My Vampire System
506 Blood hands
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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506 Blood hands

This feeling that Katie was having as she was being walked through the city, it was something she had not felt in a while. The feelings she had when she had first come to this strange place were being resurfaced. It was fear. The very hairs on her whole body were shaking.

Being taken away by a complete stranger, and a vampire stranger at that, many questions were rising in her head. What was he planning to do, why her and not anyone else? Thinking about these things something else popped into her mind, for the first time ever, she was asking for someone. Where was Vincent?

She couldn't believe it, but right now she felt safe with Vincent, but it wasn't the same for the person in front of her.

Finally, they had arrived at the castle, which one she had no clue of, but it was one of the fourteen castles that stood tall around the place. What she did notice was whoever she was with seemed to have some authority.

When they entered the castle, just like with Vincent, everyone had greeted the two vampires that were with them. There was a time that she thought perhaps Vincent was the king which was why everyone was so willing to follow him, but now seeing this, it made her realize that the vampire world's system was a lot more complicated than they originally thought.

"You will be staying here." The younger man said out of the two. The first of the two had short spiky black hair and had some type of a fur coat on his back, as for the other. He was an older gentleman. He didn't dress as flashy, but still just as arrogant.

They were on the ground floor of the castle and had headed towards the back. Here she had been brought to a room, but she didn't get a good feeling. While the rest of the castle was filled with lights and workers, this was different.

Still,Katie didn't say anything, she had learned from Vincent that other vampires weren't as calm as him, and she had seen it in the cells. Once in a while, someone would say something to them, and the vampires would snap.

According to Vincent, it was because they were a divide in the way the vampires thought. Whether or not, vampires were superior beings to humans or were there to protect them. The second belief came from the fact that they relied on the human blood to live. It would be strange to see yourself above a beast you relied upon some thought.

So why did they have more power than them, why had the world set it up like so, and eventually a certain set of vampires believed that they were meant to be protectors.

The doors were pushed wide open, and the room was dark, too dark for Katie to be able to see inside, but what had hit her immediately was the smell. It was so rancid and sour that she couldn't help but start to gag.

"Stop your complaining and get in." The younger vampire said as he kicked her backside and she fell to the floor. When she did, Katie felt her hands fall into something. Something… wet. The smell was now even worse since she was in the room.

"I'll be back, I just need to freshen up a bit." The young vampire said as he closed the doors. When he did, an automatic light switch was turned on, and she could finally see inside of the room.

Lifting the palm of her hands towards her face, she could now see what the wet feeling was… it was blood. Looking up in the room, she could see two dead bodies inside that had been tossed into the corner, and blood was filled all over the walls.

"No… No…" Katie shouted. As a detective, she had seen her fair share of crime scenes, and some people wouldn't believe the things she had seen, but this was different. She was in a situation where she was trapped with the killer, and it could be her turn to die next.

It took her a while to get used to everything, and she had even thrown up a bit. However, right now she needed to get her mind straight. Looking at the two bodies, one of them looked to have been dead for a while. As for the other, it seemed more recent.

Perhaps, as soon as the second person had died, the vampire went to select another person. It was hard for her to think properly, but she knew she would have to put her mind to use. Why did this vampire pick these people? Even serial killers had a reason, an obsession, and if she found out why, she might be able to use that to her advantage.

Tearing off a piece of her clothing she covered her mouth and nose, making the smell a little more bearable for her. Looking at the bodies, she hoped to find something.

'Both female, quite young-looking.' Katie thought. 'Marks by the wrist and as for clothing… there aren't very much on them.'

After a few more seconds of inspection, she realized she had seen scenes of something like this before, and she just hoped her thoughts weren't true as to why she was here.

Meanwhile, Vincent this time was heading to the prison himself. He had been doing so for a while now. He knew Jim was quite clingy at first, but it would lessen over time and it did indeed. Jim instead was now more focused on spreading Vicent's great name to the people.

Helping them and delivering great items he had created in the name of the tenth. When he had finally arrived, the guards let him through as normal. The vampires knew what type of research he was doing, so he was one of the few vampires that were allowed access to see the humans as he wished.

However, when approaching and looking in the usual cell, the woman he would usually pick couldn't be seen.

"Guards, there are fewer people in this cell compared to the last time I visited," Vincent said.

The two guards were stationed down the hall. They both looked at each other just before walking toward Vincent to have a look.

"Ah yes, one of them seemed to have fallen gravely ill sir, and they had passed away. It was unfortunate, but there are still plenty and you make take one as you usually do. Tenth leader." The guard replied, the whole time while speaking with his head on the floor.

Usually, this would be interrupted as a sign of respect for the leader, but the guard had done this on purpose because he felt like he was unable to look the tenth leader in the eye.

Inside the cell, though, Gavin had heard every word. As soon as Katie was taken, he was worried. He knew those vampires had taken two people before and they had never come back. As for this man. He took Katie every day and always returned her safely.

Katie had even spoken quite well of him. He didn't know whether or not he could trust this man, but at the same time what choice did he have? He was stuck in the cell and there would be nothing he could do.

"They are lying!" Gavin shouted. "Two vampires had come earlier and taken her away, they took Katie."

The only thing Gavin could hope for now, was the vampire acutely somehow cared about Katie. It was a long shot. The other humans who were in the cell had stepped away from Gavin, expecting the guards to come in and punish him, but nothing had happened.

The reason for that was because they hadn't moved from their spot that was in front of Vincent, the tenth leader. They could feel a strange energy off their body, if they did move, it would have meant death.

"Did you two just lie to me?" Vincent asked. "Tell me who was it"

But the two guards had remained silent. "Tell me now who was it!" He shouted again, this time in a more fierce voice. Still, the guards did not reply and remained silent, which could only mean one thing.

The vampire that had decided to take them was at least another vampire leader like himself. There was a strange feeling inside of Vincent. Why was he angry? If so, why would he be angry over a simple human?

It didn't quite make any sense, and to the guards, it didn't either. Sure, they had lied to him, but it was expected that some leaders would come and select humans from time to time. It was always better to consume blood directly from its source.

Trying to focus his mind, Vicent decided to cool down.

"Bring the man to me, I shall be taking him," Vincent said, pointing at Gavin.

At this point, Gavin was heart stricken. Previously he had thought that, just maybe, for even a brief second that the vampire in front of him had actually cared. Otherwise, why would have he gotten so angry? But it seemed to be nothing after all.

The guards took Gavin out of his cell and Vincent went off with him as usual. When the two finally had left the prison. He felt like he could speak freely.

"Now tell me, describe to me what these two vampires that took Katie looked like," Vincent asked.

And then a smile appeared on Gavin's face. The vampire had used her name… The two were close, after all.


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