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599 Eno and Green Deal
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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599 Eno and Green Deal

A video message appeared at a random time only showing now. Meaning it needed to meet a set of conditions to be displayed. If Logan met all of these conditions, it would appear in front of him like it did now. His parents had probably programmed something like this into Ash.

The first condition would be for Logan to be in one of the Green households where Ash is able to be operated. The second condition, for Logan to be eighteen years of age, and finally the third one, for his parents to be confirmed dead.

"Logan we want to let you know, if we have left this world, we did so trying to save it." His father said. "It was a choice that we made. This is part one of the video, if you are seeing this now, then in one of our households, please head to the simulation room. There we will explain everything."

"Logan, we love you." His mother said before sniffling again, and the video call ending.

"I always hated birthdays," Logan said, walking towards the simulation room. The Burden of the Green family kept repeating in his head, but he had prepared himself for some nasty truths.

What his parents probably didn't know was Logan was already involved in this himself, and he had found out a lot on his own. To his parents, he was just enjoying normal school life, when in reality, he was discovering the truths of this world.

The only thing that settled his heart a little were the words his Dad spoke. If they had died, it was in trying to do a good thing. There were many clues, such as pointing to his parents creating the Dalki and didn't want it to be true.

The lab where Borgen was created was run by the Greens, and the fact they knew the Dalki were searching for something. Were things that pointed to this idea.

The simulation room was a large blue screened room, with grid lines running throughout it. It would be able to simulate real-world environments as if one was in it themselves. It was Augmented reality, but it didn't really take off in the world, since Virtual reality became far more developed.

It was old technology, to say the least. Before entering the room, he took one deep breath and walked in. The room suddenly went black, and the screen in front of him appeared again with his two parents.

They both looked far less emotional this time, and they looked to be filmed at different times compared to the last video. His Dad started the narration, and as he talked the room around him would change to show the environment they were in.

"Today, you, a member of the Green family shall be updated on our history." His father said. "For generations, our family has decided to keep a log, a record of sorts of our doings during our time period. See how much the world has changed, to never forget of our past. The information is uploaded into Ash, and from there, a simulation is made. Now you are the Green who's duty this has been passed on to.

"Once a year, you too will upload your information into Ash."

Due to the Green's ability, they were able to connect their minds with Ash, the A.I system. Because of this, it could load images and memories that one saw and store it. Then based on what the Green member wanted to show and leave behind it would make a simulation showing the next in line. This was what Logan was experiencing currently.

At first, it showed him earth. At a time where it was divided by nations and people spoke several different languages. Abilities weren't known to the whole world at this point, but they existed through originals.

Then it showed a man who looked somewhat like Logan's father, but it was not. It clearly didn't fit the time period. In the simulation, it would have to be his great grandfather, or maybe even a few more generations before that based on what he saw.

"The Green family started off as normal humans, just like everyone else. They had no ability, but always dabbled in technology and the man you are currently watching was named Logan." His father said.

'Was I named after him?' Logan thought.

"Logan, in his time, was someone who was called a game creator. He managed to create his own empire, selling the best console and PC games for people at their time. A way for them to entertain themselves from their boredom. Although the Green gaming empire didn't last long, for there was heavy competition.

Eventually, their inspiration was lost. The people wanted new ideas, a new experience and not the same thing they had been playing for years on end. When Logan was struggling with what to do. A stranger had approached him.

He threw out a game in front of his desk, asking. "Are you the one who created this game?" Of course, Logan was, it was his first solo project, and he remembered it well.

The man referred to himself as Roman.

"Roman had promised him that if he helped him create something, he would give him something in return, something beyond his imagination. At first, Logan didn't believe it of course, But after Roman had shown him a few things, he was hooked. Maybe this was what he needed to revive himself and the company.

"Roman had introduced the Green's into the world of abilities. That was when Logan was hooked. Like a drug, he would do anything to get a taste of this power, and a deal was made. Logan would help him, with whatever he needed.

"A deal was made between the two families that day, and Logan had been given the ability we have today."

Hearing this surprised Logan significantly, his family had always claimed to be originals. Learning the ability through their own accord and passing it down, but his parents were saying this wasn't true at all. The most surprising thing of all was the words that were carefully selected.

He wasn't taught the ability but given the ability. Did this mean there was an ability user who had the ability to create abilities? Or was it someone like Truedream who could steal and give it to someone else?

"The deal that was made was one that would last an entire lifetime for the Green family. If anyone approached them, claiming to be from the Eno family, they would help them without any questions asked. They were to tell their children, their children, and so on of this debt, and that was when the Green Log was created."

'Eno!' The man who Logan thought had killed his parents, there was a relation with them after all, but never one he had suspected. Their powers, the Greens' power, everything they achieved today was because of this Eno family. Were Roman and Richard Eno related?

And this video, was it telling him, if Richard Eno of today asked for his help he needed to comply. How could he help his possible parents' killer?

"After accepting the deal, using the ability, Logan was able to create innovative games once again, develop new technology and the Green family had grown from there. Roman, in return, would ask him to help with a personal Project.

"Using the newfound ability, he was asked to create an A.I gaming system that would learn based on the user's situation. Adapt on the go. The two of them worked together and eventually created it. Roman took it, and Logan never asked what it would be used for. "

After that, a few more generations of the Green family were shown. Not much happened apart from a member of the Eno would come to check up on them each time asking for favours here and there. Most of it was with help to use their finances, buying a house, helping with a security identity and such.

The one thing Logan noticed, was even though the man's name would change his appearance never did. Not in the slightest apart from the hairstyle and clothing. At this point with the knowledge Logan knew, he was pretty sure it was the same person from the beginning, and there was only one race that Logan knew off that could live for so long, a vampire.

He started to wonder if even this Roman fella was the current Richard Eno of today, and he would soon find out if not.

As time went on the Green family started to steer away from games and started creating government projects and science projects. As the use of technology became more reliant, the Green's ability became more useful. They were able to analyse samples of genetics and understand it with ease from the computer.

But that only made the Green family bigger than before. Eventually, the log had reached the point where he was seeing his parents' life. The Dalki war had still not started at this time, and his parents were high school sweethearts.

They were both relatively young, but just like the generations before them, an Eno appeared on their doorstep one day. Only this time, the man looked different. He had come claiming to be an Eno, yet didn't look the same as the ones before.

Of course, his parents thought nothing of it, it was normal for siblings, and family to look similar but not the same. However, this time the request was different from before as well.

"I want you to help me find a man called Vincent Eno." He said.


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