My Vampire System
583 Two Active skills
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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583 Two Active skills

It looked as if the Graylash family were planning to stay in this shelter for a while, and there were quite a few of them. While walking around the shelter, if he was to include the ones staying at the base, Quinn could spot around fifty or so of them.

It was far too many, just to see how a faction was doing Quinn thought. Maybe something else was up, that they were not telling the factions about. Nonetheless, he could deal with that problem when it became one.

He was sure soon, they would move over to the planet where the Crow's were on as well. The good news was that he was perhaps strong enough to plan escape if need be, especially with Linda by his side the Crow's would hesitate to act.

Right now, the two of them were walking from the base, over to the market place to meet Alex, but they were accompanied by a few uninvited guests.

"We're being followed, you know," Linda said, and honestly she was surprised herself how quickly she had picked them up.

"Yeah, I know. It's fine. Probably because of what I did yesterday. I wouldn't worry about it unless they try to cause some trouble. They'll soon find out I don't even belong to this faction anyway."

The people from the Graylash continued to follow the two from a safe distance. However, they weren't dressed in their usual white robes and instead tried to blend in wearing more normal Traveller's gear.

After talking to those who had lost the fight against the strange young man, the leader wanted to know more about his ability, not just that, but he was hoping at some point they could pay them both back with a bit of humiliation.

Finally, they had arrived at the Vendor where they had met Alex. He quickly waved them over and had a huge smile on his face, that Quinn could only take as a sign.

Out on his stall, he had a closed sign. On the top of everything out on the table was a blanket to add the mystery.

Quinn wanted to just rip the blanket off and see what was underneath. He felt like a kid waiting to open his Christmas presents. However, he knew it would be better to have Alex reveal everything to him.

"It was hard work honestly," Alex said. "I think I should start with some bad news first." Alex handed back the money card and then bowed down his head. "I'm sorry but I spent all the money you had on the card."

"You did what!" Quinn couldn't help but shout. There was a lot of money Quinn had saved up on there. Once he had left the Crow's, he was aiming to buy a teleporter, so he could travel easier from the main ship to other planets, but with this hiccup, his plans were ruined.

"I'm sorry but the materials needed were more expensive than I thought, and to craft something like this, I had to higher the best forge room," Alex said desperately. "Look, don't worry, most of the money was spent on you. I saw your tacky gear, the truth was I had finished with the crystals earlier, so I went to buy more to make you a full set of equipment."

After hearing this, Quinn really couldn't be upset anymore. It was true that he himself was mostly wearing intermediate gear, and his chest piece was broken. Whereas nearly all travellers wore advanced gear.

He had bought a few pieces of equipment for the others, but he hadn't bought anything for himself.

After Quinn's last reaction, Alex was now rubbing his head even more nervously, because there was more to come. "Actually that isn't the end of it. You see the king tier and Emperor tier crystal were quite similar, and really there was only one decent thing that could be made from it. So I had to mix the two crystals while using the leftovers to make something else."

This didn't anger Quinn as much, it was upsetting to hear, but by now, he trusted Alex's judgment when it came to forging things. It made sense considering it took three advanced crystals to make his gauntlets. With only one king tier and one emperor tier, he was worried if something could even be made from them at all.

"First, let's get all the basic stuff out of the way." Alex said. Revealing all of the advanced gear he had made for him.

Advanced tier boots, Leg's, and shoulders. There were things one could get like accessories and beast clothing, but Alex had said he already spent all the money.

The boots were an overall improvement, giving him a plus 8 in agility as well as better defence. There was a major change though, it no longer had the active skill wind walk, and instead had one called antigravity. It would allow the users to walk up walls and stay upside down while it's feet would stick to surfaces like a spider.

The extra stats were good, and for a sneaking situation, he could imagine they would be better, but there were many times where the extra speed wind walk gave him helped him.

'Wait it's not really a problem is it, I have shadow equip!' Quinn thought.

With shadow equip, as long as the items were in his dimensional space, he could change form whatever set he wanted. So if he needed to switch boots, he could do it in an instant. This gave him an idea for the future. Sometimes specific armour sets were tailored to one design. Some focused on power, others on speed, and there were even resistance sets.

Using shadow equip, at any time Quinn could switch between his armour sets to face his openers. The major problem in all of this was getting those armour sets in the first place. It was proving difficult just to get one full set of king tier equipment. Quinn couldn't imagine how many beasts, Linda, Blip and Dennis would have had to fight to get their sets.

All the other equipment that had been given by Alex didn't have an active skill and just improved basic defence.

Finally, it was time for the major reveal, but Quinn could already guess what it was. Because Alex hadn't given him an advanced tier piece for it. When removing part of the blanket, Quinn could see it. A mainly red coloured chest piece, with large scale pieces, while the area just above the collarbone down to the shoulders was black, with a few waves spikes coming off from it.

It was fierce and scary looking, and Quinn liked it, he liked it a lot.

Putting it on, Quinn noticed it was a great fit. After his last chest piece was destroyed, he really needed one. Now Quinn was just hoping for some good news from his inspect skill.

[King tier - Chest piece ]

[All stats + 10]

[Defence 30]

So far so good, it was a huge improvement from his last one, giving all his stats a boost by 10 points, it improved his strength as much as the advanced tier gauntlets. Now he understood why Linda, who was wearing an emperor tier chest piece, kept up with him speed wise. If he was to put all her equipment together, she would have quite an impressive number.

Finally, though Quinn wanted to know the most important part, whether or not it had an active skill.

[ Active skill ]

[Rebond damage: Small spikes appear from the piece is All directions. For five seconds, thirty percent of the damage that is done to the user will be reflected back to all attackers. Being hit while using the skill will greatly lower the durability. Skill cooldown 30 minutes]

The skill sounded great, especially if Quinn had a high defence. On top of this if he was to be surrounded, it was a good way to trick people into hurting themselves. It would be a goo to test a few things, but the good news didn't stop there, or the king tier armour didn't just have one active skill, but it looked like it had two.

[ Active skill ]

[Splinter: An optional skill that can be used at the end of Rebond. Once the five seconds have passed, the user can release the spikes that have been created in all directions. If Skill is used, Rebound cooldown time will be doubled.]

It was an active skill that could be used at the end of the last one, Quinn liked the sound of both of these, and it looked like it gave a pretty good defence as well.

Considering how it was a large chest piece that had been made, Quinn was guessing this was the main item Alex had made. By mixing the king tier and emperor tier item together. Still, he couldn't be upset about a good king tier item.

"Ready for the last one?" Alex asked.

Quinn nodded.

Removing the blanket as a whole, the last item was a small one, and it was one he didn't expect. The last thing that was left on the table. Was a small red and black mask, one similar to his own. He didn't know why Alex would have chosen to make something like this.

He understood why it needed to be an accessory and smaller if he couldn't make a weapon, but why even bother with the mask.


[Emperor tier Mask]


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