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554 Who is Blood Evolver?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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554 Who is Blood Evolver?

Linda was busy watching the videos and after watching the first one, she honestly didn't see what the big deal was. She had heard of the game power fighters and had played it herself a few times, but ever since the creation of the faction, she didn't have time to get involved in things like that.

To try and get a better understanding of what the video was talking about, she started to read the comments in the forum.

"This ability isn't anywhere in the game?"

"How is he able to use it then?"

"He must be a hacker."

However, as she went down the rabbit hole of looking for this Blood Evolver, she could see he had gained quite the following, getting win streak after win using this strange ability. According to one of the posts from the developers, they confirmed that he wasn't hacking.

Which made people come to the conclusion that he had an original ability that was, for some reason, able to be used in the game.

Next she decided to change her search results. She changed it from most relevant and popular to most recent. Surprisingly, there seemed to be a video that wasn't from so long ago. There was quite a big gap between videos, but this was one was posted around a week or so ago.

( Blood Evolver back on public servers! )

Unlike the others, it had yet to get as much attention as it seemed to be posted by an unknown.

Watching the video, she could see the rank of both players as well as basic information and username. The Blood Evolver was unranked, while the person he was going up against was a Rank D. The fight was in motion, and they were using their gaming avatars. So they didn't look like their usual selves.

The fight had started and this time, The Blood Evolver didn't use any of his abilities. Instead, he threw out a punch. A single punch was all it had taken for him to win the game.

Her hands started shaking, watching the video. There was such raw power, and if someone could take out a Rank D so easily. Their real level would have to be at least Rank B.

On top of that, they had this amazing Red aura ability.

'I don't understand, is one of those four the Blood Evolver? If that's the case, why would there be a need to hide the ability?' Linda thought. 'Unless they're hiding their real strength because they're spies. But what business would they have with our faction? It's not even that important.'

After thinking about why someone would need to hide their abilities, she started to think about who it would be.

She was certain that it was one of the four that had come in. At first, based on the interactions between Sam and one of them, she for sure thought it was Quinn. However, after fighting him, now she was certain he had to have had a speed ability.

The boots and beast equipment being used weren't that high of a level.

Thinking about it closely, she had come up with a most likely candidate.

'Yes, it has to be him, he has to be the Blood Evolver.' She thought. 'It has to be Paul. For some reason they're keeping his ability a secret. They claimed he was part of Pure, saying he had no ability and that's why Quinn told him to stop. During the fight, his punches were getting stronger and stronger. Maybe the Aura is some type of enhancing ability, and it was starting to show.'

The only thing that didn't add up was why Paul was playing on the military servers, but if he used to be part of the military rather than with Pure, it would make sense.

Still, she didn't know why they had chosen to do this, and there were more people she was suspicious of. The faction needed power more than anything. So as long as it didn't become a big problem, they could do what they wished. But she would be keeping a close eye on them all.

Outside of the base, Nate had decided to start the tour outside of the main base of operations. He explained that the base was really only used for meetings, training and the job request board was placed inside.

It was also good if one wished to find some people to help them with job quests.

Other than meeting in the morning at the base for a daily update, there weren't really any requirements and members would be able to do as they wished. As long as they were on an active task, they would have to update the base on what they were doing.

This allowed for the faction to see certain information. If they saw someone accepted a quest to hunt an intermediate beast but was staying in the base for a week, they would go and have a talk to see what was going on.

Nate advised them to look at the quest carefully. Most of them had a tax on the lower level beasts, they would have to give up 20 percent of their beast crystals. There was also a minimum number of five members for each quest.

The higher quests would usually ask for more people, and they would have a rank requirement when looking for members to join. The rewards for this were different as well. If it was to hunt a high level beast and was one that they had never obtained a crystal from before, the crystal was to be given to the faction. And in turn, they were to give it to the Graylash family.

It wouldn't be a complete loss though. The Graylash family would send back the same level of crystal, only one they already had in return as reward. Or something of equal value.

While walking around the shelter, they could see that there were civilians like the other ones. However, Nate had said that all of the people here belonged to the faction in one way or another. There were around five hundred members in the Crows faction and here their family would be staying as well.

On top of being a faction, they had to basically run the shelter even more so than before. Kids who used to go to school outside of the shelter and in different areas couldn't be taught anymore. And then there were those that had just turned sixteen.

The compulsory two year draft no longer existed and someone needed to teach the next generation.

Finally, they had reached the market place, which was filled with food and beast equipment as well as ability books.

"The first thing I suggest you guys do is to get better equipment," Nate said. "Don't go risking your lives fighting something too high of a level. Start with the low ranked quests. Save up credits and buy some armour and good weapons. Most of what you guys have is considered low tier around here. The other members have at least advanced tier equipment."

"But for that, it will be a struggle to buy at the market. You will have to hunt for the crystals yourselves."

Nate looked at all of them for a while and then looked at Quinn.

"I know." Nate said with a smile. "Why don't you three go have a look around. As for Paul, I suggest he get an ability as soon as possible. I know you might not have many funds. So here."

Out from his back pocket, Nate gave Paul his money card, which was gold in colour. He had earned quite a lot of money during his short time here.

"Think of it as a loan. Buy whatever ability book you think will suit you. If you guys don't mind, I would love it if us two and Quinn could play catch up."

It came as a surprise to the others that Quinn actually knew Nate and Sam. Then Paul realised why they were in this base in the first place. Perhaps he had gotten in contact with them and wanted to be with his friends.

'Such a kid.' Paul thought. His mood was still a little soured from the grade he had gotten. He knew this made him out to be more like a kid, but more and more things were starting to frustrate him lately.

Once again, Quinn had looked to Fex to baby sit the two of them. There was still no chance he was leaving Kazz and Paul alone together.

"Come on!" Fex complained.

"Look," Quinn whispered. "You know they can't be left together. Besides, Paul doesn't know which abilities a vampire can use so you can help in that department, right? Kazz won't do anything in front of all these people. She cares about the mission more than any of us."

"I'm not worried about that," Fex replied. "It's just these two spuds are so boring." He let out a sigh and eventually gave up. He should let Quinn do what he wanted. Fex was grateful to him, he saved his life after all.

"Come on, you two. Let's go!" Fex said, leading them towards the market.

After the others had gone. Nate and Sam looked for a quiet place where maybe they could grab some food and drink to talk.

"You're not hungry?" Nate asked. "Even after all that fighting?"

"It's okay, I have a bit of a special diet," Quinn replied.

After ordering and waiting for the food to come. Sam and Nate wanted to get straight to the point.

"I think I understand why you're here," Nate said. "But tell us man, why are you hiding your abilities?"


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