My Vampire System
529 A future power
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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529 A future power

The girls had arrived at Xander's house once again, but this time it looked completely different. They had a self-driving carriage out front that had all their things packed and their family looked to be upset as they entered another one behind it.

"Layla, Cia," Amy shouted out. "You managed to just catch us in time. We were just leaving to head to the tenth family."

All the preparations were complete and their house had been completely emptied from the inner first castle area.

"Where will you be going?" Layla asked, looking at all the items they had.

"Well, our registration and switch into the tenth family is complete." She replied. "So we will be heading to the pooling area first to see our new place, then after that, we were going to head to the tenth castle."

The tenth castle was just where the two girls had come from, it seems like they had just wasted their time coming down here.

"The tenth castle, why are you heading back there?" Cia asked.

"Well joining the tenth family, we have to start from the bottom again, which is why we're in the pooling area, but knight Edward had made an announcement, telling everyone to come to the tenth castle tonight."

Heading back in the carriage with Amy and Xander, the girls updated them on what was to happen. Telling them it was most likely to be their last day here.

"Well, Xander will be upset," Amy said. "Half the reason we were moving to the tenth family in the first place was so he could have more chances to speak to you."

Xander looked out the carriage window, and had his hand covering his face, avoiding the others from seeing his facial expression, but Amy knew him best. He was embarrassed and didn't even want to look at the two girls.

"I wonder what the announcements are going to be?" Cia thought.

The Royal knight Dwight, along with Paul, had gone to the top floor of the castle to the throne room along with Quinn and Leo to go ahead with the blooding process. The knight Dwight was there for two reasons; to give the whole team a rundown of their job tasks and what they needed to do each step along the way.

The second reason, to stay there until he personally saw the whole blooding process play out. There would be no tricks involved with this.

Because of this, back down in the reception room, Edward had remained with both Fex and Erin, still overseeing the battle.

The fight had started, and it had gotten intense for both of them far quicker than they both had thought. The two of them were covered in sweat and were huffing and panting.

"You really have gotten so much stronger since the last time I met you on that roof!" Fex shouted. He was thinking could someone improve this much because they had just turned? But it wasn't just that.

Her swordsmanship had gotten better as well, but it still wasn't the best it could be. He knew that better than anyone, for he could bring the best out in her when controlling her.

Charging in again, Blood swipes were thrown out from Fex's hands. Erin hit both of these away with her sword, smashing them on impact. She had yet to learn how to do her own blood swipe, but still using Qi and her extra strength, she was strong enough to get rid of these.

When close enough, Erin had swung her blade down at Fex's head. 'Is she trying to kill me?!' Fex thought, but he had brought out his red string in time, deflecting the attack and moving to the side.

He was tiring out faster than usual because his red string was the only thing strong enough to block her attacks. His regular string was able to be cut easily by the Qi infused sword. And with Erin being faster than him, it was the only thing he could rely on.

'I have to try something else, otherwise, I'll lose this fight if it continues.' Fex thought.

Erin hadn't let up for a second, and wouldn't let him rest, trying to hit him here and there. Focusing his mind, Fex dodged the blows any way he could; rolling, ducking, and using the blood wall. He did this several times, and that's when Erin noticed something strange.

Before this, the whole fight he had been blocking her attacks using the red string, but now he had stopped. 'Is it because he's run out of energy?' But the fight in his eyes said something different. She needed to be careful.

Then Fex had done something strange. Using his own nails, he cut the palm of his hands and splattered blood all over the area Erin was standing in.

"I've got you now." He said.

The blood had revealed several pieces of regular string that were placed all over Erin. Every time Fex would dodge an attack carefully, he would set up a point by placing a needle on the ground. attaching string and surrounding Erin in it completely. His regular string was weaker but almost invisible to see.

However, the red coating of his blood wasn't just to show her where the string was. He had placed his blood on the strings to infuse them with his power later. Placing his hand out, he was slowly able to control the blood and coat all the strings in red.

"Blood control!" Edward said, shocked. "But he is only a vampire, although it's not the best, how is he able to do this already? It seems that the thirteenth family has lost a great future power."

"Rise!" Fex said. With the blood coated strings, he moved and swirled them, wrapping them around each part of Erin's body. He just needed to restrict her movements. He still feared her power, that perhaps if she could get a full swing in, she would even be able to break the red string as well.

Eventually, Erin was restricted to the point where she could do nothing but twitch.

"Fex, is the winner." Edward declared, trying to end the battle there.

Erin was upset, but not completely. When they had fought on the roof, a long time ago even with her ice powers, she couldn't do anything. But here, she had made Fex show a number of skills he had never shown before, pushing him to his limit.

Without a doubt, she was stronger now without her powers, than when she did have her powers. So she could only think her time without her powers had improved her. Shown her how much she relied on them before. Now if she was just to obtain a new ability. She felt she was ready.

"Can you take these strings off?" Erin asked, but then she noticed that the strings started to disintegrate and fall to the floor by themselves.

She looked at Fex who stood opposite her. He was still standing staring at her, but he hadn't moved, and before she knew it, his body was falling over and had collapsed on the ground. His body suddenly started to shake and vibrate as if he was having a fit.

'What's wrong with him!" Erin said, running over.

"Don't worry, I have prepared for this," Edward said. "It's nothing to worry about. He is simply evolving."

A blood pack was given to Fex to regain his strength. Seeing the blood Erin thought that maybe now she was a vampire she would be drawn to it, but there was no such reaction. During her time here, she would have time to find out more about herself and what she really was.

The shaking had stopped, but a burning energy was now felt inside of Fex. His body was going through major changes and he had been at the peak for so long. He was becoming an entirely new person.

"Is there anything else we need to do?" Erin asked.

"All we can do is wait."

In the throne room, Leo and Quinn stood on one side, while the other two stood opposite them. It was awkward, to say the least.

"Can I speak to them?" Paul asked.

Dwight didn't reply and instead looked at Quinn for an answer. Who eventually nodded back.

"Do what you want, just don't take too long," Dwight said as he left them and went over to sit in one of the empty seats off to the side in the room. Carefully keeping an eye on them all.

"What did you want to say?" Quinn asked.

Paul looked at Leo, he then looked at Quinn again.

"I just wanted to say thank you for making your suggestion," Paul said. "I don't know why, but it seems you really were fighting for my people and because of that, they will be kept alive. I also didn't know you were a student at my academy. Have the two of you always been…Always been vampires, working for them as spies?"

Clenching his fist, Quinn was filled with an emotion, yes he wanted to save these people but right now, he had one of the head generals of the base there he wanted to tell him everything on his mind and now he finally could.

"Do you even know what goes on at the military base?" Quinn asked. "No, not just the base, but how the world is right now?"

With the sudden surge in anger, Paul was shocked. What could have happened to someone to make them like this?


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