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543 Final goodbye, Vorden
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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543 Final goodbye, Vorden

In one of the sleeping rooms, Paul was sitting down on his bed, with his head down towards the floor. Sitting opposite him, was Fex.

'Since when the hell did I become a counsellor?' Fex thought.

It took a while for Paul to calm down, but after that there seemed to be another phase, shock. There were more reasons than one for this, and with Quinn off doing his own thing somewhere, the only person that could talk to him about going through such an experience, was Fex.

There was Peter as well, but he wasn't the best choice when talking to people.

Paul's hands were still shaking, he had never felt this feeling before. Leo had mentioned a few things to prepare him, but the real thing was different. He felt out of control, his body and mind were doing their own thing, yet he was still present and aware of what he was doing.

"Don't worry." Fex said, "It doesn't just happen to humans who have turned into vampires. It happens to all of us. The more you are exposed to it, the easier it is to control. Just be careful not to become addicted. If you want, I can help you through the process."

"Whenever you are hungry or such, I'll control the amount to give you. Otherwise, first-timers will just keep going until they're full. Anyway, you have strong vampires by your side, if you go out of control, me and Quinn can stop you."

Paul wasn't worried too much about getting addicted. He had done many things in the past that required a huge amount of dedication and self-control. It was why he felt so strange being so out of control. It was a first for him.

Upon hearing the name Quinn, Paul lifted his head and gave a little huff.

"Quinn? I don't think he can help." Paul said, now getting up from his seat and walking around the room. He eventually stopped, and seemingly out of nowhere punched the wall. A loud clang was heard, but the walls were solid, and only a small indentation mark could be seen.

"Isn't he supposed to be the leader of this group?! Why can't he control that girl? Why did those men have to die?" Paul asked.

"The situation is a little complicated," Fex replied. "She's not from our group, so she doesn't really listen."

"That's just an excuse!" Paul snapped. "If he's the one in charge, then he needs to make sure she doesn't fall out of line. I know he didn't order this, he's not like that, but it's also his responsibility to make sure things like this don't happen."

"I don't understand why all of you are so trusting of him? When all I can see is him being inadequate."

Fex paused for a while before replying and then finally gave his answer.

"But he managed to save you and your men, right? Maybe Quinn doesn't make the best of decisions sometimes or is too slow to act, but when it truly matters, he does shine through. He saved my life, you know?

"You saw all those scary-looking old dudes in the council room right. He went up against every single one of them just to save me. Being a good leader is not all about good decision making. The people around him can help him with that."

"Rather, it's about picking the right people, gaining their trust. Just like Quinn would do anything for us, I'm sure we would do anything for him as well. For me, that's a good leader."


After consuming a few droplets of blood Quinn had gained one point in the strength stat, bringing his strength up to [49] without holding any weapons. It was getting harder to gain stats through different people's blood.

However, it was still the quickest way for him to get stronger, as leveling now required a huge amount of experience. The only problem was when he would hit his cap on stats.

The reason Quinn wasn;t around was because he had gone out to the field to search the ruined city.

He had found remnants of where the army had set up a temporary base, but it had completely been destroyed and Quinn couldn't find the bodies anywhere. Whatever Kazz did, she did a good job of hiding it.

Quinn was only able to find it through the few specks of blood that were dried up on the ground which his system had picked up for him.

When he finally returned, it looked like everyone was now ready to set off and so that's what they did.

The first goal was to hide the large spaceship. They went to a mountainous area that was supposedly not too far from the closest earth station. It was a great spot as they were surrounded by large mountains that people wouldn't climb up and it was away from any signs of life.

The only way one would see it, was if they were flying in a ship of their own. This was only meant to be a temporary stop for them anyway before moving out into space.

Peter was left there on his own, and the group said their goodbyes before heading off. The one who had spent the largest amount of time saying goodbye was Logan. He had been busy giving him pop quizzes on what each of the buttons did on the autopilot system, as well as on the ship's controller.

Same as before, Peter was brilliant at memorizing the information. "Peter, we will be back to create more things together. Stay alive." Logan said before they headed off to the storage room.

Heading to the storage room, there were indeed several spaceships that were smaller in size. Beforehand, Logan had been busy modifying one of them. These ships in the storage room were the standard ones the military would use, so he made a few changes to make it appear more like a commercial one while concealing the few weapons it had on board at the same time.

This one was a lot more basic in design compared to the others. Having a small bubble-like glass shield at the front, and a more basic semi circle-like shape.

It didn't have any other facilities in it either, apart from seating and a basic toilet. Still, it was a ship made to carry around fifteen people or so. So with seven of them…sorry eight including Borden it was quite spacious.

They were off and had finally reached the Earth station. Here one could teleport to the other earth stations centred around the earth. Their main use was going from the outside planets going back to earth.

There were few planets that had large stations like this, especially the more dangerous ones. Still, they weren't here for Quinn's group but for the others to go to their families' homes.

When they arrived, they could see that there were a few people coming in and out with their small spaceships as well. It seemed like not all was lost and there was still some system in place, or peace at least during the time of civil war.

Having a ship was a bit of a privilege and quite costly to run though, so they could imagine those that they were seeing in the ships, were either experienced travelers, or held high positions in their factions.

After arriving and parking their ship, they entered the station and it was time for them to say goodbye to each other.

"Remember everyone if you wish to contact the main ship, we can use the mask to do that," Logan said to explain to them all one last time.

"Quinn, when we are ready to come back, we'll message you beforehand," Layla said.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Quinn asked Layla one last time.

"Quinn, my mother… she's still part of Pure," Layla said. "Actually, I didn't tell you this, but she's one of the leaders at Pure. So you don't have to worry about me getting hurt. She won't let that happen."

However, Layla wasn't sure about this at all. She just didn't want Quinn to worry about her.

"A leader of Pure…" Quinn wanted to ask so many questions but she just shook her head.

"It's complicated, but I know she doesn't agree with their doings. She doesn't want this. I want to bring her back."

"I can help."

"No. We already went through this. Get rid of the trouble you have first."

"Fine…but Layla. If you need help, you have to promise me. Promise me that you will ask for it. Don't wait and just ask."

She thought about it for a while. She didn't want Quinn to be a part of this. What involvement did he have? And he had a number of his own problems to deal with, but…. For some reason, hearing these words warmed her and she couldn't help but say, "I will."

"Vorden, Logan, I know you two are going to safer places so you probably won't need it, but the same goes for both of you as well. You all came with me to save Fex. I owe you this favour at least."

The two boys nodded towards Quinn, before proceeding to shake hands, pulling each other in with a hug.

"Oh, Vorden, tell the other guy I said goodbye as well."

When the others heard this, they thought Quinn was referring to Borden, who Vorden was taking with him on this trip, but Vorden knew he was actually referring to Sil.

"He would really like that," Vorden replied.

When the station to their places was called, they would proceed to show their tickets, and step into the teleporters. The girls had gone off somewhere first, and then Logan and finally Vorden was the last one to go, and he paused looking at Quinn for a bit.

'This might be the last time I see you, Quinn.' He thought before stepping into the teleporter, to head back to the Blade family.


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