My Vampire System
598 The Green“s Burden
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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598 The Green“s Burden

Hearing what his parents were working on for the Bree family, it was certainly something that warranted them being killed for. If a device could locate a demon-tier beast, nearly every powerhouse would want to get their hands on it.

However, something like that would only be useful if it was complete. It still didn't explain any of the other questions Logan had.

If Logan was to give this technology to the Bree family, then they would gain an advantage over the others. He looked at those in front of him for a while, trying to think of a response.

"I can help you with your goal," Logan replied, and almost instantly a smile appeared on Mona's face. "But there are a few things I would like from you."

"We already agreed to a payment with your parents." The angry man said. "The funds have already been sent, and we agreed to harbour you here."

Logan couldn't help but chuckle.

"Does it really look like we are short of money? My parents would have never helped you guys out because of credits. They long ago didn't know what to do with the money they had. If they helped you, they did it out of their own interests."

Mona knew Logan was right, she actually found it strange that the Greens had said yes when they could have gone to any other family. Maybe even stay out of this whole war thing altogether.

"Please, state what you want," Mona replied.

"I want you to help me find who killed my parents. Not after I complete your request but now. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to find them." Logan requested. "And my second request, I want you to give me any information you have related to Richard Eno. Where he was last seen, what he last worked on, anything at all about him."

There was a reason why Logan wanted to find Richard Eno. He had a hunch that he was behind his parents killing. According to Quinn, the teleporter linking to the vampire world belonged to him, and the lab they arrived at had to be his. The only thing Logan wasn't able to use his abilities on was items created by Richard Eno.

Maybe Richard was a vampire, and his parents had worked with them. Maybe his parents knew too much, and he had silenced them. Whatever it was, he needed to find out.

Mona was a bit confused by the last request, but many people were looking for Eno, and it made sense if the Green family would have been as well.

"I think your requests are very reasonable. We will come back every week to check up on you to see if you have any more information."

With all of that, the group left without causing any trouble and Logan could finally get out of his suit. He let out a big sigh before lying on his sofa. He was beaten, but things were starting to look a little up.

After a good night's rest, Logan woke up and it turned out he had slept for nearly a whole day and a half. He was simply so tired without even realising it. But now he was more energised than ever, and he now knew what direction to go in.

Heading back to the lab, it looked spotless compared to before. The robots and cleaning machines did a good job taking care of everything, and the room looked good as new.

The lab was a single large room, with several different areas, all with different projects their family would work on. When the Green's got a new idea, they would stop what they were currently working on and decide to work on something else. Not wanting to lose thier spark of inspiration.

This of course, left them with many unfinished projects, and right now that was what Logan had to sort through. But there was one thing that linked them all. The A.I system Ash. Above in the centre of the room was a large ball-like circle object. Half of its body was built into the second floor, and the other half stuck out from above with several wires sticking from it.

This was the Green's server. It controlled the system in all their houses as well as logged every bit of information about projects they were working on.

And currently, the only way one could gain access to it was with the ability of the Green's. There was no terminal, no input interface to talk with it. One could only communicate and access information from touch.

Making it pretty useless to anyone other than the Green's. Even if someone was to break into their houses and find it, the only thing they could do was destroy it. In the first place, Ash was only acting as a large server, Storing information and completing commands. It didn't have direct access to the machines around them.

They would just pass information to the server. His parents were very adamant on not connecting everything to a single hive mind. Perhaps when they were younger, they watched too many movies about an A.I system going rouge and turning all the machines against them.

Lifting himself up, he touched both hands on the large circular ball on an elevated platform and began his search. The information was flowing through his mind. He asked if there was anything his parents were working on that was similar to what the Bree family asked for.


It didn't take long for Logan to find it at all. Accessing more information, he found something unexpected. The device itself had been completed already long ago, but he was sure the Bree's said they hadn't gotten it yet.

Searching in deeper, he found his parents had actually already tested it on a few planets. Then he saw it, a planet's name and the destination. There was already a demon level beast that had been discovered.

"Why, if my parents already found a demon tier beast and the item was already complete, why did they chose not to give it over to Mona?"

After looking at a few details of the demon beast itself, a little note had been added next to it.

[Is this the one the Dalki are looking for?]

After searching for a while longer, there was nothing else he could find, and he was back on the ground once again. It was clear what the note was trying to suggest. The Dalki were also looking for a demon tier beast, but apparently not just any demon tier beast but one in particular. Why would the Dalki be looking for a demon tier beast.

The real question was, how did his parents know all this?

Everything he had found out just gave Logan more information to think about, and he was wishing they would have just told him everything. Why the need for so many secrets, but he understood. He was young, and these secrets would have been a huge burden for anyone to carry.

With the item already complete, Logan didn't actually need to do much. As the days past instead, he tried to see if there was anything else he could find. Other projects that could link back to this one, or the death of his parents but he found nothing.

The Bree family had delivered on their promise. They had sent him files of possible suspects, people who would be angry with the Green family. They also sent him everything they knew about Richard Eno.

The things that interested Logan most were the places he had last been seen. The problem was they were scattered everywhere. Some planets belonging to each of the different families. On his own, this wasn't something he could do.

Richard might have been working with one of these powerhouses. If they found out he was snooping around, he could very well be going after his life. Assuming he was the killer.

As more time passed, the Bree family were getting more and more frustrated. Eventually, Mona herself would no longer arrive, Leaving him to deal with the group's anger. He couldn't delay much longer.

Besides, they had actually kept their end of their deal. Logan wished to be a man of his word. A deal was a deal, that was how his parents were, and he wanted to be the same way as well. So he would eventually give them the item.

But he wasn't so sure about having one family having a huge advantage, and that's when Logan thought of something. There was already the discovery of one demon tier beast. What if he was to spread this information?

Then all of the families would have equal ground once again. Not only that, would Richard Eno appear. Where a clash between all of the powerhouses came together to take care of the demon beast.

Deciding to go through with it, Logan called up Peter, informing him that soon maybe all of the powerhouses would move and warn Quinn about it.

He would still give the item over to the Bree's, but the others would know where the demon tier was as well.

The days continued as usual, and Logan thought it was time, perhaps time for him to spread the information about the demon tier, but then something strange happened.

"Congratulations Master Logan Green." Ash said. "You are now eighteen."

The lights flashed multiple colours for a few seconds before returning to normal. Logan didn't really care for birthdays, he thought it was quite the pointless ritual. Everyone aged and got one year older, why the need to celebrate it every year.

"Your parents have left you a video message," Ash said.

And the video started playing without even asking if he wanted to see it or not.

There he could see it, his Mum and Dad alive and well on a screen. Sitting down in a pitch-black room with a light on them.

"Logan if you are watching…" both of his parents then started to get watery-eyed. "It means we are dead. We wanted to tell you everything in person when you turned eighteen. But it looks like it's not possible and now the burden of the Green family is passed down to you."


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