My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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Logan had just gone through a lot, not only physically, but emotionally as well. He did get some rest and sleep before working on the robot ball, but his mind still wasn't all there. So many things were popping in his head that it was hard for him to focus.

Why did the robot go rogue? Who did it? Who killed his parents? And lastly, he kept thinking of all the good times he had spent with them.

There was one thing Logan thought he could do with the robot. When Quinn had seen the teleporter in his room, he had told him that the system had informed him it was created by Richard Eno. If he could get Quinn to look at the robot. Maybe he would have an idea if someone had tampered with the robot.

It was a long shot, but that's all he had.

Now to top off everything that had happened so far, one of the big three were at the door. Even for someone like Logan, this was a big deal. He knew his family dealt with them from time to time, but never him. He was still a kid.

However, it wasn't just a big three member, but the leader herself was now stood outside his door, and he had no clue why.

'Was it them?' Was Logan's first thought. Thinking about it, it was unlikely. There wouldn't have been many people in the world that would have been able to mod something like that. Not that the Greens couldn't do anything about. However, it didn't mean they didn't have a connection.

Placing his hand on his head, it was starting to throb with pain. If he carried on like this, Logan was going to accuse everyone of killing his parents.

"Hello, this is Master Green," Logan said, trying to be as formal as possible. A sound was projected outside the walls of the mansion.

'Master Green' Mona thought? It was the first time she had ever heard of Master Green, suggesting he was their son.

Mona was wearing her black outfit as always that revealed a little bit too much cleavage at the top. On her head, her pointy hat that she never left without making her look like a witch. There were two men and two women behind her, but Logan couldn't spot any beasts on the camera.

He knew what their ability was and without beasts; they were at a considerable disadvantage. Still, they would undoubtedly be wearing the top of the line beast gear. Even if her clothes looked a little too revealing.

"Young master, are your parents not in?" Mona asked. "Today is the set meeting time, and this is a first where they have not answered."

Of course, Logan was cautious, but he was interested in finding out why his parents were meeting up with the Bree's. They were powerful enough to just attack the mansion if they really wanted to get something.

So it could mean only one thing. The Bree's had asked the Green family to create something for them. This was the usual case when meeting like this had occurred. It would make no sense for the killer to come back now like so knowing the owners had died.

Logan being here was unexpected for the killer.

"My parents are…" Logan was about to say it but decided he would keep this card hidden until he knew what they wanted.

"Come in, please. We can discuss things in person." Logan said.

The doors had opened wide, and Logan quickly ordered some of the drones and rovers to move into the main living room. At the same time, Logan himself wore one of his thin, nearly skin-tight suits that were meant for speed that also covered his face.

He was unknown to them, and he had no clue why they were here. When Mona and the others entered the room. A drone was there to escort them.

"Please, follow the drone," Ash said.

They did as told and thought everything was a little strange.

"What happened to that little floating ball that usually greeted us?" One of the girls said, and Mona was thinking the same thing.

When they entered the room, they could see the strange short boy, dressed up in a weird suit. It even covered his head, and a single oval piece of glass was used, not allowing her or the others to see any details on the boy's face.

"What is the meaning of this, why are all these things here!" One of the men said in anger. It was strange, and a meeting had never proceeded like this before.

"It's okay Tony," Mona said. "There is no need to get your pants in a twist. The little boy is just worried that all." She said with a smile as she walked without hesitation and sat on the sofa opposite from where Logan was sitting.

There were two white sofas and a glass table in between the two. Hovering over Logan's shoulders were two drones. He didn't want to be this cautious, but he felt he had to be.

"Well, if your parents trusted you with this, then I assume I should trust you with this as well. How is the project coming along, have there been any results?" Mona asked.

There was silence between the two. Logan thought maybe he could talk his way out of this, but he was never the best person to make conversation. Suddenly, one of the rovers moved over with a tray.

"Sandwich?" Logan said, pointing to the rover.

"Is this a joke!" The man shouted, and in an instant, Mona placed her hand against his chest.

"I'm not going to tell you again, calm down."

The man looked a little nervous, but he gave in, and out of anger took one of the sandwiches and started to eat away. "This is pretty good." The man said with his mouth full.

"Unfortunately, I don't know what you are talking about?" Logan replied, not being able to think of anything else.

"Then, is it okay if we talk to your parents, or return at a time when they are here?" Mona asked.

If Logan wanted to find out what was happening right now, he needed to know what he was looking for, and it didn't look like they would leave without getting what they came for. Whatever they had asked his parents to do for them. It was important enough that Mona had come down herself.

"From this day on, unfortunately, you won't ever be able to see my parents again."

"What do you mean by that?" For some reason, she could feel it, the sound in Logan's voice, it was one of sadness. Something had happened.

"My parents, are dead. From now on, anything to do with the Greens will be dealt with by me."

Now she understood why the kid seemed to be so on edge, why the strange looking suits and why all the robots and drones in the room. He was frightened of them. If he was acting like this, then he didn't have any idea who the killer was.

"How old are you?" Mona asked.

"Seventeen." Thinking about it, it was nearly time for Logan's birthday. Being born after September, he was always one of the older kids in the year, even though he looked like he should have been in two grades below them.

"Well, Mr. Green. I am sorry for your loss." Mona said with a gentle smile. "I guess we will be dealing with you from now on. First, let me say, I don't know who killed your parents. Judging by the way you are acting now they were murdered correct? We had a good relationship with both of them. Enough so that I have even decided to come down here in person.

"Whatever you need from us, and in any way we can, we will help you. To show proof of our relationship before and even the new one we are forging together now. But you see, your parents were doing an important task for us until this task is complete our hands will be busy. Unless you are willing to help us with this?"

Mona's speech was soft and gentle. She had a way with words that would make most people want to help her just to make her happy. It seems like she didn't just have a strong effect on beasts, but humans as well.

For Logan, these charms didn't work. He was strictly about business and wanting to find out what had killed his parents. Maybe this project they were working on for the Bree family was what had them killed.

"I don't know any of the details of this project, but if it was something they could do. Then I guarantee I can do it as well. Any leftover research I should be able to access." Logan replied.

"Very well, I shall tell you the details and let us know if you can continue working on it or not," Mona replied. "Your parents were working on a device that would allow one to explore the planet in its entirety without having the need to send any people out to explore. The main purpose of this item was to check what beasts lived in what areas."

"This would help out the family greatly in searching for higher tier beasts. They said they could, but the search would be too broad. In the end, I stated what my true desire was to them, and I will tell you now as well. They were creating a device that would be able to locate a demon tier beast."


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