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515 The Dalki“s goal
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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515 The Dalki“s goal

It was impossible to tell with some creatures what tier or level a beast was. The most accurate way would be for someone to look at the crystal. When looking at a beast, most people had to simply guess.

Although this could lead to mistakes on the battlefield. For instance, there could be an advanced tier beast that was the size of someone's head. Although a creature that size may look harmless, it may have a feature or such that would make it deadly.

For Leo, it was a bit easier since he had his aura detecting ability. It would allow him to see the strength of such a thing. What Leo didn't realise, was until he was stood in front of such a creature, was the several galthrium made doors throughout the facility must have had some type of suppressive ability. For until this point, standing in front of the large beast, he had no clue what level of beast he was about to meet.

However, the initial reaction and panic that had taken over Leo's heart were soon disappearing. He didn't know what it was, but when he had entered the room, a strange force seemed to overwhelm him. Perhaps it was fear of standing in front of such a thing.

This strange feeling was going away because Leo's mind was starting to become clear realising he was right about one thing. The fact that the beast in front of him was no longer alive. It was no longer of this world. Yet the power it had left inside it was still so strong.

Looking at the creature, Leo could see with his wire frame vision, four legs two larger on the back. Two sets of wings and a large snout. As for its back, several scales and spikes. This was something that humans of the past would call a Dragon. A Dragon-type demon tier beast.

'According to history, there have only been two Demon tier beasts ever to have been defeated. One belonging to the terrorist group known as Pure. Most likely, this will be kept with their leader. The other belonging to the supreme commander of the military.' Leo thought.

But looking at the beast in front of him, neither of the two defeated had a dragon-like appearance. So this couldn't be one of the ones defeated and was a separate demon tier beast.

Just to make sure, Loe looked around the beats and several areas, and he even did something he thought he would never do. He needed to make sure such a beast was really dead. So he placed his hand on his hilt.

Right now, he was standing on top of the beast's head, which laid on the floor. And Leo was against its eyelids. It was the thinnest part of the beast that didn't have much skin protecting it, and it was a weak point if he could get through.

Before attacking, he started to have second thoughts. What if the beast was just in slumber and he woke it up? Would he be able to get the others out in time? But his confidence rose as he could find no such beast crystal remaining in the beast.

One smooth motion, he drew his sword attacking the eyelid and had planned to place it back in his sheathe. As soon as the two things made contact though, Leo was thrown back. The force vibrated through his hand as his blade hit the eyelid, and his body was jolted backwards.

There wasn't a single scratch on the eyelid, the thinnest part of the beast. Not only that, but Leo had used his Qi, and blood powers. Infusing them together. He was also stronger than when he was at his prime thanks to Quinn making him a knight, but it still wasn't enough to put the faintest of scratches on the demon tier.

However, the good news was the beast truly did seem dead and hadn't reacted to Leo's attack. Before leaving the room, there was one thought in Leo's head. Such an almighty beast had to have been killed by someone.

Returning to the others, Leo planned to tell them of the news he had learnt. But, it turned out that Logan had already found out the information for himself on one of the computers. How the successful project, whatever it was they were trying to make had come from a demon tier beast.

It was the only thing that was strong enough to sustain the clone's body. To give it enough power to live on and fight the way they did.

"The demon beast is here?" Logan said shuddering with fear and excitement at the same time. "Can you show us where it is?"

The overwhelming power Leo felt at first, he remembered that it was quite suffocating. For these kids, they weren't ready yet.

"It's best if you don't. I fear that the sight alone and pressure might cause your death." Leo replied.

The demon beast truly had to be a great thing if even when dead, it could cause this type of reaction.

"So we now know that the vampires really did create the Dalki." Vorden said, trying to gather all the thoughts. "They mixed in demon tier beast blood with human's to create the Dalki. So they aren't aliens after all. Maybe at some point, they chose to leave the vampire settlement. According to Leo's description, it would make sense why the Dalki look like they do.

"Can I ask, is there anything we can do about Borden then?" Vorden asked.

Logan looked at the data for a while, something was bugging him about all of this. "I'm not sure," Logan replied. "You see, the crystal I used was an intermediate crystal, so I understand why Borden didn't become a perfect clone, but there was still some of the demon beast energy that was used to infuse him in the first place. My guess is the error is there because either the demon beast is weak, or because it's dead.

"Maybe the dalki were created while the demon tier beast was still alive. Unfortunately, I think the only way for me to bring back Borden to what he once was and for him to stay this way. Is to create a new solution with fresh demon tier blood which seems almost impossible."

The group had never even seen a living demon tier beast. There were too many hoops to jump to even get to one. All of the red level teleporters were owned by the giant factions or military. On top of that, even if they knew where one was, large armies were used to take down the two demon beasts that were known in the past. They were beyond rare.

Lastly, even if they did meet one, could they even kill one. All of this for Borden seemed too much,

"Don't worry brother," Borden said. "As long as I can journey with you all I will be happy. I will still help the best I can. Maybe I can climb through vents and such, helping you get into spots that you can't."

The group decided to stay for the night inside the main research room. There weren't really comfy places as such, but there were a pile of clothing like lab coats used as temporary bedding and for sleeping on. While the others slept, Logan was still working away.

Maybe he couldn't come up with a permanent solution. But if he could create more of the green solution using the dead demon tier beast, then perhaps Borden would be able to do something. Maybe fight for longer periods of time without wearing himself out.

However, Logan was more concerned with other things, namely the research his family were involved in. He kept seeing things that didn't make sense.

After doing more digging, he learnt that the vampires had managed to create a successful blood substitute after all. It seemed they used the same cloning process on humans. Giving them the blood supply they needed. They no longer needed to rely on the human race.

If this happened after, was the Dalki created as an in-between as a temporary blood source, later to be forgotten? What was annoying Logan more than anything was the Dalki's goal in all of this.

If they were created, then why not just leave, go to another planet. Was revenge really so important for them, were they really just a battle crazed bunch of idiots. No, it didn't make any sense.

Then there was information that Logan had found that might have given him a hint to all of this. The formula that said the Dalki were complete, it wasn't complete at all, there were still problems with it.

The first being the fact that the Dalki weren't able to reproduce. This made sense as to why they had such a small population size. It was one of the reasons why the humans were able to survive so long and weren't wiped out in an instant.

As for the second one, it was their life span. It still wasn't perfect. They were just like humans in the end and at most could live for up to a hundred years. The Dalki war started thirty years ago, and they currently had six years of peace. Not knowing when they came into this world, they could very well be on the brink of death…

So why attack the human race?


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