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586 The Sunshields attack
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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586 The Sunshields attack

Explosions, screams and vibrations continued to be heard throughout the shelter as the chaos continued. The sound of two thousand people running around, screaming in confusion. Most of the damage that was being done to the place was done by the spaceships.

They would fire off energy blasts. These energy blasts worked on the same concept as Logan's suit. It would completely disintegrate crystals, using their energy to fire off lasers. Anything above an intermediate crystal being used would be costly and hard to come by, and if a Traveller was hit by such a thing, they could deal with it using their ability or would have armour good enough to block it.

Still, it was good enough to hurt those that were non-fighters as well as the buildings and structures that had been put in place.

Those who weren't dealt with by the spaceships were dealt with by others. They could finally see who was behind everything. Out from one of the larger ships a team of around twenty dropped down, wearing a dark red armour, being led by a platoon leader.

There was no hesitation in their actions as they started to use their fire abilities to burn down everything in their path. Five of the Graylash family tried to engage with them. A fierce battle was beginning to take place, but the enemy had numbers on their side.

In total there were fifty or so Graylash members. However, it looked as if the Sunshield family had brought double. There were five large spaceships in the shelter, and out from each of them was a team of twenty led by a single platoon leader.

They were organised and effective while the Graylashes were spread thin, and their leader was in the centre of it all by Quinn's side and the others.

"They brought more people than we thought they would." The leader said. "And they came far earlier than we thought."

"You knew about this!" Dennis shouted, grabbing the leader by the collar. "Why didn't you say anything, we could have prepared something or warned the people at least."

"Now isn't the time to be fighting, we have to try and get as many people out of here as possible," Linda said.

Running out from the base, the old man who had first escorted them had arrived. "Boss, Dennis." He said. "All the spaceships that were in the hold have been destroyed, the whole place is on fire. Our ships that were surveying the planets, we can no longer get into contact with any of them."

It was clear they already had information about the Shelters layout, how many men they had and more. The Eagles totalled around three hundred members, most of those being F to D rank Travelers. With a hundred Sunshield elites as strong as the Graylash family, no matter what they tried, deep down, Dennis knew this was a fight they couldn't win.

They were prepared and too organised while they knew nothing.

"Tell everyone to head to the teleporting station. And tell the members of the Eagles to protect that place with their lives. Whatever planet they hop to, it doesn't matter. We only have those under the protection of the Graylash family anyway. The main goal is to save as many people as possible."

Just then, one of the ships could be seen hovering right above the base. It hovered in front of them for a few seconds, and then light could be seen gathering in front of its two blasters.

Quickly transforming and opening up his large wings, Dennis encased them all as the blast hit them.

The beam had hit, destroying part of the base behind them. Debris had fallen on top and dust had risen. Then, lifting open his wings, rubble was thrown into the air, and everyone was safe without a scratch on them, thanks to Dennis. But the base behind them was reduced to mostly rubble.

The ship was a little distance away in the air, it was hard for them to reach with their attacks. Only Dennis could fly over, but he was afraid that if he did, then the others would be unprotected from the blasts. The old man wasn't much of a fighter, along with the forger.

The lightning user's attack would never reach that far either.

That's when Quinn stepped out in front of them all.

He started to think of words through his head, activating his system skills one by one.

[Shadow equip]

A shadow formed around Quinn's body, putting on the newly formed gear that had been given to him by Alex. The mask surrounded his face.

[Strength 52 ]

His original strength was over fifty, but thanks to the mask he gained, a five percent increase rounded up his strength to fifty-five. Then, the advanced tier gauntlets around him gave him an extra ten, and finally, his new king tier chest piece gave him four extra stat points.

[Strength 72]

A few odd bits of armour here and there also gave him extra points, and all in all his strength had significantly increased compared to what it was before.

The ship started to charge up its weapons once more as the light particles could be seen, but Quinn wasn't going to let it attack again.

He too had a far range attack. People's lives were in danger, the lives of his friends and comrades behind him, and there was an enemy in front of him.

Gathering up Ki in his leg, he slightly crouched down, before throwing two kicks as fast as he could.

[Blood crescent kick]

The kicks were performed so fast that the others could barely see it, and out from his legs, two large lines of red curved blades came out. It didn't take long for them to reach the ship, and when it did, the attack hit it like an axe. It sliced through the ship, and pieces started to fall to the ground.

As it crashed, an explosion occurred, and the system message had opened up, confirming there were two people on board who had died.

He had gained exp from them. Perhaps the old Quinn would have felt sorry for them, but Paul's words rung through his head. This was war, and if he wanted to change the place he needed to be prepared to do at least this much.

Just seconds ago, they had attempted to end his, and others lives with no hesitation, so why should he worry about theirs?

"So strong," Alex said, watching Quinn's back.

And all of them standing there could agree.

'Is this why our boss didn't want us to touch him, is this the power of the Blades?'

"Let's go," Quinn said.

The group started to run through the shelters, gathering as many people as they could on their way. Unfortunately, in this type of situation, if there were any that were injured or unable to move, they would have to be left behind, including those in the Graylash family.

Thanks to them engaging with most of the Sunshield members, they could run through the shelter without much trouble. Their main concern was dealing with the small airships that were firing all over the place for them.

Dennis flew up high in the sky with his large wings, he acted as a sign to all the Eagle members and the citizens of where to go. He could see at the teleporting station that there was fighting going on. They needed to hurry before the attackers destroyed that as well.

While running to the teleporters, blasts from ships would strike close to them. On the way, Quinn would use his shadow to block these attacks from hitting the people and using his Blood skills, he would attack at them from a long distance.

He had destroyed ship after ship, and he wasn't slowing down at all. If it wasn't for him, many of them would have died already. Seeing everything Quinn was doing, Dennis owed this strange young man he had only just met nearly everything.

Finally, they had reached their destination, and the strongest members of the Eagles were dealing with a squad of twenty of the Sunshield family. They had managed to kill a couple, but the deaths on their side were many.

It was hard to stand there and just watch, as the heat emitting from their ability was too much.


"Boss!" A lot of the Eagles cried out hearing his name. In an instant, he had engaged in battle, evening out the sides, hitting the men and protecting them.

"Quinn, Linda, I know this is a lot of me to ask, but make sure those people get somewhere safe," Dennis shouted.

They didn't need to be asked, they were already planning it. While the fighting was happening outside, the others had managed to get indoors. Most of the teleporters had already been destroyed, burnt or hit by the destroyed buildings' rubble.

It looked like there was only one left working. It was no wonder those outside were fighting with their lives, it was their only way out.

The people that had gathered through with them went through the portal quickly, as Quinn and the others hurried them in.

"You guys should go as well." The old man said.

"But everyone else, Dennis?" Linda replied back.

"This is our faction, not yours and who knows, they might have also attacked the Crow's at the same time. This portal doesn't lead to your planet, but you will be able to get back to yours with no trouble as long as they haven't attacked other places."

Linda didn't want to leave, but he was right. She thought about the Crows, her brother, her family. It was the same for Quinn. Those important to him, Fex was at the other base.

Looking at the people, there seemed to be only a small handful left.

"We'll go after these go in," Linda said, and Quinn didn't disagree.

However, another explosion came from outside. One bigger than the others. One side of the wall had been destroyed, hurling parts of rubble and brick at them.

Quinn had managed to protect himself and Alex, and Linda was able to stand her ground.

"Hey, old man, wake up!" The Graylash leader said. When the others came over, they could see it was pointless, half his body from the waist down had been ripped off.

In all honesty, Quinn looked at him, and he probably could save him now like he did Linda by turning him, but he had no desire to. Just like Kazz and the others had said, turning everyone he could was not the solution to saving everybody.

They looked up at the teleporter, only to see the last one left had been destroyed.

At that moment, Dennis was sent flying in, hurt and burnt in several places through the broken wall. All the men outside had died, and walking in were ten members of the Sunshield family.


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