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577 Military base 2 returns
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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577 Military base 2 returns

The group had waited patiently in area four for Blip to arrive. They didn't speak much, and Linda was trying to get over what she had just done. When she thought about it, she wanted to be disgusted. Instead, she was just reminded of the taste. It felt completely normal as if a person was thinking about their last meal.

Finally, when Blip and Nate had arrived, the first thing Blip did was drop to his knees and started to sob uncontrollably. When he had heard there was an Emperor tier, and Linda had stayed to fight it, even though he knew she was safe, he couldn't help but imagine things.

Maybe she was missing a limb or two, or an eye had been poked out, but she looked fine.

"Sis, you did a good job." Blip said, giving her a big hug. "Huh, you seem a little cold." Usually, Linda was a little cold, but in her attitude and words, but this time he meant literally, as his skin touched hers, and he could feel no warmth.

"I think I'm just drained," Linda replied.

Everyone walked out together and started to head back to the shelter. Each group started to retell what happened. Blip was first, starting with the good news that they were able to obtain the Emperor tier crystal, but then ended it with a bummer when they were informed that Mitchell was dead.

Linda was frustrated at this. She yelled into the sky when she heard the news, and now that it was her turn, she didn't really want to tell her brother what happened. Now thinking about it there wasn't any good news at all.

The king tier and emperor tier crystals were stolen, and a member of their team had died.

Still, she had to make the report and detailed the mysterious man who had stolen the crystals. There was one detail she altered, and that was that the demon tier beast had run away, uninjured from the area.

Her theory was that it must have only stayed in that area to look after the red one. After seeing it dead, it decided to leave the place. These were all lies, of course.

"Sis, don't be upset." Blip said. "No one could say you did a bad job. If anything, you did a better job then me. A larger group full of weak and inexperienced individuals took on a king tier and emperor tier, yet only one person died.

"I am interested in this strange individual, though. How did he know of our plans, or when we would go out on the expedition. Also, was there someone that powerful on the planet this whole time? I can't help but feel the person was originally from our shelter most likely from the faction.

"What I'm worried about more, is how the Graylash family will react to this news. We have to submit a report,t and they will come to the same conclusion. When we get back, search each of the members and their rooms. They won't like that we're invading their privacy, but I'm sure they will understand once we explain it to them."

"Brother there not going to make us go back there are they. With an emperor tier demon on the loose?"

Blip paused for a second as he continued to walk. Honestly, he didn't think it was a good idea they should. On the borderline of the new land alone, there were two emperor tier beasts. Blip couldn't imagine what there possibly could be even further in the unexplored new land.

Their faction was simply too weak for a task like this. If the Graylash family were going to continue to be insistent on them going onto this new land without sending support, then Blip would have to start to think whether this relationship with them was worth it at all.

"For now, we will take down any quests that are in that area." Blip replied.

When returning to the shelter, Blip kept his word. They searched not only those that went on the expedition but everybody including Quinn. But of course, they found nothing. With no evidence and no suspects, what could they do?

"He's alive." Some people pointed at Quinn.

"When I stayed behind, it looked like he wasn't eaten after all," Linda replied. "He was hidden between a crack in the cave walls and didn't come out until the whole thing was over."

"What a coward. First, he runs and gets Freddy killed, then he just hides while everyone is fighting for their lives. For a second, I thought he was kind of cool when he went forward with that girl back there."

They bought Linda's lies relatively easily because it was simple. The man they had seen who hurt Kong and the king tier, was strong and had a strange ability. Quinn was weak and had a speed ability. No one would ever guess that these two were the same people.

Because there were no crystals obtained in this quest, there were no points awarded. However, the faction agreed on two things. To still pay everyone basic credit fees and that they could have a week off if they wished, just as if they had completed any other quest.

Most people felt this was reasonable. Before it was the end of the day. Blip had asked for witness accounts of what happened. He would have people interviewed one by one, as he would need to give a detailed report and was wondering if he could snuff out the mysterious man.

Through his investigations, he had learnt what Kong had done. If that man had come back alive, Blip probably would have killed him himself.

'It's bad to think about the dead like that, may you rot in— I Mean may you rest in peace.'

His investigation led to nothing, and he was done with the report. All he could do now was see how the Graylash family would respond.

The next day, there was a morning meeting as usual, but it was mostly to pay their respects to the two people that had died. Kong and Mitchell. It had been a tough month for them. Three deaths were so close together.

After the meeting was done, everyone had split. There weren't many who had chosen to take a quest today. The moral of the whole base was down. Especially since one of the leaders was killed.

Inside Nate's room, Sam had been called.

"Go on then," Nate said. "Tell me what really happened?"

"I think you already know, the mysterious person was Quinn." Sam also told him that the Emperor tier beast was also killed, and how Quinn had taken the two crystals.

Sam knew this information was safe with Nate. Even though he had joined the faction and was one of the higher members, he hadn't been here long enough to have any loyalty to them. He cared for people and would help them out where need be, but this place was merely a stepping stone for his goals.

"So he can really take on an emperor tier beast, he must be getting stronger," Nate said with a smile.

Sam was happy that Nate didn't ask for details about the whole thing. Whether or not he had used his red aura abilities or shadow abilities, because quite honestly, Sam didn't know how much he was allowed to say

But it looked like Nate just wanted to compare his strength with Quinn's.

"Is there something else you want to tell me?" Nate asked. He could tell by the look on Sam's face there was more.

Sam was debating whether or not to tell him the truth. Of what he had found out. There was no one around them now, and he knew Nate would be understanding of the situation. They were best friends, and he would have liked to have confided in someone.

"Nate, it's just wanted to say. I will catch up with you one day, and that time might come sooner then you think," Sam said.

"I look forward to seeing it." Nate replied.

With their meeting done, Sam left the room, and when he did, he could see a young-looking girl walking down the hallway. He gulped and realised that maybe he had just saved his, and Nate's life by keeping his mouth shut.

"Quinn, I hope you can control her."

The group were in a different place today as they were sending Quinn off. For now, he had managed to convince Kazz to turn Sam a little later, when things had quietened down a bit. That way, they could prepare for whatever he might turn into, and she seemed fine with it now.

So Quinn was to head off to a different planet under the Graylash family banner. The reason being, to see Alex Way. He needed a few things to talk to him about, and he wanted him to turn the two crystals into something amazing.

"Fex!" Quinn said before stepping into the teleporter, but he wasn't alone. To watch Quinn while on the other planet. Linda had volunteered to go with him. She had convinced Blip that she wanted to talk to the other faction about a few things. See what their situation was like compared to theirs.

In truth, she thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about what she had become, and just what secrets this world had.

"I know, I know. I'll watch them." Fex replied.

And with that, Quinn was gone. They didn't know how long Quinn would be, maybe a few days, but they were without him.

Back at one of the training rooms. Blip and Nate were sitting down in their seats. It was a rare occasion, but they were to welcome three new people into the faction today. Like Quinn and his group, these three would also have to go through the assessments.

When they entered, Nate was surprised by how young they looked. Most of their new recruits were adults switching sides, but these guys were clearly students, like Nate, and Quinn. It was rare because students would often go where their families were or stay with the military, so it was a stand out factor.

"You guys are students, right?" Nate asked, trying to confirm his suspicions.

"Correct sir." One of the more timid looking students said.

"Don't worry, I'm a second-year student as well, or at least was, I would have just graduated. What about you, what year and what base are you from?"

"We are all first-year students who were going into the second year, sir. We are from the second military base."


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