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585 The untouchable
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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585 The untouchable

The Graylash members had no clue who they were going against. They only knew about Quinn based on how he had performed at the Eagle's base. As for Linda, she was an unknown variable, but the leader had come to a simple conclusion.

If she didn't join in yesterday's fight after what had happened to the Eagle's boss, then she was simply a nobody. But that was a mistake and a half. The Graylash family member struck lightning out towards her chest, aiming for the heart like area.

It was a unique technique they would use. It would paralyse the heart temporarily stopping all movements if aimed at the right place. The leader hadn't used it against Dennis because he knew it would be useless based on the armour he was wearing.

And unfortunately for the Graylash family member, it was the same thing here. The spark was less than a tickle to Linda, and she wasn't quite sure if it was her emperor tier chest piece or her dulled new body.

Moving in fast, she was able to catch up with the Graylash family member. She didn't get any extra speed from turning, however; it wasn't really needed either. She was already fast thanks to all her beast gear.

The man in this time had quickly pulled out a beast armour shield at the advanced level. He held on tighter and infused his lightning abilities into it. If an opponent were to attack and hit the shield, not only would it block the attack but it would hurt the person hitting it as well.

Seeing this didn't slow Linda down, and not holding back just like Quinn had said, she used all her strength to deliver a devastating punch. There was no resistance, no give at all as the shield cracked into a hundred pieces. The man was sent flying out of the alleyway and onto the street. He would be lucky if he was still alive.

'Man, talk about super strength.' Quinn thought, looking at such a thing. He knew the man wasn't dead, but Quinn had gained a nice bit of exp thanks to Linda defeating her opponent so quickly. As for Quinn, he was busy avoiding the punches thrown by the man in front of him.

Right now, he had his advanced tier boots giving him extra agility points. At the same time, he had set the mask on his face to increase his agility even further. His reason for not attacking was to see if the adrenaline bar would increase without Quinn doing much, but it seemed like it did nothing after a while.

Holding back his strength, Quinn finally threw out a hit, while also using the phantom punch, just like before it had hit the man perfectly and for the first time it had increased.

[5/100 Adrenaline points]

Quinn decided to do the same again, but this time, he added a little more strength into the hit.


'What is with this kid, is he hitting me two places at once?' The man thought.

He then thought back to what the leader had said, that he might have been using an illusion ability. The man was arrogant thinking he would never be affected, but it looked like he was. Using his lightning to speed up his movements, he blocked the punches coming from both places this time. Concentrating as hard as he could.

But it didn't matter. For the third hit, Quinn had decided to use even more strength than the last one sending him hurling to the floor.


His experiment had given him some results. A seemed like a normal hit gained him five adrenaline points, while a strong hit gained him ten. A strong hit was anything above 60 percent of his power. He didn't have the gauntlets on either so he wasn't doing as much damage as he usually would have done.

Even if he increased his strength further to 80 percent as he had done with the last hit, it looked like the system would still only give him ten adrenaline points.

"I'm sorry, not so sorry about this," Quinn said as he looked at the man on the floor. In rapid succession, Quinn let out a flurry of weak punches on the man. Finally, he had reached a hundred adrenaline points.

The only unfortunate thing was the Graylash member was already knocked out.

Still, Quinn activated the skills, and he placed it into his agility. That's when he noticed that the fifteen percent increase was based on his base stat points and didn't include his points with his equipment and armour. Still, it was powerful, and Quinn could feel the difference.

For a second, Quinn looked at the two Graylash family members thinking about what to do with them, but he felt it was best to just leave them. There was no need to anger them further.

Leaving the two of them passed out, the three decided to head to the base as initially planned and they had arrived in Richard's room to make the request.

"So you want to take this little forger back to the Crow's with you, huh?" Dennis said, rubbing his slightly scruffy beard. "Well, I did say I would do you a favour, but do you really want to use it up like this? I mean, according to our files this guy, is still an F rank."

It seemed Dennis was someone who only had an appreciation for people who were good with their fists. A straight forward man.

"I'm sure," Quinn said.

"Alright, I can put in the transfer request and as long as Linda approves it. It should all be okay," Dennis said with a thumbs up.

Everything was going smoothly until a certain man had barged in through the door.

"What the hell did you do to my two men?" The leader asked. His face red with anger, and his fist-shaking.

"It was self-defence, you were the one who ordered them to attack us, didn't you?" Quinn said.

"They just wanted to take you in to see me. I wanted to know whether or not we could have our sparring match from earlier. According to them, you suddenly attacked them out of nowhere." The leader knew this wasn't true, but if it was his word against this, nobody then who would anyone believe. They were the Graylash family, top of the food chain.

"It is my word against theirs since there is no one to prove anything, what can you do?" Quinn said.

The leader looked at the three of them. From the reports, he knew the three were travelling together before the two were attacked. Out of the three of them, he saw the weakest looking person. If he could threaten him to testify against them, then there was no stopping what he could do to these guys.

"You, you saw him attack them, didn't you?" The leader said as he went to grab Alex.

But before he could even reach him, a shadow appeared from underneath Alex's feet stopping the hand.

Quinn quickly pulled Alex behind him.

Seeing the leader trying to grab one of his own men, Quinn didn't want him to have the advantage or possibly using Alex as a hostage. Back in the alleyway, just in case there were more or Alex had the chance of getting hurt, Quinn had used his shadow On skill, on him protecting him at all times.

Then, when he saw the hand come out, he activated the shadow to protect Alex without thinking. Protecting those close to him was not a lot more important than keeping his secret.

'This is this the shadow…The one, the leader, told us to stay away from. Even during the civil war, he made it a point. That if anyone was to see a user with the shadow that we should leave him alone.'

Not wanting to get on his own leader's bad side. The leader immediately changed his attitude. He quickly went on his knees and started bowing down to Quinn, begging for forgiveness. "I'm sorry, you're right, it was my fault. I'm sorry if there's anything you need, please."

Everyone in the room was confused by the sudden actions, and that included Quinn.

"Please, just don't report this to the Graylash head. I'll do anything." He said.

"Boy, who the hell are you?" Dennis asked.

And Alex and the others were starting to think the same thing. This time, this wasn't through any of Quinn's actions, and he wanted to ask the leader himself what was going on, but before he could...


A vibration was felt in the whole base, as they all heard a huge explosion outside, but it wasn't just one. Following the first explosion, several more were heard.

"What the hell is going on?!" Dennis said.

Running out of the room and out into the hallway, they could see that all of the Eagle members were in a panic. They continued to run until eventually, they were outside.

In the sky, they could see a number of different ships firing lasers at the shelter. Destroying building after building, people crying and screaming panicking. Then out from one of the larger ships. People could be seen coming out of them.

"They're here, and so soon!" The leader said.

Out of one of the spaceships, the Graylash family members around the shelter started to engage with them. A force battle between fire and lightning had started.

One of the big three, the Redshield family, were attacking.


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