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593 Item Soul or Enhancement?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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593 Item Soul or Enhancement?

Quinn couldn't stop smiling, he finally did it. He really did have a soul weapon. At one point he had a deep fear that his soul weapon wasn't able to form due to the changes in his body and the strange ability, but instead, it seemed like the last process had just finished a few moments ago while in the machine.

It was no wonder he could never picture or go to the last steps on his own, it was because the soul weapon was still incomplete. He just needed a little more time before it was.

Still, the images in his head were just simple flashes, so he didn't have a clear idea yet of what it would look like.

"Why don't we all just calm down for a bit," Sam said as he pulled Nate back. 'I mean, let's be reasonable, Quinn just found out what his soul weapon is. If you two were to fight now before Quinn even learnt about it, then it would be useless and not really fair right?"

As usual, when his friend got a little hot-headed, Sam needed to be the one to pull him back a little. Folding his arms in frustration, Nate had to admit it made sense. It would just be taking advantage of someone who didn't know how to use their soul weapon. In all honesty, it could become a dangerous thing if one didn't know how to use it properly.

"That's true," Nate replied. "Well, maybe you can just give us some information then, and we can help you out with it, first of all, is it an enhancement type or an item type?"

"Is there one better than the other?" Quinn asked.

"Not really, the only thing I would say is the enhancement type is easier for one to use off the bat and seems to be the more common out of the two. The enhancement type of soul weapon is pretty basic, and it's up to the user how to creatively use it."

Nate closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then his right hand seemed to have a shine like it was coated with something. It was his Harding ability. Then his fingertips started to change slightly, now looking like they were made out of silver.

"Let's use mine for an example, my Soul weapon is an enhancement type." Clearing his throat, he looked over to Sam, who gave out a big sigh, knowing he wanted him to be his genie pig.

"My soul weapon is called Hardened touch." Grabbing onto Sam's arm slowly, the silver colour from his fingertips started to spread over towards Sam's arm covering the entire elbow. Letting go, the Silver metal could still be seen there.

"Usually the Hardening ability is only able to be used on your own body. My Hardened touch lets me harden anything I touch, rocks, beast weapons, beasts themselves, and that includes joints. Hold them for long enough, and I can harden their entire body like a statue.

"On the surface, it seems like a pretty useless skill, but the hardening makes the body heavier, and only I can get rid of it, plus with my martial arts background I'm used to getting close with my opponents in the first place."

When Nate seemed to stop using his ability, the metal casing over Sam's arm started to disappear as well.

Seeing all of this, Quinn decided to use his inspect skill now he finally had received his own soul weapon.

And for the first time since using it on Nate, the levelling up quest didn't pop up. This suggested now with a Soul weapon of his own that he was too strong.

It wasn't that he wouldn't find the fight difficult, Quinn was sure of that. It was like the system was based who would win and if it came to the point where it was a fifty-fifty chance, or the odds were not in Quinn's favour it would give him an instant level up quest.

But in any fight, even if one person had a ten percent chance of winning on paper, it didn't mean that person was going to lose, or the other one was going to win.

"What's the problem?" Sam asked as he could see Quinn in deep thought. "Has your soul weapon not given you a clear image yet?"

Quinn was a little hesitant before he finally decided to give his answer. "It's not that, it's just I'm a little unsure about what type my soul weapon is?"

The reason for Quinn saying this, when he had unlocked his soul weapon most wouldn't know whether they could use it straight away or not, but Quinn did, without attempting to bring it out. This was because it had become a type of skill he could use once he learned it.

Just like with the Blood crescent kick. He would no longer need to think about how to use it, but instead just activate the skill through his system to get it to work.

However, Quinn would try to avoid this, as he wanted to figure out things himself, and would only use the system for a quick switch when need be.

When the skill unlocked, it had created its own tab, and underneath that tab, it had two options for the soul weapon. Enhancement type, and the item type, however, the enhancement type was greyed out.

Quinn didn't know if this meant, did he without knowing it select the item type during the soul searching process? Or if it meant that there was some way for him to unlock the other kind, but he just hadn't found the answer or way yet.

"There is an easy way to find out," Nate said. 'Show us, don't worry, you don't have to fight anyone. I promise I won't try to attack you…maybe."

Not seeing any harm in doing so, and it was a step he would have to do sooner or later anyway. Quinn stood alone away from the others in the centre of the training room. Since he could only use the item type of soul weapon, he thought it would be best to start off with that.

[Soul weapon activated]

[Item type selected]

The instant the soul weapon was activated, there was only one thing Quinn could feel, it was pain….

Blip was busy walking around the base, making sure everyone was getting along with their preparations. He also wanted to know if there was anything they needed help with or anything else they needed.

He had just finished delivering all the extra beast crystals to Alex so he could create better equipment for their members. While there, Alex had informed him that he had finished making the soul weapon machine for Quinn.

Because of this, Blip decided he would pop by to see how they were doing. Both Dennis and Linda were singing praises about his strength, yet he still didn't have a soul weapon. Usually, that would put one at a great disadvantage.

If he was really so strong without one, Blip wanted to see what he was like with one. When he entered the training room, the first thing he could see was Quinn standing in the centre, and underneath him a pool of blood.

"What happened!" Blip shouted as he rushed over and then stopped as he took in Quinn's appearance for a few seconds. The other two looked unharmed and had no scuffs or scratches on them, but Quinn...

Quinn stood there with his eyes lifeless, his hands and arms had been cut, and they weren't shallow wounds wither. Up from the palm of his hand all the way to his forearm, deep cuts could be seen, so much that part of the flesh, fat and muscle were all there.

The wound was strange as it looked like that of a snake, wrapping around the forearms. Still dripping even now form the wounds, blood, adding to the pool below him.

"It was his soul weapon. His soul weapon did this!" Sam shouted.

At that moment, Quinn collapsed to the floor.

'Why aren't my wounds healing?' Quinn thought.

[Blood bank empty]

The others had never heard of such a thing before. A soul weapon hurting its own user so much. It was why Blip thought there had to be more to the story than just him trying to use his soul weapon.

When Sam looked at him, it looked like Quinn was trying to speak as he looked in his direction. Then something had hit him. Quinn was a vampire, and he had just lost a lot of blood, the problem was Sam didn't really know what to do, but he knew someone who might.

"I'll go get Fex?" Sam said, rushing off.

"Fex, wouldn't calling a doctor be better?!" Nate shouted, But Sam had already left.

"I'll go call the doctor, you stay with him." Blip said as he too rushed away.

Nate looked at Quinn, and he just started to chuckle.

'Don't worry my man, You're strong you won't die. Maybe Sam was right, and we should have tried figuring out your soul weapon a little bit at a time. I know this probably isn't something I should be saying right now, especially since you look like crap, but for a few seconds while using your soul weapon, you looked pretty badass to me."

Quinn looked up at Nate, and gave a little smile before completely passing out.


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