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611 The New Faction
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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611 The New Faction

Without Quinn, the Crow's wouldn't be where they were today. That much was for sure. Blip thought about this many times ever since he saw Quinn's body, a bloody mess with the Sunshields all dead around him.

They could have fought as hard as they wished, but that wouldn't have stopped the impending doom that all of their members were about to face. Blip felt like he owed Quinn a great debt, and the only way he could repay him was by serving and following him. Originally this was a decision he had chosen on his own.

But soon, the other Crow members got wind of this. They wanted to stay with Blip wherever he went. They felt like wherever he would go, there was a bright future ahead of them, and when he informed them of his plans, they had decided they would follow his lead.

With Quinn passed out, they went to who they believed was the next highest-ranked person in the Cursed family, which was Peter.

"Sure you guys can join if Quinn allows it, but you will have to do it my way," Peter said with a smile. He was still annoyed about what one of the Crow members had said before, so he decided to bring them all down a peg or two to show them who they really answered to. He just didn't expect them to comply so quickly and this was what had brought them all to give such a formal introduction when Quinn had awoken.

Now that the Eagles and the Crows no longer existed and everyone was under the Cursed faction banner, a few changes were made.

Nearly all of the old Crow members agreed to join and had moved onto the ship. The others who had survived, including a small team, would stay on the Crow's planet most of the time. All the systems that were once there were also moved to the ship.

The Traveler ID system and the quest board was moved onto the ship and Blip had even updated it. On the system itself, he had disbanded the Crows and created a new faction. The Cursed family. He then input all of the IDs of the members who would be joining the Cursed family. Once this was done the faction as a whole would receive a rank.

This rank was based on how many points in total from all members were achieved within a month. Until then, the rank would stay as the rank it was before and then update the next month when the points were collected.

The Crows previously were known as a Rank B or C base, which would change depending on their performance month to month. With the Cursed family being a new faction, they had been given the lowest possible rank - rank F.

The rank itself didn't really matter and was more shown as a symbol of pride or a deterrent for other factions if they were planning to stir trouble with them. Since a higher rank faction would have killed more beasts that were also probably at a higher level in that month, one could get an idea of that group's size or strength.

And of course currently, right at the top of the leader boards were the big three which were all AAA rank factions. In third place was the Sunshield family, second place the Graylash family, and lastly at the top was the Bree family.

At the top, this rank didn't mean much because the three families were so far ahead in points compared to other families, but the difference was small between each of them.

"At the top huh, I wonder how long it will take," Quinn said, while looking at the list. Quinn also started to see if he could spot another family name. Of course, not all families used their names as a faction, only the more powerful original ones did.

Quinn was trying to spot anything that resembled the Blade family, but he was unsuccessful. When he woke up, he tried asking Peter to get in contact with Vorden. He had sent him multiple messages, but there was still no reply yet, but he was still hopeful that he would reply soon.

The reason for moving everything onto the ship was because Quinn wanted an official mobile base. He was thinking far ahead into the future, where people wouldn't just do quests on one planet, but on multiple.

For now, they only had one planet that they could hunt on, but in the future, he wished for more. Not wanting to upset the flow of everything, Quinn had decided to keep things mostly the same. If there were any big decisions to be made, he wanted to talk it out as a group.

Both Dennis and Blip had years of experience of running a faction that Quinn didn't have, and he wanted them as part of the group, not just to be someone under him. This was a mistake he saw many of the other families make.

Weekly quests were no longer mandatory, and now there wasn't such a heavy tax as before. Still, Quinn had to take a small fraction, but most of it would be used to buy things that ran the ship and to support themselves.

However, if they did not go on any quests, then they would not receive their allowance of food or other amenities. The way the Graylashes were running it before was more like the Crow's were paying them for protection. Quinn saw it more as you get what you put in, they were not there to run a charity.

And if you couldn't help with quests, you had to earn your keep another way - teaching the children, maintaining the ship, helping with admin work and so on. Jobs of the old that were under-appreciated. People were confused about why Quinn would even give them credits for such work. They had forgotten that before the war, these were normal paying jobs. Before the world only cared about who was the most powerful faction.

Everything was coming together.

Blip was currently in the old Crows base. He and the others still had offices there, so they kept track of things and the people staying there as well. Some of the Crow's ships and members still remained, especially since they needed to protect the planet from future attacks or warn Quinn if they saw anyone coming.

While he was thinking back on events, he had received a call that he had long been waiting for.

"Hello, good sir." Blip said with his hands behind his head. He was more relaxed than he had ever been when talking to the Graylash family.

"Blip? It seems like the reports are true." The Graylash member said through the video screen. "We are sorry we were unable to aid you in time. The Sunshields had coordinated attacks on our bases and allies all over the place, by the time we found out about yours we thought it was too late. I hope this doesn't ruin our relationship together for the future." The man said.

"Future?" Blip replied back quietly.

"Before I forget, our leader Owen has requested to come by. He wants to understand how you were able to fend off the Sunshields. Out of all the factions, you were the only ones who were able to do so without any Graylash members' help. You have done well to catch the eye of our leader Owen.

"So when do you think would be a good time for him to meet you? Don't forget that I will also be expecting your report on your crystal delivery. I still haven't received it yet. I understand you have just gone through a tough battle, but that doesn't mean we can stop working… and…" The Graylash family member continued to mumble on, making request after request as if everything was back to normal.

"Report?" Blip said, now standing up from his seat. "I tell you what you can do with your reports." His tone quickly turned from calm to furious, "You can tell Owen to screw his meeting, screw all the reports, and shove it up your Graylash brown nose arses!" Blip shouted, turning off the video soon after.

His hands were shaking, but he was happy. He had been waiting to say that to them from day one, and he finally had done it.

'Did I go too far?' Blip thought. 'I hope I didn't anger them to the point where they start a war now as well.'

In her old Room, Kazz had also opened up her teleporter and had gone over back to the vampire world to make her report. They were impressed with what she had to say, and how Quinn was able to defeat so many people without revealing any of his powers.

But they were also upset to hear that there had been no progress in finding out what had happened to their agents. With things as hectic as they were in the human world, they feared sending more in case they didn't return.

Just like before after making the report to the King, Kazz had gone to make a report to Bryce.

"Damn it, so he still hasn't slipped up, and by the sounds of it, that brat is only getting stronger. How can the King possibly just sit by and let someone who might one day go against us just carry on to grow like that? We need to let the King see it our way, to see what a problem the tenth leader will cause us in the future.

"Kazz when you return this time, don't shut off the teleporter."


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