My Vampire System
520 Black Rock
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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520 Black Rock

Out from the forest and into the open area, Paul could see multiple figures appear. Each one of them was wearing a strange mask that covered their face. For a brief second he paused, as he was hesitant about what to do.

Are they human? Paul thought.

They certainly looked human compared to the things they were fighting just seconds ago and still were in the middle of dealing with. The way they walked and were observing the situation certainly fitted the way humans would act. The problem was, they had exited out of the forest so calmly. They hadnt chosen to do a surprise attack of sorts and were just standing there.

This was why Paul was being so cautious.

"Give up this fight and we will help you." The one in the center said, the voice was deep as it was altered by a voice changer of sorts. He wasnt the tallest of the group, but it looked like the others standing behind him were waiting for his command of what to do next.

Paul started to assess the situation before giving a reply. He had the elites of his army in an arrow formation, around fifty in number pointing towards the group of about thirteen in front of them. The rest of his army was still busy fighting the wendigos.

He could see the group carried weapons on them.

He had to assume that these people that had come out, were far stronger than the wendigos, but he couldnt imagine losing against them in a fight. His elites had yet to be touched. At first, Paul would have tried to talk to them calmly. It really had come as an option in his mind. But in the end, he decided not to.

The main reason for this was because he could see more of the strange creatures coming from the forest. He thought that they might have been the beasts of this planet, but now it was clear to him. They were being controlled by this group of people.

For not a single one had gone to attack them and were just going for his group. These creatures had already killed some of his men, if they wanted to talk. Then they themselves should have come in the first place to talk.

"Im a gambling man!" Paul shouted. "I will take the chance that my men will be able to defeat you twelve."

"Hey, theres thirteen of us, cant you count!" A small voice shouted, and in the distance, a small little man could be seen jumping up and down on one of their shoulders.

"Everyone, prepare for battle!" Paul commanded, and the arrow formation did just that.

Why cant it ever be solved the easy way. Quinn thought.

[Negotiations have failed]

[New quest: Subdue the attacking human force]

[Dead or alive]

[Quest reward ????]

Well, at least it looks like I will get something out of it. Quinn thought.

The reason why the wendigos werent attacking them when they had first arrived was due to them being vampires. Wendigos one main goal was to hunt for human flesh, and they had a fresh batch in front of them.

Yes, they were quite wild when attacking, and would attack anything, but if there was food in front of them, they would always go for that first. Knowing this information from Edward beforehand, both Vorden and Logan now being the only humans left in the group had sprayed themselves with the potion. Making them smell just like everyone else.

High up above, the strange-looking black birds continued to hover. A lot of them belonged to other leaders. Each one of them was using their familiar and sharing their vision, watching and waiting for the outcome. Some were hoping that Quinn would fail, while others just wanted to have a look at the tenths strength.

"What a stupid move, why would they just walk out in the open like that. If it was me dealing with them, I would have finished this by now! The new Sixth leader said, complaining.

Some of the leaders, mainly those that were against saving Fex, had gathered together to watch the spectacle. In fact, Prima had made the suggestion because he was the one who had recommended the new Sixth leader. He wanted him to show off his new strength.

He actually didnt expect the first leader to make such a suggestion. While some of them had chosen to team up and work together, the first leader was a bit of a loose cannon. Bryce had his own agendas and worked on his own. But they couldnt deny the fact that he was strong.

Show us what you got.

Most of the military was composed of earth users, other than a few specialist types that would be stationed here and there. This was because above level 4 ability-wise. They didnt allow anyone outside of the military to increase their Earth level.

This was good for Quinn, as he had plenty of experience going against earth users before.

The military had split off into two sides and combining their powers together. They managed to lift up too large rocks and hurled them towards them.

Two men stood in front of Quinn, and they were two of his strongest in the tenth family. Leo on his right side and Edward on his left side.

"Let us, your knights deal with this one," Edward said. "It is our duty to protect you."

The giant rocks had cast a shadow over the group and it looked like they were about to be crushed.

"Hey, shouldnt we move?" Timmy asked nervously.

"You should trust their strength," Erin replied.

Placing his hand towards his side, Edward allowed for a red aura to be cast over both of his fists, and soon it had hardened. Creating a layer over his clothing. Jumping up, he met with the large rock and was starting to slow it down mid air.

The force of it pushed him back for a while until he finally touched the ground with his two feet. His biceps were bulging and his fingers had dug into the rock. Finally, though, it had come to a halt.

The military was in shock, for they had just seen an old man stop a giant rock with his bare hands and was now holding it above his head as if he was carrying an entire planet.

As for the other giant rock, Leo waited for the right moment, before drawing his sword. He swung his sword out, and placed it back in his sheath. To the others, they had only seen a single swing, but he had actually swung multiple times, as the rock broke into pieces. However, the momentum of the pieces were still there and they continued to go past Leo.

"Ahh! Were going to get hit!" Cia shouted as she was about to run and duck trying to find cover away from the pieces Leo had cut.

"Dont move!" Erin said, grabbing her.

The rest of the group could see that Arthur had remained still, and so had Quinn, so they decided to follow. Each of the rocks went past their faces their legs, in between the gaps in their heads, but not a single one had touched them.

"Who are these people!" A soldier said, as his body started shaking slightly.

These acts from two men alone had brought the morale of the soldiers down, and this was their goal. Edward and Leo knew how important it was to have a strong morale. They knew showing their strength would give them the upper hand.

In their heads, they thought, if this is what two of them can do, what about the rest? However, the others were not at the same level as both Edward and Leo. They just needed the soldiers to think that.

Edward holding the large rock in his hands, used all his strength and hurled it back at towards the army.

"Move!" Paul said as he walked through the arrow formation and met with the boulder. He placed both his hands out and started to concentrate. Suddenly the large boulder started to get smaller. It looked as if it was crumbling within itself. Getting smaller and smaller condensing.

The color of the rock started to change as well, from dirt into a hard black material, finally when it had finally reached Pauls hand. It was fully black in colour and was able to fit in his palm.

"Youre not the only ones that can do some fancy tricks!" Paul shouted, hurling the black ball out towards the center of the group.

If he was to guess the one that had spoken before was their leader, and although the leader wasnt always the strongest, he was still the leader. Defeating him would cause the other sides morale to lessen as well.

The black rock was condensed so much and pushed at such a force it would have been able to go through anything. Even the hard skin of the Dalki. Seeing that the person had decided not to move, he guessed right. That the arrogance of this person had would be the death of him.

Before the black rock could reach Quinns face though, his shadow had risen from the ground. Stopping the small black rock completely mid air.

"What! Paul said in horror. It had been a long time since he had seen anyone stop his attack like that and so carefree as well. Then he noticed what it was. "The shadow… looks like Im in the right place after all." Smiling.

As for Quinn, he was equally shocked. Blocking that single attack with his shadow had cost him greatly.


[50/100 MC ]

He had fought a general before and fared well. It had given him confidence, but this was a reminder he was going up against a head general this time.

"Everyone, we cant afford to hold back. Release your soul weapons!" Paul said.


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