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607 Turn the tide
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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607 Turn the tide

The first group of citizens led by the co-founder Linda had entered through the teleporter. Many of them were visibly nervous and unaware of what was really going on. Linda had only told them a few details, that this was a place where they could stay while the Sunshields were attacking.

At the same time, she was also brutally honest to them all. There was a chance that they might not be able to return back to the Crow's base or the planet at all. Many of them trusted her and the Crows, they knew that they were fighting for their home, so they couldn't complain and went through the teleporter.

However, Even Linda was a bit nervous about where they were about to go, even she hadn't seen what the spaceship was like. Stepping through the teleporter, they had entered a large empty room and waiting for them was Peter.

The group were still nervous and bickering, twisting their heads around trying to get a sense of where exactly they were.

"Where are we?" One person asked.

"What planet is this on?"

"Is it safe to be here, is it under the protection of one of the other big three?"

The questions and comments continued, and Peter was beginning to grit his teeth in frustration. He didn't like how they were acting, especially since they had given them safe refuge and asked for nothing in return.

Simply put, Peter wasn't good at dealing with these situations, and he had a short fuse with his emotions. Linda, upon seeing this, went over to Peter to make a suggestion.

"Why don't we give some of them a tour around the place. Maybe it will take their mind off things?"

"Anything to get these people to shut up," Peter said.

Both Fex and Quinn had warned Linda about Peter's aggressive nature, that was mostly to do with his transformation. It was a complete 180-degree turn from when he was human Peter.

A small group of people were left behind in the room the teleporter was set up in. They would wait there in case more people came from the other side, which was expected as a few more citizens gathered and the injured were coming through from the battle.

The tour commenced with Peter leading the people, and many of them were amazed at what they were seeing. The facilities were clean, modern, and nicer than anything they had at the base. The whole place was spotless as it looked like no one really lived here, even the bedrooms were state of the art.

Linda was impressed, when they said they had a large spaceship she was never expecting something like this. It certainly was a place that they could use as a base together. This was based on just seeing the equipment and rooms. In total, the numbers of Crows, including the members of the faction, were around one thousand. At the same time, the ship seemed like it had the facilities to cater for double the amount.

'Quinn, I don't think you realise how much you have done.' Linda thought.

"Wait, is this a spaceship?" One of the members shouted as they looked outside the large glass window.

With the tour, Peter had taken them to every room apart from the command centre. He didn't want anyone touching buttons and unexpectedly setting something off, but now that they were in the main centre hall they could see outside through the windows.

"I thought we would be moving to a planet. Are we really going to be living here, what about hunts, how will we get food?" One man had started to panic, and soon it started to spread to the others.

The idea of living on a spaceship for most of their days didn't sit well with some of them.

"Calm down everyone, we don't even know if it will be the case," Linda said. "There's a good chance that they will be able to take care of the Sunshields and we can head back to the Crow's family."

"Like that will happen." A man muttered. It was quiet, but there was one person who had better hearing than most of them on board, and he was getting annoyed by the man's attitude. "You just said a second ago there is a chance that we won't be going back. Which one is it?"

"What did you say?" Peter shouted.

"I'm just being realistic okay, when Linda said she had a solution I thought we were moving to another Planet under the Graylashes. We could have even surrendered to the Sunshields and just joined up with them or the others. Why the reason to fight?"

"You don't understand what we saw," Linda said, clenching her own fist in anger now. "The Sunshields didn't even give the Eagles the option to surrender when they attacked. They made sure that every single person was dead when they took over their planet. And the Graylashes, they didn't help us then so why would they help us now?

"To those at top, this is a fight between them, while everyone else is just a bunch of flies they want to get rid of or toss to the side."

"And what are we meant to do?" The man replied. "Just run away for the rest of our lives on this spaceship, never having a place to call home?"

This was the last straw for Peter. He walked over to the strange man, and his eyebrow was twitching. The others who were around him started to back away.

"Look, Quinn didn't force you to go on this ship. If you want, you can go back to the Crows. Why don't you try explaining to them that you want to surrender to them? We are fine without any of you. We don't need you.

"You're being incredibly selfish right now. There are people fighting for their lives at the base, for a chance for you to return home. They could have just come here with the rest of you, but they know the ship isn't a permanent solution."

Peter was now right up in the man's face, and he gulped at his presence. The next thing he knew, Peter had thrown out his fist and hit him on the chin, knocking him out with one punch.

"That feels a lot better," Peter said. "If anyone else starts complaining about my ship, then you can go back home, or I'm willing to chuck you off myself. See how well you survive in space."

Peter walked back, heading to the command centre.

"I'll leave them to you, I'm done with this lot." He said to Linda as he walked past.

She couldn't help but smile. It might not have been the way she would have dealt with such a thing, but she couldn't say that it wasn't effective as everyone had undoubtedly shut up. Maybe they still had their concerns, but they were no longer voicing them and worrying others.

Just then, the doors opened from the teleporter room and a group of people had come in. They looked hurt and injured, some even with burn scars all over their body. Any idea of returning back to the base was quickly forgotten about.

Back at the shelter finally, both Blip and Dennis had finished dealing with the two squads they were facing. However, it came at a great cost. Both of their teams had been completely wiped out. They were no longer alive.

To make sure their deaths were not in vain, they were determined to win this battle. Otherwise, they would have given up their lives for nothing.

"Blip, Dennis, head to the centre to support them now," Sam ordered.

And quickly they flew towards the centre of the main battlefield.

As more Sunshields started to join and enter the fight, Nate had to back off a little, and then the two of them had arrived, Dennis and Blip. However, both Megan and Nate were disheartened when they saw only them.

Not only that, but Dennis and Blip were injured from their fights. They didn't know how much longer they could even stand for.

"This is looking pretty bad for us, right?" Blip said, pulling a strained smile.

"I won't go down until I see every single one of these Sunshields on the floor!" Dennis said, trying to convince himself he was still as fresh as when the fight first started.

Three squad leaders charged in, hoping to go against Nate, Blip and Dennis. Surprisingly, even with how tired they were, they were still hanging on and doing well. The punches and kicks still packed power, and the Sunshields couldn't be reckless.

However, their fire abilities would eventually give them an edge, with each hit they were still doing damage to their bodies, and finally, Dennis had slipped up. His legs were weaker than he thought and they gave in slightly, causing him to fall, and pull back on his punch.

The squad leader recognised this, and threw a flaming fist as hard as he could right for his head. But only a few inches away from his face the fist had stopped, Dennis could even feel the heat coming off from it.

He looked at the fist and could see a red thread.

Fex yanked the person towards him, pulling him away from Dennis. Even though it was string, he infused it with his blood abilities, making it so the fire couldn't melt it.

As for the other two, Kazz and Paul quickly came to support them as well evening up the sides.

Knowing they needed to take a breather, everyone stepped back a little from the Sunshields. Right now they were in the main open plaza area. This was where most of the people were fighting. Seeing their leaders step back, the rest of the Crows did as well.

Both sides looked at each other, the Crows were heavily worn down, and they had gone from two hundred men strong to around sixty, while on the Sunshield's side, they had smirks on their faces. They had some heavily injured but had only lost around twenty five percent of their people.

In their eyes, this fight was over.

And even if they didn't want to admit it, the others thought the same.

"Should we retreat?" Megan asked.

"No, there's one more thing that can turn the tides," Fex replied, smiling.

At that moment, a black shadow could be seen going across the plaza floor and had reached the centre. Raising from the ground, Quinn stood in the middle all on his own.

"What, him?" Megan said. "I know he's strong and is the person who defeated the emperor tier, but one person can't change the outcome of this entire fight."

Quinn looked at them all, and looked at his quest. The people in front of him were just what he needed to complete it.

[Soul weapon activated]


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