quinn." Kazz said.

Quinn was in the middle of doing some personal searching on his own, he was getting his head around what Logan had told him, and was in the middle of informing the other members. Wondering if they thought it was a good idea to head to the planet with the demon tier or not.

"Kazz, can you not bother me now," Quinn said without even looking at her.

The others gave a look to Quinn as if he had just done something incredibly rude.

"Come on bro, do you really have to be like that to such a nice girl?" Nate whispered.

"Nice?" Quinn thought. They hadn't seen what she was capable off as he had. Maybe to them, he seemed rude, but after what she had done, he thought he was being quite polite.

"I mean, you can at least see what she wants?" Sam said.

Looking at these two fools' faces turn bright red, it was clear that they were on her side for completely the wrong reasons. He was starting to wonder if Kazz had used her charm skill on the two numbskulls or if they really were just idiots.

"Fine." Quinn spun around in his chair, and looked at Kazz. "What did you wan—?" Quinn paused for a second before finishing.

"You haven't seen Paul by any chance, have you?" Quinn asked. The reason being, Paul too was meant to be part of this meeting, but he had assumed he hadn't come due to him following Kazz around. Now thoughts were running through his head.

'I told the idiot to not die, did he really go and try to do something to her?'

Getting out from his seat, Quinn immediately pulled Kazz out of the room and dragged her by the hand.

"What's up with those two?" Nate whispered.

"Ahh, lovers quarrel." Fex jokingly said, but the two boys took it dead serious, as they turned and had eyes of flames, thinking one thing - they had a rival.

"Ah please, my sister is prettier than her." Fex casually said.

"Brother please." Nate had suddenly left his seat and was now already on his knees right by Fex's side. He had moved faster than any vampire he had ever seen. "If what you are saying is true, then please put in a good word for me. You see, I have been single for all my sweet nineteen years of life. Every day there is a chance I would die on the battlefield, and I don't want to leave this world without experiencing the embrace of a warm-hearted woman."

Nate was a little too much for Fex, and he started to back away.

"I mean, it's true, but my sister is a little old for you guys, and she isn't warm at all. In fact, she's cold. Very, very cold."

"That's just my style. Just like teacher Silver." Nate said with a smirk.

That's when Fex figured it out. For a short while, his sister had come to Earth disguised as a teacher. And from the sounds of it, she didn't even use a different name and taught these two idiots. "When I say she's too old for you guys, I really mean she's too old."

Back down one of the sides of the command room, Quinn had Kazz pressed up against the wall, and she could tell he was serious because his eyes were glowing red.

"Tell me what happened to Paul?" He asked.

Kazz could actually feel the influence skill partly working on her, it wasn't controlling her completely, but it didn't make any sense. Only the leaders at the lord level would be able to control her. Still, she thought back and answered truthfully anyway.

"I don't know what happened to Paul, I came here to tell you something else." Kazz pleaded.

"Lies," Quinn said, shoving her against the back wall after seeing that she had broken free form his influence. Kazz was stronger than he thought. "When we last spoke he said he went to follow you back at the Crow's base."

"Back at the Crow's base? Oh, no."

Down the alleyway, the old man had run off back to his home. Paul wasn't going to let these two pass to go after him.

"Oh, another vampire?" Tupple said.

"I'm guessing from the tenth family, since they're the only ones that should be here." Kiln added. "Are you angry we didn't offer to share with you?"

"You were about to hurt that man," Paul said. "If I was able to follow you and see what you were doing, maybe a human could have as well."

Paul, not knowing the strength of the vampires in front of him, wanted to be cautious with his words. He was trying to win this fight without having to fight at all. And based on Kazz and the others they respected the rules very much.

"Hey, Tupple, how about a little change in our plan. I wonder how the tenth leader would react to find one of his own vampires dead? Would he go in a rage trying to find out who did it, maybe we won't have to get our hands dirty, and he would start going on a rampage against the humans for us?"

It seemed, like whatever hopes Paul had of convincing these two, was thrown out the window. They were here to cause trouble for Quinn. If he was to guess, then it would have been that bald-headed vampire who seemed so against Quinn to even do this whole thing in the first place.

He had only been in the council room with the others once, but being a fellow bald-headed man, he didn't trust the bald-headed vampire.

Quickly placing his hands by his side, Paul had attached the two Claws that had been made for him. Alex was able to improve them, and now they were at the advanced level.

He swung trying to hit Tupple, the closest female vampire, but Kiln had pulled her body back, avoiding the blow and then jumped above her with a kick.

Raising his hands, he was able to block the attack, and cause a slight scratch on Kiln's leg. Quickly feeling something strange, Kiln stomped his foot on the ground a few times.

"Kiln are you okay?" Tupple asked.

"Yeah, how cute, it seems like our little friend here is a user of poison."

At the moment, Paul's poison ability was at level five, and although it would be effective against humans, against the vampire body, it didn't seem to have too much of an effect.

Still, he didn't have complete control of poison at this level and could only lace his items with it, or infect people he touched, which would make the fight a little more difficult.

"Unfortunately for you, our skills don't require us to even bother getting close to you." Kiln said.

Paul went in again, trying to attack but this time, before he could reach them, the sound of them clanging against something could be heard. He hadn't even touched them, yet felt a strong force hit him back.

As his hands flung back in the air, the other one striked, but Paul kicked her hand up before it could even reach him. His old senses and fighting abilities were coming back to him, after years of not using them.

However, even though her fingers and nails didn't directly touch Paul. He suddenly felt several cuts ripping his ankle to shreds. It was bloody, and when he tried placing his foot back down, it was weak and gave in slightly.

This time the boy vampire came towards him, and Paul deflected the attack, hitting it upward with his claw, but again, several marks seemed to hit him when the blow should have been avoided.

"An ability."

"Ding ding ding!" Kiln said. "You finally got it, not that it matters. Because you will no longer be on this world."

Maybe fighting one of them, Paul could have lasted long enough to try and figure out how their ability worked and had a fighting chance, but with two of them, he didn't even have time to recover.

"Damn it, I need to live, those people are counting on me!" Paul shouted.

He defended, attacked, and sometimes even ignored being hurt. Wounds started to build up all over his body, and eventually, they were starting to add up. His entire body now looked like he had been mauled by a tiger, yet he was still standing.

"Oh, I'm having too much fun." Kiln said with a devilish smile.

One of Paul's eyes had been cut so bad, he was unable to see from it, and he stood there huffing and panting, he wished he had his old ability. Maybe then he could have shut these two up.

'This could possibly be my last moments, and I'm thinking about what I could have done. What happened to you Paul? You have become a very uncool old man.' He thought. When thinking of cool, there was one person who came up in his mind.

Out on the battlefield, covered in blood surrounded by dead bodies and if his eyes were deceiving him, he could see this very man now.

"What took you so long?" Paul said, collapsing to the ground.

Kiln turned around, as a smell entered his nose and at the same time, a vertical slash had been made across his chest, sending him flying across the floor.

"The tenth leader, what are you doing here?" Tupple said, her legs shaking.

"You hurt one of my men, so why wouldn't I be here?" Quinn replied.


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