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526 Quinn“s suggestion
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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526 Quinn“s suggestion

The other leaders seemed to be surprised by the news just as much as Quinn was. It was clear that they thought this was just going to be a meeting about what to do with the invaders, but there seemed to be something else going on as well.

"First, we must congratulate the tenth leader, Quinn. He not only stopped the intruders but was also able to do so without bringing harm to any of his own men." The king said.

Paul lifted his head to see who they were pointing at, as he too was interested in who was the leader of those that captured him and more importantly, who was worthy enough to get Leo to follow them. Even he had struggled when trying to invite Leo over to their side.

So he could only imagine it to be a great person.

When their two eyes met, Quinn knew that Paul wouldn't recognize him, even if he recognized Paul. Their positions were just too far apart. Paul was hardly ever at the school, he had the whole military base to run and most of the school matters were left to Duke and Nathan.

'He looks so young.' Paul thought. It was true, even if Quinn now looked like a young adult thanks to the evolutions he had gone through. Compared to everyone who was present at the table, he was by far the youngest.

"His reward for this will be discussed at a later time, as we must move onto other matters." The king explained. "As you all know, we have had a number of our own people stationed on earth at all times updating us on the current situation of the earth."

"This was how we came to learn who this man by our side is and where they were. We initially thought if we left them to their own devices they would return back claiming they found nothing, but it turns out they had found us. But it was a coincidence, they still know nothing about us. The humans are still unaware of our existence. We have confirmed this by taking each one and integrating them."

The look on many of their faces was of relief.

"This means that there might be no need for us to relocate.." He said pausing for a while. "If the humans don't return, then they will just assume something happened on our training planet. We have enough rings made from the death bats for the future vampires until this all plays over, so this is not a problem."

As Edward had said before, this was the most likely path they would choose to take. To not return the humans and just pretend that they had gone missing in action. As long as they didn't know where the vampires were, then it wouldn't be a problem for them.

'What do I do?' Quinn thought.

The king took a slight pause and placed his hand on his chest as if he was trying to hold something in, but he couldn't and a fit of coughs had started. His knights by his side tried to help him up, but with a stare from him, they stopped and allowed him to continue coughing until it eventually stopped.

"…And now, I will pass on the more pressing matter to my knight Dwight to explain.�� The king said, sitting back in his seat.

Dwight placed his hands behind his back and puffed out his chest with the same dead facial expression he would have on as always.

"As the king said before, we have many people on Earth updating us on the situation there, but the correct term to be used is had," Dwight explained. "That's right, we are unsure if the matters are related but between the time the Head general had arrived on the training planet and arrived here, we are no longer able to contact any of our people."

"We have no news of what is happening or what has happened. The only thing we can rely on is this man here, but it seems like he is unaware even in his position of what has happened. Which means there is a chance we might have been discovered after all, or something even bigger is going on there that he is not aware of."

Some of the vampires didn't see this as much of a problem. They didn't care for the earth anymore. They had their own supply of blood. If the humans died, why would they care? While others thought differently. Earth was their original home and one day they wished to return there. On top of that, they were just interested in what was happening.

If something happened to them, they could possibly be next as well.

If they had been found out, then they would have to move again and why should they keep running away further and further from their original home.

"What we would like to do, is send in a new team of vampires, but the king fears what happened to them may happen to you as well. So he wishes to send in a stronger, more capable force that is able to blend in. However, due to us losing our contacts there, it seems it might be impossible to blend in with society seamlessly. We are open to suggestions at this point and are quite stumped."

The room was open to discussion, allowing for all the leaders in the room to talk freely with each other and the knights to see if they could think of anything. It seemed that most of them didn't like the idea of going to Earth.

It didn't seem appealing, and sending a strong part of their force there would just weaken their power here. As expected, not a single leader had spoken to Quinn, but he didn't care. Instead, Quinn was looking at Paul. Trying to find an answer...and he had come up with one.

"Alright, discussion time is over, if anyone has any suggestion on what is the best thing we could do in this situation then please come forward," Dwight said.

Some suggestions were made, but they were mostly the same as what they had been doing already. The king didn't exactly look pleased as he felt like it would just give the same results. Then Bryce had suggested that they should allow him to take a large force there and just deal with the humans as well as whatever was happening.

Make the humans aware of their presence. The king surprisingly didn't completely disregard this idea, and instead said he would like to first know what had happened before making his move, for he wanted the least amount of casualties on his side.

Then finally it seemed like the whole table was out of suggestions again.

Seeing this, Quinn had raised his hand. "I have a suggestion if I may speak," Quinn asked.

Dwight looked at him and paused again but he had no reason to stop him and nodded.

"Let me choose a group to go over with me."

Some of them in the room thought he would suggest this, as they still were unsure if Quinn was truly a vampire on their side or not.

"I think once you hear my explanation, it will be the best choice we have. I was and still am a student at the military academy belonging to Paul here. Most of the people I brought with me are in the same boat. We will be able to freely gather information from the inside, and once we graduate next year, we will join the military."

"You will always have someone on your side right there, and I would also like to make another suggestion. That we take Paul with us as well. With the position he is in, he will have more information than we ever had on what the humans are planning. He will also be able to alter files allowing us to come and go to the military base as we please."

Bryce of course was the first to be against this idea.

"And how do we know the head general will do all this for us? Why would he, as soon as we send him back he could just tell the humans what we are and where we are?"

However, Quinn expected this, and yesterday night he had thought of the possible situations. He just didn't think such a perfect opportunity like this one would come up.

"Then let me personally turn him. Then he will have no choice but to obey and will be one of us." Quinn said.

"You mean one of you." Another leader interrupted but Quinn carried on.

"You're afraid right… I know you saw his power. But turning him will cause him to lose his power. He won't be the same as what he once was, but we don't need him to be. We just need his position of power in the base."

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" Bryce said. "But you see, there's a problem in your little plan here. He can still betray you. It's true that he has to obey your command, and at the same time, he can't hurt you. But will you be with him all the time? You can't stop him from running his mouth when you're not around. What will stop him from speaking?"

"The people," Quinn replied. "His men that we brought in. They will stay here, but we have to keep them alive. You saw how he acted on the battlefield. The only reason why he gave up the fight in the first place, was because he didn't want them to get hurt. We can use this against him." Quinn said.

For a moment, Bryce had stepped back a bit. He couldn't deny the person's character, but that was all they were relying on. That this human cared for his people, it wasn't really enough.

However, what options did they have? Quinn had made a good argument. They had no current allies on earth, so what better way than to make one, and one in a high power of that. If this worked, then the vampires would be in a better position than they would have ever been in.

This included if they ever wanted to take over them in the future. So slowly Quinn was convincing them all.

"Okay," Bryce said. "My last point then... we have leverage against the human for not betraying us, but what about you? How can we be so sure that you won't go over to the human's side?"

It was a fair Question for Quinn, what could he offer or say to them to convince them that he wouldn't betray them?


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