My Vampire System
509 The end of Vincent“s life
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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509 The end of Vincent“s life

Vincent was at a low point as he was trying to wrap his head around the best way to try to train a vampire. In the settlement they had schools to teach all basics, and then, they would be mentored by teachers and so on.

The problem was, how could a turned vampire compete with all that. Yes, the vampire would be different and stronger than most. This was because of him, Vincent a vampire leader had put all of his powers into a single source. Meaning it would be transferred over to the other person.

But, if a human was suddenly able to get that much power in an instant and didn't know about the consequences of such power, then perhaps he too would eventually become someone who was against humanity and not with humanity.

At that point and time, a colleague that was at the science lab had come to help him. Vincent never explained his problems fully but explained a scenario that would be similar to his current situation, and in the end the colleague had come up with an idea.

"I think the best way would be to make it like a game. An RPG game of sorts." The man said.

Vincent had no clue what the man was talking about, he never personally dabbled himself in entertainments such as this one. In fact, other than spending time with his family and wife, he would be working at the lab all the time.

With this, the man showed Vincent what he was talking about, but it was hard for him to grasp.

"Let me show you in person, I have been developing a few things myself." He said. Taking Vincent to a separate part of the lab, there was a device that wasn't known to humans, but Vincent had seen it in the vampire world before.

What the man had shown him was a completely immersive VR game. One where you would put on the headset and your mind would be transported into that world. It was a technology the vampires already had and would use it for training themselves.

Vincent himself had introduced some technology to humans during his time here, but he made sure to not introduce technology that would change or catch the attention of the vampires altogether. Had the humans managed to come this far without the need for help? Vincent thought.

On top of this, there was another question, was his colleague a human. That could also be the reason why he was able to introduce something like this, however, now that he was no longer a vampire, he was unable to tell, and he had joined after he had become a human.

With these things in his head, he had tried the game his college was presenting. Experiencing the game himself and the mechanics, he finally understood that this was the perfect way to limit and help the person grow.

After exiting from the VR headset, he had a few questions to ask himself.

"Did you do all the programming for the game?" Vincent asked.

"I have actually been developing an A.I chip. One that can adapt and change to the situation that it is put in. This way developers will be able to just focus on building the scenery around it. The A.I will adapt and give appropriate quests based on the information that it has beforehand. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to use. I really do think it's the future."

There was no rush, so Vincent continued to work on with the man closely on his project, learning the things he did. Quickly, Vincent came to realize how this man's mind was even better than his own. It was amazing how he thought.

Originally, he had planned to create his own system similar, but the A.I behind everything was far too complex for Vicent to understand. Still, he continued to work through the years.

But then… tragedy stuck in Vincent's life, something that he didn't think would ever happen, happened. Vincent was around 60 years of age and still working at the lab, and Katie was younger around fifty-five.

Their one kid had already grown up and left the house, and once again they only had each other. One day, bad news struck as there was news of Katie having been in a car crash. There was nothing he could do, and she was already dead.

When he gave up his vampire powers and placed them into the book, for some reason he had still kept his ability. If she was to get a disease, he could use it to get rid of it. If she was partly injured or a torn limb as such, he could get them to grow back somehow.

But there was one thing his ability couldn't do. It couldn't bring back the dead. It wasn't long after her death that he started to realize there was nothing left in this world. He had a son, but they were never close and for some reason he never felt too attached to him like he did Katie.

He had tried to get in contact with the equipment he had at the tenths castle, but it was no longer responding. Most likely this meant that the vampires had chosen to leave earth for whatever reason.

With no idea of where they went he couldn't even return. So he had made a decision.

Going into work on the last day, he had made a copy of the A.I system, he and his colleague had worked so hard on adapting. He had it on a small stick and took it back to his house.

Now in front of him on the table was the stick with the Game's A.I system, and the book with his vampire powers. He had grown old enough and with his only love gone, he was happy to finally pass on.

After fusing these two things together, he would have created a perfect game like tutorial for the vampire ahead. With a drip of the tenth's family blood, it would activate and turn them, however, there were a few instructions altered here and there in the A.I

Then, he could finally rest and join Katie up above.

In the room, there were a number of things prepared. Vincent had left a note, and the will had already been passed on to his lawyer, about what to do with the belongings and such. The small fortune he had built up from his inventions would all be given to his son and family to be looked after.

As for why the room was filled with clutter and random junk, it was because of his ability. He wasn't sure what the exchange would be when fusing the A.I and book together, but he couldn't imagine it being that great.

Placing his hand on one object, and then another on his body and he activated his ability and he had told it its wish. But what he never expected was for his ability to ask him to give up his human body, in return for its task.

This was a big price to pay, and he was confused by it. When getting rid of his powers, the system felt like him turning into a human was a big price anyway, even though that was what he had wanted, but just to fuse these two things together.

However, it was more about the complexity of what he was asking. And the A.I system completed by his colleague was more complex than they had thought.

'Does it even matter, giving my life up this way, or another? I had already decided.' And with that, Vicent's body started to disintegrate but his soul was used as the fusing agent between his powers and the A.I system. Ultimately, creating the book.

Vincent didn't know what happened past that point because his mind was unconscious, but he was sure the book continued to be passed down until it eventually went to Quinn.

Both Katie and Vincent had told their son the truth, and it had relayed it in the note as well. It was a family secret that was to be passed down. The only thing Quinn could guess after hearing this story is his parents had died far too young for him to understand anything. Before they could tell him what had happened.

After Vincent was placed in the book, Quinn was placed in a black room. He still wasn't conscious and he was left alone with his thoughts. Now he knew how the book had come and most likely came into his hand, but there were still things he didn't understand.

"It looked as if Vincent really didn't have anything to do with the Dalki after all. It all happened after he passed away." Quinn thought. "But what about my housing situation, who was looking after me back then? Was it set up by his parents in case this had happened? Also, the information he had learned about a dhampir. It was as if it was a legendary creature. No wonder he told me not to tell Erin."

On top of all this, there was an even bigger thought stuck in his mind. The man that had helped create the system, the one that showed him the game. He looked oddly familiar, and he couldn't put his finger on where he had seen a familiar face before.

And then the light bulb moment had hit him.

"But that's impossible… They couldn't be him, could it?"

For the man, he saw helping out Vincent in the game, looked similar to a man that was shown in the Boneclaw's memory as well.


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