My Vampire System
545 Traveller Ranks
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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545 Traveller Ranks

While Quinn was in the VR game he thought he might as well take his mind off things by playing a couple of matches. Before that he was wondering if he should send Nate a message telling him he was okay and that he was coming to see him.

When he checked he saw that his status was currently offline.

'Should I?' Quinn thought. Quinn, Sam and Nate got to know each other better during the all inter military base tournament. At the time they had no clue who Quinn was and it was also when he revealed to everyone about his shadow ability.

It was only later that Quinn revealed to him when they had gotten back that he was also the so-called Blood Evolver. Because of this, Nate wished that they could both meet again and fight at full power. For one, in the game Quinn was unable to use his shadow abilities, and two, the same was said for Nate with his soul weapon.

In the end, Quinn decided it was best if he didn't send the message. First, he thought if Nate knew he would be bugging him non stop. He also thought it would be a nice surprise, and second if Nate had left to join another faction, Quinn was worried it would influence his decision. He had made a choice and now he wanted to stick to it.

When going ahead to search for games, Quinn had a few notification screens pop up before he could start. Messages that hadn't appeared before today.

"Please insert your Traveller ID number for match making." The system message said.

Quinn didn't have a Traveler ID. One could usually register for one at a faction base. Or in a big shelter, but there wasn't one at the earth station.

Because of this he chose to skip. Then a few options came up.

[Please select your rank]

[Rank F]

[Rank E]

[Rank D]

[Rank C]

[Rank B]

[Rank A]

[Rank AA]

[Rank AAA]

Most of the ranks were grayed out and Quinn could only select the top three options. From rank D to F. This was a bit of a bummer for him. He was hoping it would be the same as the military base where one would be matched up with those of a similar level.

However, it looked like the public servers worked differently. Without a traveler ID to confirm his rank, it would only let him select the three lowest ranks. Quinn did understand why the system was designed this way though.

It was because for travellers, ability levels mattered less and less. Travelers were categorised in the same ranks as above, and this was determined by a number of accomplishments they achieved for their faction.

There were more things to factor in with Travelers when it came to determining one's strength - their fighting ability, their beast gear, and their soul weapon.

It would be silly to put someone like the leader of pure, in Rank F just because he was technically a level 1 ability user for having no ability. Yet he had a powerful demon tier beast weapon.

In a way, the ability levelling system at the military schools were quite flawed and it only caused discrimination. Not taking anything else into account other than their ability. According to Paul though, that was all that mattered to them. They just wanted strong ability users on their side.

Not expecting much, Quinn decided he would select the highest rank possible, Rank D, and started looking for a match.

Some of the users that were in the military and following Quinn's profile noticed he was online, and a few started to watch his matches. It was only the odd person here and there, as his popularity during these times had really died down a lot.

"Hey Blood Evolver is really alive."

"Should we try recruiting him?

"Everyone has already tried, but he hasn't accepted anyone's friend request as far as I know."

Finally getting into a game, Quinn decided that he would play this match without using any of his beast gear hoping it would make it harder and a little more challenging for him. He also didn't want to use his blood abilities either.

He already had a lot of attention from the military servers and he didn't want the same thing happening here.

When his opponent was matched, he could see that he was going up against an unranked. Most unranked had come straight out of school, and had yet to join a faction. Or some rich kids who decided to not become a traveller but enjoyed playing the game from time to time.

"This will be an easy match." The opponent thought.

Little did he know Quinn thought the same thing. The system hadn't come up with anything, making him suspicious that he probably wouldn't even get any exp for this fight. Still, it wasn't his goal in the first place.

The match had started, and the opponent charged in. He slid and sliced across the floor as if he was ice skating. Then pulling two short swords from the side of his legs, he was ready to fight.

"Fear my grease ability, and I'm going to oil you up, little boy." The greasy man said.

'Did he just announce his ability in the open?'

Quinn remained still, bare handed, he didn't even have his gauntlets on. When looking at the man heading towards him, he was coming at quite a speed. He must have activated his beast gear equipment and also at the same time used his ability.

Still, there was one thought in Quinn's mind, 'Slow.'

The man was incredibly slow. Quinn wasn't too much faster than him, but recently Quinn had been going up against opponents that were far quicker than himself.

When the man finally reached Quinn there was a large grin on his face, and the next second a fist was planted in it.

"Winner Blood Evolver"

The three or so people watching were amazed once again.

"What's going on?"

"Is it some type of glitch?"

The reason why they were so surprised was because Quinn hadn't made a really big punch or motion. It didn't look impressive, yet somehow, the game system determined Quinn's strength was so strong, that the single punch was able to deplete the man's HP.

After the one game in the capsule Quinn had decided to quit. He had chosen the highest rank possible, and as expected he resided no exp for fighting against an opponent. While on his way back to the others, it did make him wonder though. Now his strength is at what it is, what rank would be suited for Quinn?

Returning to the others, Quinn informed them of his decision. Saying that he had decided to join a sub division faction that was released to the Graylash's. It would be nearly impossible without having a name for yourself to actually join the Graylashes, and they would have been thrown into the deep end if they tried. This was Quinn's reasoning. He explained that he had found out all the information from one of the recruiters.

He didn't need to explain further, as while the others were walking around, they too were approached multiple times.

The others had no complaints, and Paul for once thought it was a good decision. Out of the Sunshield and Graylash family, he thought the ones that would make more moves, or plays would be them. After all they had the foresight to act before any of the others.

There was no reason for Quinn to talk about Nate and Sam, as all the people he was with didn't really know them.

Using their small ship they flew back over to the larger ship and met back up with Peter who had reported there were no problems at all. Then for the first time, it was completely up to him to fly the ship using the system created by Logan.

Of course, everyone was a little nervous, but the ship had started fine and it went up high in the sky all okay. Leaving earth's atmosphere was a little bumpy for all of them, but strapping in, and with their unique bodies it was easier to deal with than regular humans.

Once they were in space, Peter used the system on the ship to locate a no space zone. Each planet territory was 20 million kilometres in sphere direction. This was how far their sensors and machinery would reach, claiming that the area was owned by that planet.

It was similar to how countries would have a sea border in the past.

So using the navigation system, they just needed to find an area near where they were going and then fly out a bit further away from the planet into a no space zone. The navigation system on board the ship would show the planets that they knew of and were charted down. It would also show the regular flight path that would be used between other ships.

As long as they stayed away from these things, they should be okay. According to Paul.

Back on Earth though, those exact sensors had also picked up Quinn and their large ship leaving.

"Sir, an incredibly large ship has just left earth's atmosphere. It looks like one of our own. But no personnel has been authorised to leave, and I don't regioniuse the code that it's showing. Should we go after it?" The worker asked.

Oscar, the supreme commander, looked at a few photos of the ship. He recognised it as one of their military basis prototypes. It had the ability to store at least 2000 men on board. He remembered that the Graylash family were the ones that had attacked that base.

"Leave it for now. We don't have enough resources and can't afford to go after it immediately. But send a small scout team, to follow their location." Oscar, ordered.


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