My Vampire System
542 Dead soldiers
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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542 Dead soldiers

Quinn stood there in front of the door, staring at the bodies. Before he knew it, saliva was starting to appear in his mouth at the sight of the blood. It had been a long time since anything like this had happened.

'Control yourself.'

Before leaving, Leo had given Quinn a tip, something that had worked for him. A way to control the urge and the hunger better, the key was to use his Qi. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, and started to focus.

Truth be told, Quinn wanted to learn a bit more from Leo about the use of Qi. The problem was things had been moving too fast for him to get any time, but Leo told him not to worry. Even without his help he was on the right path.

Everything that Quinn was struggling with, everyone who used Qi before was the same. Eventually the technique started to work, and his mind and body was no longer thinking about the blood in front of him.

'Kazz, it has to be her. Who else would kill them?'

However, his thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sounds of some groans that appeared to be coming from the side. When he turned around, he could see Paul standing. Only he wasn't his regular self.


He stood there, slightly hunched over, his two teeth had become longer and his eyes were a fierce red.

'Paul has consumed blood, but has yet to smell in person like this, and he doesn't have Qi control.'

The next second, Paul, out of control, started to rush forward towards Quinn. Paul was fast, but now nothing compared to what Quinn could do. The only thing Quinn was worried about was trying to hold himself back when knocking him out.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Paul suddenly fell to the ground. His body hit the cold metal surface and he began to be dragged back across the metal floor.

"Don't worry Quinn, I got this one." Fex said. Opening up the blood from his container, he gave Paul a small amount that would satisfy his lust and control his hunger.

Fex too had smelt the blood, so he came out to investigate. He saw what was happening and took care of the situation quickly, tying Paul up with string.

The loud sound had woken up many, and eventually everyone had spilled out into the hallway to see what the whole commotion was about. Everyone was staying in separate rooms, but they had chosen to stay in the room's next to each other down the same hallway.

"What happened?" Layla asked, rubbing her eyes.

When Cia had seen the bodies, she opened her mouth as if she was about to scream, but Vorden was quick to act, placing his hand above her mouth.

"Nice." Logan said, knowing he had saved them all from a huge wake up call.

Looking around, Quinn noticed that there were two people missing. "Where's Kazz, and Peter?"

They had checked the room Kazz was supposedly staying in and she was nowhere to be seen. When they went into Peter's, he could be seen inside but the scene was not what they had expected.

Quinn could see the eyes of the others and rushed to the door, only to see Peter back up against the wall, waiting for his limbs to heal. They had been crushed in several different places and quite badly as well.

"I'm sorry Quinn." Peter said. "It was Kazz. She took the remote from me."

After deciding what to do yesterday, the remote along with another controller was given to Peter to get a hang of everything. After all he would be left with the ship for a long time, so they might as well get a head start on things like that.

"Why would she kill them, and where is she now?" Layla asked.

Then, the sound of the ramp being let down was heard. Since everyone was standing there, they knew someone else had activated the ship.

"Fex clear this up." Quinn said. "They're dead now so we might as well make use of their bodies. Store the blood, and feed some parts to Peter to help him recover."

And Quinn was off to the back of the spaceship.

Everyone stood there for a while, not saying anything.

"Did Quinn really just say that?" Layla finally said.

"Yeah…" Vorden replied.

"Is it just me, or ever since the incident with the whole vampires, he has kinda become desensitized to all of this?" Layla asked.

"Yeah, but he's right." Fex replied. "At the end of the day, this is what we need to do. At least they will be used this way. The others started to walk away from the scene as they couldn't stand it for much longer, leaving only Fex and Paul alone to work on this gruesome task.

"Oh boy." Fex said looking at the three bodies.

When Quinn had arrived, he could see Kazz walking up the ramp and it was already starting to close behind her. 'Why was she outside?'

Then, he saw the blood on her clothes and splattered on her face. She casually walked up to Quinn with a sweet smile. He knew what she had done. She had gone outside to deal with the rest of the soldiers who had come with them.

"Did you deal with the bodies inside?" Kazz said with a smile, as if she was expecting some type of praise.

"What is wrong with you!" Quinn shouted. "Why did you kill them?"

The smile on her face went down, and she seemed a little confused.

"What do you mean, I did it for us. For the mission. You already decided that we weren't going back to the military. So it's better if they didn't know we were alive. If they're all dead, no one will come looking for us or wonder where we are."

"Couldn't we have just removed their memories?" Quinn replied. "You didn't have to kill them."

"No!" Kazz said, stomping her foot. "That lieutenant, it wouldn't have worked on him, I know it. We can't just leave one. They all need to die, it's for the mission."

"And attacking Peter…." Quinn said looking at the ground. He had his hand in a fist ready to get into a fight. "Was that for the mission as well?"

This was something he couldn't forgive. He didn't care what position Kazz held, she couldn't just go around hurting those close to him like that. Peter was just being loyal to him in the first place by refusing to give the controller.

"I didn't kill him when I could have. All I asked was for him to hand me the remote. I thought I would surprise you by doing these dirty tasks for you. So you didn't have to get your hands bloody."

'We're those tears.' Quinn thought he could see.

Seeing them had pulled his anger in a little. He was still annoyed but everything she said seemed genuine.

"I did a good job, didn't I?" She asked.

Quinn was starting to realise that maybe there was a lot more wrong with her then he initially thought. What the hell did the First family do to her?

"Just….run these things by me next time." Quinn said.

Quickly picking herself up, Kazz walked past Quinn as normal and started to whistle as she headed to her room.

'What! Was that all an act…but it felt so real.' Seeing Kazz now and the one before, which one was the real one?

"Oh, I will be in my room sending an updated report about the situation on earth. So don't go looking for me." She said.

When Kazz had arrived in her room, she closed her eyes and started to think of a certain individual. Eventually someone had connected with her and she replied.

"Oh Kazz I see, making your first report." It was the eighth vampire leader Jill. Before leaving she had set up a connection with Kazz using her ability. This way, no matter where they were, they could communicate telepathically.

However, because Kazz didn't have this ability, Kazz couldn't just send messages to her mind. A connection had to be made. To Jill, it was similar to someone trying to call her on a phone, where she could either accept or reject the call.

Kazz explained what she had learnt about the state of the human world to Jill, and it was her Job to report it to all the others.

But she wasn't completely loyal to this system, for Bryce had told her something else as well. If it was deemed really important, she was to come back and directly tell him before going to Jill. She felt like there was nothing worthy to report to him though.

"And what of our people that were there before, have you learnt what happened to them?" Jill asked.

"No information yet, although they might have died when this Graylash family attacked the bases, but that doesn't account for all of our spies. It's strange not a single one of them is responding, I will update you again once we have more information."

The report was complete.

Upon returning, everyone was now in the kitchen. They were meant to have breakfast but it looked like after what they had seen, they weren't really hungry.

"Where did you put the blood?" Quinn whispered to Fex.

"There's a freezer that's cold enough to store the blood and I took some packs from the medical bay."

It was good to know, as Quinn planned to take a dip of each of their blood to improve his stats when he could.

"What about Kazz?" Fex asked.

"All I can say is, we need to keep an eye on her. Probably more than we do with Paul."


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