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517 The invasion
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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517 The invasion

The message had been sent out from the eighth leader himself, and it was an emergency message that was sent to every vampire all over the planet. It would include those that were outside of the settlement as well. Not everyone's telepathic ability would be as strong as this, apart from the leader himself.

Because of the eighth leader it was easy for the vampires to inform others about things on the fly and give out commands. Sure, there were mobile phones and telecommunication devices in today's world, but at the same time with the introduction of this technology, they would also be the introduction of jammers, blocking such devices from working. And it stopped information from being intercepted.

When the message went out, it had gone to all vampires, which meant inside the mountain, Timmy and Leo were the only ones who had heard it.

"Is it important?" Leo asked, looking at Timmy.

Timmy gave a brief nod, sweat could be seen on his face.

"I've never heard them call everyone back like this, and an invasion. I don't think that has ever happened since the vampire settlement was established." Timmy replied. "We have to go back now, we can't spend any more time here."

Leo seemed to agree, and honestly, he didn't like the fact that the message said that all the leaders were to be involved. This meant Quinn would be called as well. Quinn was still a naive teen in Leo's eyes. Someone who had yet to experience the dangers and politics adults would often play.

He wanted to be by his side at this point and time, but at least Edward would be there next to him.

"Come on you two, we have to move out," Leo said.

Logan had gathered as much information as he could. Some of it he couldn't quite decode or figure out in time. Instead, he decided to upload it onto his Nano sticks to save for later. They couldn't help Borden now but maybe in the future. His only worry for now, was if someone else discovered the lab and was to destroy it for some unknown reason.

"Timmy, Logan, Leo, let's keep this lab our little secret for now. Don't tell anyone." Logan said.

"What about Quinn?" Vorden asked.

"I will let him know, but not now. I honestly don't know what's happening here, I feel like we can't trust any of the vampires or humans. Right now, I'm even doubting what my parents have told me." Logan said. "You know what Quinn is like, he probably is too trusting of those around him at times. Let's not fill his head with these thoughts."

With that, the boys were off and heading back through the forest on their way to the tenth castle. At the same time, the girls were in a similar situation. They had just gotten up and were ready to possibly go out to meet Phil when all of them had received the message.

"What is this about, have the Dalki come to attack?" Layla asked, a little concerned. She was used to hearing such messages only when the Dalki invaded.

"The Dalki?" Amy said confused before shaking her head. "No, if they're saying someone discovered us it can only mean one thing. They're talking about the humans, and not just a few strays like when you guys arrived." Amy explained.

"It would be best if you head back to your castle for now." Said Xander. "Be prepared and your leader will inform you what to do next. We will start the transferring process, but things might be put on hold while the settlement is in a bit of a panic. Once we are done, we will come looking for you."

The girls wasted no time heading back to the tenth castle and when they arrived, they could see the boys standing outside the castle. However there seemed to be an additional person with them.

"Fex!" Layla called out.

"Hey, beautiful girls, how is the all-star team doing?" Fex said walking over. It had been a while since he was himself, but slowly it looked like he was changing back.

When walking over to the girls, Fex's and Erin's eyes met.

"It's been a long time, and you look even prettier than last time," Fex said as he went to grab her hand, also leaning forward to give a perky kiss.

But before she would let him, she drew her blade and went for a cut. Fex dodged the blow by spinning to the side and used his regular string to grab onto the blade, but then, the blade had gone right through his string.

"What the…" before he could figure out what had happened, he had been kicked in the stomach.

"I'm sorry…" Fex groaned, kneeling.

"Hey, hey we're all on the same side here." Vorden said.

"Oh, don't worry, I just wanted to remind this boy where his place was," Erin replied. The reason why her blade had cut through the string was because she had used Qi. It was now a habit. Whenever she would attack, it would never be without it.

Layla couldn't explain it, but this scene didn't sadden her. Instead, it reminded her of the good old times of the past. When all of them were together.

Now there was only one person missing. It was Quinn, and it seemed like he had already gone to the castle.

'Please Quinn, be okay.' Layla thought.

After hearing the message, Edward told Quinn that the two of them must go to the castle immediately. It was a summons that they couldn't just ignore. Yes, they had a lot of problems here, but it was best to say nothing about it.

He was a recent leader who didn't really have a say in the vampire Council at the moment.

When the two of them left, Edward would usually lead the way to the castle. As it wasn't as straightforward as going from one place to the next, and when a summons was called there were more direct routes, the going out from your inner castle area to the main settlement area, and back into the castle area was the long way of doing things.

But somehow, it looked as if Quinn knew the way he was going. As if he had already walked this way many times before.

Looking at Quinn's back, it shined with more confidence than the last time.

'No, it can't be…' Edward thought.

"Vincent." Edward called out.

Quinn automatically turned around to the name. He looked at Edward for a short while before replying back. "I'm not Vincent… I'm Quinn." He replied.

But the brief pause in time when replying, Quinn had even found it weird, for he had automatically turned thinking his own name was Vincent.

'Was it because I lived his life for how many years… It was even longer than my own life.' Perhaps that experience had done more to his mind than he thought.

When he entered the room, the other leaders had arrived and were already sitting in their seats, and the king was there as well. It looked like they also had already found a replacement for the Sixth leader Vadeen as well. They had done a lot in a short amount of time, and it seemed they were quite well organized.

However, something felt strange to Quinn. The last time he was here, he was nervous and intimidated, but it wasn't the same this time. He naturally took his seat and Edward stood by his side. This time the way Quinn had sat was with the confidence of all the other leaders.

This even allowed Edward to step forward and stood proudly by his right side.

'Vincent, you may be gone, but it seems like you have passed on some of your own qualities to this boy.'

The only one that wasn't present in the room was Arthur. The shadow from underneath Quinn's feet started to widen, and started to shift about like before, and a few seconds later, Arthur had appeared.

"Did you really have to use my shadow like that?" Quinn asked.

"You…" Arthur was about to say something, when looking at Quinn, but chose not to, stopping himself. "It's quicker this way," Arthur replied as he walked over to his seat.

The meeting began as soon as the king stood up, rather than chit chat there was no talking amongst the leaders. They all knew this was a serious matter.

"I won't jump around the subject." The king said. "In all these years something like this has never happened on this scale, but our scouts have informed us we have been discovered. The humans have discovered this place, and it isn't just one or two, but it appears to be the military."

The first leader Bryce immediately looked in Quinn's direction. Quinn had brought humans with him, and he wasn't from here. He could only suspect it had something to do with him.

"Before I open the table to suggestions and such on how to deal with this, I will give you all the information we know." The king explained. "They are all quite strong ability users, there is a small unit of around two hundred of them. It seems to be a scouting force, and finally if our intel is right. The person leading them is one of the Eight head generals who goes by the name of Paul Snealleart. Head general of the second military base."

When Quinn had heard these words, he couldn't help but have a little reaction. For Paul was in charge of the second base, the base to which Quinn belonged to.


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