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612 Wanting love
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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612 Wanting love

Kazz had told Quinn what she was planning to do, that she had to go to the Crows planet to make her monthly report as she had done before, that the teleporter was left back at their old apartment.

Quinn disregarded her and just flapped his hands. He honestly didn't care what she did at this point. She was something at some point Quinn wanted to get rid of anyway.

"She's not as bad as she seems," Paul said, as he could see Quinn didn't have the best image of her.

"Oh really, do you remember how she killed those eight soldiers back at Dreamland, do you really think if the same were to happen again, she would comply now?" Quinn replied.

"Quinn, it might not be as black and white as it seems. Or maybe it is very black and white in her eyes. We don't know how the vampires were raised. Their survival, like any race is their top priority, and they have decided that for them to survive, humans must not learn of their secret. I think she is misunderstood."

"There have been a few vampires I have met, and they are usually approachable and understandable. That vampire world that Kazz came from is the same word that Fex came from. You can't say the two of them act the same?"

"So doesn't it make you think?" Paul replied. "Why two people who have come from the same world have turned out so different?"

Like how Earth and the families had different goals and philosophies of how things should work, how different parents had different teaching styles, the vampire families were the same.

But for Quinn, he didn't have time to find out why she acted a certain way. In his mind, it just wasn't worth trying to befriend someone who could and had attempted to kill his friends.

"You make a good case, Paul. I'm not completely disagreeing with you." Quinn said. "If you want, you can follow her. Maybe you will learn a thing or two. Just if you come back dead, then don't blame me."

Returning back to the Crow family, Kazz didn't know why, but she felt a little weird for the first time talking to Bryce. She knew that leaving the teleporter on could only mean one thing.

That he had planned to send more people here. Hearing this had caused a pain in her heart.

'Am I not good enough?' She thought.

She thought she had done a good job, reporting everything Quinn had done, making sure no one found out about the vampire powers. Even the King said she was doing well and helping out, but Bryce hadn't praised her for her jobs like he would have usually done in the past. Instead, for the first time ever, he was sending more people to help complete her job.

"No!" She screamed, "I don't want that, why can't you just look at me dad!' She shouted and flung a chair in her room so hard that it had smashed against the wall.

This was the truth of the matter. Kazz was Bryce's daughter. Throughout her whole life, all she ever wanted was to be praised by her father for doing a good job. She still remembered his words.

He had asked her to become the best vampire there was. So she followed all the vampire rules to the best as she could, never straying from that path. Any task that was given to her by her father she completed without complaining about it.

But her father, for some reason never seemed to look at her properly, he never looked her in the eyes, she could see it. Bryce was always looking past her at something else. Obsessed with the seat where the King sat, obsessed with revenge.

In this regard, many people often would compare both Silver and Kazz. The two of them were both vampire knights who upheld the rules above all, and they were trying to win their father's respect. It seemed like other than the fathers themselves, everyone else in the vampire settlement could see it.

Only Kazz was jealous of Silver, because when Fex was about to get executed and Silver had joined in, he had broken all the rules, no longer caring about his position. He wanted to save both Silver and Fex.

The look in his eyes when looking at her that time was so warm. Kazz started to think, whether if she was in the same position as Silver, would her father have come to her help?

Still, she shook off these thoughts, of course, he would. As long as she carried on being perfect, then one day, she would get the love she wanted.

But now, he was sending people to help her, she was no longer doing a good job, and she felt like her whole world was crashing down.

After a few moments, her breathing had gone back to what it once was, and through the teleporter, a man and a woman stepped through.

Both of them were vampire nobles by the name of Kiln and Tupple. They were sister and brother. They both had short hair black hair with a long fringe covering one of their eyes. For Kiln it was the left eye and Tupple the right.

"Greetings vampire knight Kazz." Both of them bowed and spoke at the same time as they saw her.

Kazz quickly closed the teleporter, placing it in a backpack she had prepared beforehand. "What are you two doing here, did the King request you to come?" She asked.

"No," Tupple replied, and then Kiln carried on. "This was a personal request from Bryce. It seems that the King trusts the Tenth family too much."

"We have been told to go out on a hunt tonight." Tupple this time took over. "Not a secret one either. A blood rage revealing that vampires exist to the whole world, and the blame shall be pinned on the tenth leader with you as the witness."

"You mean you're going to attack the people?" Kazz said, "But that makes no sense, they know nothing about vampires."

The two looked at each other, they knew Kazz was a little dense when it came to these things.

"When you make your next report, see your father first before the King. He will explain everything to you. And I'm sure he will say you have done a good job." Tupple commented with a smile.

They also knew what to say to her to get her to comply. The praise she was looking for.

The two of them would stay in the room until nightfall. They wanted to plant the seeds of doubt in the people's minds slowly. First, a few bite marks here and there, then the Tenth family would start accusing each other. Saying that one of them did it. They would try to cover it up, but as more and more people started dying from signs of a vampire, their trust between each other would be split, and at the same time the humans would start to suspect something, that's when they would have their grand reveal.

Kazz had left the room in a storm, she slammed the door, and Paul who had been following her saw this. When he tried to keep up with her, she had already disappeared.

'That look on her face, was she sad?' Paul thought, while he continued to search the shelter to see if he could spot her.

Up on one of the higher buildings, Kazz just wanted to be alone in her thoughts. She was wondering about what to do. It was the first time that her father was asking her to keep silent about something illegal. The King was going to be tricked, and innocent people were going to die.

However, on the plus side, if she did as he said, she would finally get his approval. Her father would finally say thanks. Her mind was conflicted, and in the end, she thought it might be best to just let it run its course. She wouldn't try to cover up their tracks, and at the same time if Quinn found them, she wouldn't try to help them either. She would be a bystander in all of this.

Eventually, nightfall arrived, and Paul still was unable to find Kazz. He was becoming worried. With someone as unpredictable as Kazz, if her mind was in a bad place, who knows what would happen.

In the end, he decided to return to the apartment, where he first saw her. Maybe she had returned without him knowing about it. Upon returning, he waited for a while. Still, there was no sign of her.

At some point he needed to return to Quinn. Otherwise, he might start to think Kazz really had done something to him. That's when he spotted two people leaving from her room, and it was two people he had never seen before.

He followed them from quite the distance away, not wanting to get close at all, and that's when he noticed that they too were following other people as well. This time an old man, they waited and waited and were constantly looking around.

But Paul was no average person. He had years of training as a soldier. Some of his duties in the past were doing things such as this, so he was unseen by the pair, and his vampire abilities only made him better.

Finally, when the time was right, he could see it. No one was around, and they had gotten him in a spot where they could easily do something without being seen.

He ran forward as fast as he could and in front of his eyes, he saw the two of them throw a man into a dark alleyway. Before they could get the jump on him, Paul had arrived, diving in between the two of them and he now stood in between the old man and the pair.

At that moment, a smell had entered his nose, being around Quinn and the others long enough he knew what the scent was.

"You two are vampires." He said.


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