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582 Punches and kicks
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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582 Punches and kicks

The leader had actually been injured quite a bit from the fight with Dennis. He was putting on a brave face to make it seem like the fight was more one-sided than they thought to his students and the others. He had also used up nearly all of his MC points, so he was in no condition to fight further.

After defeating the leader of the faction, he believed no one else would volunteer to come forward. He was also sure they had used their best men earlier, maybe there was one or two out on a hunt, but he still had eight other students that were strong and ready to fight.

When he saw Quinn walk out to the front, he felt strange seeing how confident he was. But that all went away as soon as he saw the C rank tag.

"You're just a young fool, aren't you? After your leader beat one of our students, you think you can defeat another. Lemon, go ahead and teach this fool." The leader said, taking a step back, and one of the students rushed to the centre of the ring.

The ring and crowd of people had to move slightly to a different area before the fight could start. The reason for this was because the floor was destroyed from the previous battle.

While they were busy moving, the others were trying to figure out who the young man was.

"I've never seen him before, is he part of the Eagles?" One asked.

"I think I saw him come in with Linda."

"Oh, so it means he's from the Crows, but he is only a C rank. Surely it would have been better if Linda fought."

Right now, Quinn had his gauntlets on, but even after seeing this, Dennis didn't have much hope. It meant he was a close-range fighter, and it looked as if the lightning user was both great at close combat fighting as well as midrange fighting.

Having seen the Graylashes fight yesterday, Quinn was trying to figure out the best way to deal with them. He could always use his shadow, but the lightning was fast.

On top of that, Quinn didn't know if during the civil war, the other families would care about him being protected by Vorden's family or not. They complied before because Vorden belonged to an original family, that was probably under the big four.

But Vorden never mentioned that the Blade's were under the Graylashes. So Quinn could assume that due to the civil war they no longer cared, and would have a great interest in the shadow again.

So if he could, he would avoid using it, but honestly, Quinn didn't feel like he would need to.

'What are you going to do Quinn?' Linda thought.

"Now, don't let me down boy," Dennis said from the sides.

The fight had begun, and just like every other fight, the lightning user started off with a step and spiral spin towards them.

"Don't you guys ever do something different?" Quinn said.

This was an easy skill for him to avoid. As it came towards him, Quinn flash stepped behind his opponent, and he completely missed. The man turned around and could see Quinn throwing out a fist towards his face, he lifted his arms to protect himself.

But suddenly, a heavy pain was felt in his gut.

"The punch, it's so strong!' The student thought, even though he was wearing advanced tier armour.

From the pain, his arms had dropped down from his face. He didn't have time to make an attack of his own, as Quinn was already throwing out another punch fast. Once again, he could see the punch going for his stomach, he covered up reacting quickly enough.

However, once again, a heavy punch was felt around his face, a hook to the side of his temple.

"What the hell are you doing Lemon!" The leader shouted.

Quinn smiled as he continued. He pulled back his strength, not causing suspicion, and if he could win this way, then why not make the whole Graylash family look like fools?

Right now, Quinn was performing the phantom punch over and over. His charm stat had now reached fifty points. He was sure this would be enough for people like them to be fooled. It was perfect, the more skilled they were, the faster they would react.

But for the phantom punch that was better, and it allowed Quinn to get a clean hit in every time. After giving a few punches, Quinn decided to end it with a kick so fast and strong that even though it was successfully blocked his opponent was knocked out.

[500 exp gained]

The exp was a nice bonus to see as well.

"What happened, was it a fluke?" The old man said, who was by Dennis's side.

To everyone watching, it felt that way, there was no flashy display of powers. No movements too fast that they couldn't see. The only impressive thing was the flash step used initially, but they could still predict or see where he would be.

Yet, somehow the Graylash family member lost to punches and kicks.

'Quinn, it seems I have underestimated you.' Linda thought.

A boy with a foolish dream, a dream to change the world. She thought it was impossible, but for a brief second, she believed it.

"Was the leader lying, maybe the student Dennis beat was their strongest student?" Someone from the audience said.

'Maybe the Graylashes did this just to scare us."

The rumours were starting to spread, and the leader didn't like this.

"Panda, go out there and do whatever you can to get rid of him. I don't even want him to be able to lift a finger once you're done with him." The leader whispered to his top student.

Panda, went out there and got in a fighting position.

Usually, there would be a little rest between fights, but they ignored this common courtesy since Quinn wasn't hurt, but Quinn was fine with it.

The fight had begun once again, this time Panda didn't move for some reason.

[Skill Daze activated]

[Daze was a success]

He was frozen unable to do anything, even if he wanted to move, something wasn't letting Panda.

Then when the fist could be seen coming towards his head, he could finally move, but just like before it didn't hit his head and instead hit him in the stomach.

"What the hell is wrong with everyone today!" The leader shouted.

"Sir, could it possibly be an ability? Perhaps an illusion of some kind that we can't see but the opponent can." One of his students suggested.

Based on what they were seeing that would make sense, but it would have to be a pretty strong illusion to be able to fool his men, he thought.

Trying to finish off the fight quickly, Quinn threw out a kick, the student had lifted his hand to block the kick to the head, but it had come from the other side, and he was slammed to the ground so hard.

"Get up!" the leader shouted, his hands shaking in anger.

But Panda remained on the floor.

[New skill accrued]

[Phantom kick]

Quinn thought about it, but if he could do a phantom punch, why couldn't he do the same with the kicks. Testing it at this very moment, it seems like the kick had worked.

The opponent was knocked out, and the room was filled with silence. They didn't know whether to be happy or sad, because it just didn't feel satisfying to them, but it was definitely satisfying for Quinn.

"That's enough." The leader said. "It appears we are all tired and there was one skilful person in the Eagles after all. How about tomorrow me and you have a match?"

The leader was too injured today to have a fight, which is why he had suggested tomorrow. But he needed to teach this cocky brat a lesson.

"No thanks," Quinn replied. "If Dennis can't beat you, then I definitely can't. He's the strongest person we have. If it's any of your students, I will be happy to take them on any time though. Besides, I have my own appointment tomorrow."

The leader was beyond frustrated, he hadn't expected an answer like that. He was sure the cocky brat would have agreed. If things were left like this, then their impression of the Graylashs would have been diminished.

Everything he had done was for nothing, but he couldn't do anything.

Without saying anything else, the Graylash family decided to leave it there and head back to thier rooms.

"Try to find out everything you can about that person." The leader asked one of his students.

Quinn and Linda stayed one more night and Dennis couldn't appreciate his thanks enough. He was happy to see the smug look on the leaders face be wiped off, but he was now afraid that all the blame would be put on the young lad, especially when they found out he wasn't part of the Eagles but the Crow's instead.

"Let me deal with that problem," Quinn said.

"I owe you one," Dennis replied. "If you ever need anything from the Eagles, come straight to me, and I will personally help you out."

The next day, it was finally time. It was the third day, and Quinn couldn't wait to see what equipment he would get from the king tier and emperor tier crystals.


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