My Vampire System
514 The Green family
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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514 The Green family

The reaction of everyone there was confusion after seeing and hearing the door open. Logan's name was quite well known, and they had all heard what the door had said. The Green family, for their family, had also made strides in development around the world. Although unlike Richard Eno, who introduced technology that was to do with saving and helping the human race.

The Green family were more known for their day to day appliances and thanks to Logan, the VR game known as power fighters.

"Logan, what's all this about?" Vorden asked, now being incredibly suspicious of him. Did he know all along, and was he luring the others here to be a part of his plan, maybe Borden wasn't an accident and Logan knew what he was doing?

"Wait, you have to understand that I'm as deeply confused as you guys about this whole situation. I knew nothing about vampires before meeting Quinn." Logan replied.

"Yes, but weren't you the one who went to him first. You saw his skills in the game and then went out to try to meet him, right?" Vorden said. This whole place had him a little on edge since coming here. After finding out so many things, it was normal for him to react like this.

"I don't think he is lying," Leo said. "I have my ways of telling if one is lying or not, I think we should hear him out. You two have been through a lot together, yes. That's the least you can do."

It was true, the two of them although originally not friends were connected through Quinn. Just moments ago, Vorden was risking his life to try to hack the Wendigos off from Logan's suit. They had been through a lot together, and perhaps it wasn't fair of him to just throw out such accusations.

Logan needed time to think. He was as curious as ever to just go in those doors and answer himself, but now with Vorden being the way he was, he needed to think before stepping in.

"There's only one way I see it," Logan explained. "My family was somehow involved in all of this. You wanted an explanation and I'm going to give you the most probable one I can come up with in my mind right now, but even I am just thinking out loud."

"First the door reacted to me and opening up, knowing me as Mr. Green, that is without a doubt my family name and since it opened to me, I have no choice but to believe my family was involved. The teleporter that led us to this place was passed down from my family."

"Originally I thought it was something my family couldn't crack. An advanced technology that my family tried to research for generations, but what if that wasn't true? What if the teleporter we used always belonged to my family? They just never passed down the code, and it eventually got to me and my parents, who knew none the wiser of what my relatives did."

"I always thought it was a little strange. When me and Quinn touch, how my ability reacted to it knowing that it was a system. How the system worked and how Quinn's vampire abilities also worked in the game. It's all too similar to my ability. Quinn's powers, the book it's like its several abilities mashed into one."

Hearing the explanation did calm down Vorden a bit. He could never really imagine Logan as a mastermind evil genius plotter in the first place. He just didn't have the passion or drive for things like that, but who would know right. Even he kept secrets from everyone.

"Trust me Vorden, if I wanted to trick or fool you guys there would have been many chances when I could have revealed us to the vampires. Getting rid of you. I'm on your side. "

"I know," Vorden replied. "There's just some freaky stuff going on."

With the conversation over, Leo led the front of the group through the double doors and what they had entered was a large room. It was filled with round water containers surrounded by glass, rows and rows of them lined up, hooked to some strange machinery, but each one of them was empty. Not a single thing was inside.

"What do you think this room was used for?" Timmy asked as he nervously walked through the room.

"This is it." A muffled voice said.

When hearing the voice, they could see that it was coming from Logan's back, through the glass toolbox container. Taking him out, it looked like Borden had recovered. Not enough to fight, but to move about and talk.

"This is the place, I remember. When I woke up, this was the room I was in." Borden said.

"There's so many of these things." Said Vorden. "Did they really use this to create the Dalki and if so, why do only a few of them know what they are?"

While walking through, Logan was not feeling pleased. Learning that he had access to such a facility, a facility where possibly the Dalki were created. It made him feel a little sick that there was a chance his family had created mankind's greatest enemy.

There were several entrances and exits, or all over the place. It was hard for them to tell just how big the area they were in was. For now, they were to stick together and had gone from the room that was filled with liquid containers, into another more research looking type of room.

Up front, there was a large screen that was similar to the cinema. While there were several terminals down below. Going onto one of the computers, Logan was able to access it. However, he was only able to access some of the system's information. It seemed like part of the information stored was only to be seen by Richard Eno, while the rest could be seen by members of the Green family.

When Logan would go through files on the computer, it would appear on the large screen for the others to see and look at as well. Images were appearing with file numbers on top. Some images looked similar to Dalki, but not quite.

"Failed, the created subject is only able to last a week before degenerating." Logan read.

Then they moved onto the next one.

"The blood is able to be used, but doesn't have the same effect of blood."

They kept going through the files and each one seemed to have a problem, little notes as to why it wouldn't work until finally, they had reached something. One that looked like the Dalki, and it had a green pass stamped onto the file.

The problem was, it didn't say what it had passed. What was the aim of the research in the first place?

Logan was reading out and explaining all the information for Leo's sake. They knew he was interested in such a subject like this.

"The vampires do seem to have a hand in creating these creatures," Leo said. "But judging by the fact little Timmy here knows nothing about them, maybe it wasn't the so called council that made them. A rogue vampire or it could have even been a cover up for a mistake. The question is why the need to create the Dalki in the first place?"

The questions that Leo was asking were the same questions in all of their heads.

"This place is quite large, we might have to stay here for a couple of days. Let's try to get all the information we can and we might be able to figure out what's wrong with Borden. Possibly a way to turn him back." Logan suggested

There was too much at stake, too much to learn about in a room such as this one to just leave.

"Before we decide to stay here, let me check this place out. We don't really want to be sleeping if our enemy is inside or if there are still a bunch of those creatures from before." Leo said.

"I'll go with you." Timmy volunteered.

"Ah, where I'm going it's best if I go alone," Leo replied

Leo could tell that the room they were in was safe, and even the room filled with containers. There were signs of an aura of power but there was nothing alive, so staying here for a couple of nights would be fine.

Heading back to the container room, Leo could see the tubes that were connected. One of them in particular seemed to have a residue of Aura that was really powerful. Leo could assume this container was the one where Borden had come from, which was why the residue still shined in the tube compared to the others.

What concerned him though was that this residue was leading him to a different room altogether. It was the room where he sensed the incredibly powerful presence, where he couldn't tell if it was dead or alive.

Following the tube's tracks, Leo ended up going from room to room, following the Aura and selecting the right doors as he went through the large facility. Eventually, he had reached another door that seemed to be sealed.

However, these doors were gigantic. They stood several meters tall and several meters wide. But there was a smaller door that seemed to be made for humans. Which would suggest the larger doors were to keep something else in.

Leo couldn't let this off his mind, he needed to see what was behind these doors. Using his sword once again, he cut down the small door.

Entering in the room, he could see it, see what the large and powerful presence was. The instincts in Leo's body were telling him to turn and run. For what stood in front of him… was a demon class beast.


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