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566 Cursed Child return
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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566 Cursed Child return

The door was closed shut as Suze had left the room and Linda was left with an even bigger thought on her mind. After hearing about Quinn using an apparent shadow, she just had to find out more. She carefully got Suze to repeat her story to her several times, to the point where anger was starting to show on her face.

"A shadow ability, then how did he move so fast in the assessment?" She thought.

This wasn't the main concern right now for her, though. It was the ability itself. A shadow ability was something she had never heard of before. Which meant it would most likely be an original skill.

Now her suspicions were through the roof. There was Kazz, who was able to copy her teammate down to the millisecond, and a man who she thought was the Blood Evolver but apparently not, and now two originals.

The first thing that came to her mind was to do an internet search. She had found something on the Blood Evolver before. Maybe she could find something about the Shadow ability.

In an instant, there had been a result.

( The cursed Child uses the shadow ability to go through to the final stages of the tournament, but drops out! )

The inter military tournament didn't allow for anything to be filmed and shown to the outside world. So all others could do was read reports on what happened. Apparently, this Cursed Child had gotten quite far using the ability of the shadow.

This was the first time this ability had become known to the world, and many people seemed to be interested in the power.

Someone this sought after, surely someone should know the Cursed child's identity. She searched and searched but could find anything. The only thing she did find was an order. An order from each of the big four families to leave that child alone.

'Who the hell was this group, and who the hell are you, Quinn?' She thought.

Her simple curiosity of this group of kids had now become an obsession of hers. How could a single child have enough power to stop the big four factions at the time from identifying him? If someone truly had that much power, they could stop the war in a heartbeat.

Trying to find a written report, she eventually found only something, that Quinn had said a certain phrase, but it had made no sense to her.

'This is getting too dangerous. I can't let Suze do the investigating herself anymore." Linda thought.


The next day, Quinn and his group had arrived at the quest board once again. After going for the morning meeting, there was nothing new to report. The current plan for Quinn was to get him and his group to Rank C.

This way they could start to accept quests that would allow them to hunt for Advanced tier beasts. He had found out how much it cost to use the teleporter to travel to the planet that Alex Way was on and it wasn't cheap.

Still, they had the funds right now to do it, with how many intermediate tier beasts they were killing on each quest. But according to what Sam had said, it would be impossible for him to get a transfer for all of them.

This was why he thought it would be best to become a rank C first before going. Then, he could talk to Alex and ask what materials he would need. This way, he could get some items from his shop made before he went to meet Alex.

It was too expensive for Quinn to keep going back and forth, but he needed to build up a good relationship with Alex. For he had planned for him to be the first forger in his faction.

Even at rank C though, Quinn very much doubted that Alex would come and run away with him, he needed to prove himself more. So he would build a relationship and get a higher rank.

They saw the quests and were looking around the room for Suze. The others' eyes were still telling them that nobody wanted to join them, not yet anyway. But they didn't seem to be as bad as before.

"I can't see her anywhere," Fex said, after searching the room.

Once again, they were stuck in the same position as last time.

"I can help." A person said, approaching the quest bored. It was hard to tell if the person was female or male. They were covered head to toe in black armour, and even their head was covered up like a ninja, only allowing for the eyes to be seen.

"You need someone, right? I'm looking for a team as well. Let's join together." The person pointed to themselves. The voice was a little low, but it sounded like when a kid was trying to pretend to be an adult.

"Hey, something is going on here, right?" Fex said. "If my instincts are right, that's a girl."

"Really?" Quinn replied as if it wasn't obvious enough.

"Hey, I have an idea," Fex said. "You've been suppressing your charm skill, right? Why don't you turn it on and go speak to her."

That was right, a long time ago when Quinn would speak to Layla, it would get her to do crazy things, so he had decided to activate his natural charm. It had been so long he had forgotten about it.

'Why not.' Quinn thought.

[Charm is no longer being suppressed.]

Quinn started to approach the disguised woman. For some reason, when she looked at him, she couldn't help but start to imagine ripping the clothes off from his body.

'What the hell is going on, was he always this…this…tasty?' She thought, but her will was strong, and she wasn't going to say that in front of him.

"I think it's great, we need someone, let's go together," Quinn said.

Quinn had spoken in a normal voice, but in the woman's mind, it had come out quite soft, hush and gentle.

"Together." She replied back.

"Quinn, turn it off." Fex suddenly said.

"Huh?" Suddenly, Quinn could feel Fex holding his arm. When he looked up, his face was red.

"It's too much man, turn it off."

Immediately seeing Fex the way he was, Quinn turned it off there and then.

[Your charm is being suppressed]

"Man, I almost forgot you were able to face a leader. I should have guessed you had quite strong charm skills." Fex said, now his face no longer red.

Fex didn't like this, being influenced by Quinn's charm was a sign that his mind was weak. If he had a stronger mind, he would have been able to resist the influence of skill from the leaders. Perhaps the whole vampire incident could have been avoided.

The feeling that Linda felt was no longer there, and now when looking at Quinn, she could just see a handsome young man, but the urges she felt before wasn't there.

"Good, let's get a move on." She said.

Just to be safe, Quinn used his inspect skill to find out who it was that was joining them.

The woman was Linda. She was wearing a different armour set, this one being a mixture of advanced and king tier level equipment.

He was wondering why she had decided to infiltrate her groups, and as for her tag, she was using one that was a Grade D. He guessed being the co-founder of the faction had its advantages. There would be people willing to give her a tag she could borrow and no one would really refuse her.

'Maybe this isn't a bad thing." Quinn thought.

There were a few possibilities as to why she was here, the most likely reason was she had found out something about Quinn's shadow and wanted to see it for herself. But he thought he could use this to his advantage.

Linda was strong, in reality, she was a Rank B going out on a Rank D quest. There was no chance any harm would come to her, so they would be able to fight beats without having to worry.

Quinn had selected a quest, and they were off. While defeating beasts, Linda would constantly put herself in danger, trying to get Quinn or one of the others to save her. But under Quinn's orders, they chose to leave her, and each time she would get hurt, but minimally due to her strong armour.

The beasts were killed, and this continued on for days. Linda continued to hunt with the team and was wondering if this was how they treated all their teammates. If that was the case, it was no wonder Freddy had died.

However, the way she was acting, Quinn was sure of it now. Linda was trying to get him to use his ability. Because this was what she wanted, Quinn did everything he could to not show it, instead he performed the flash step, using his gauntlets and hammer strike to defeat the beasts.

Over the few days she had watched them fight many intermediate beasts, she had to admit, every one of them was strong and highly skilled. Blip was right, even if this group was suspicious - they had high potential.

It didn't take long until they were all upgraded to the Traveller Rank of C, including Paul. To speed up his process, when Fex had reached a C rank before everyone else, when assigning points they decided to not place his tag into the machine. That way the extra points went to the others, speeding their ranking up.

Linda was at a loss. She couldn't find out anything about the group, and they weren't doing anything suspicious. She decided that she would go on one more hunt with them before giving up.

That day, something was different. In the morning, when everyone was called into the assembly hall, there was an announcement to be made. Blip stood in front of everyone and had a grin on his face.

"We have good news for everyone! There will soon be a posting of two large group quests. One of them for the lower-ranking members - two king tier beasts have been discovered. As for the others, an emperor tier beast has been found." Blip said.

Quinn smiled at the thought, he wasn't going to let anyone else get those king tier beasts.


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