My Vampire System
504 I“ll take her
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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504 I“ll take her

Not a single human soul was awake in the nightclub, and just like with the eight men from the first night, each one of them was rounded up. But not only that, any signs of what the night club once was, were being completely demolished.

The whole site was something Quinn couldn't believe. He wanted to shout out, stop them, ask them what they were doing, what they had planned to do with all the people in that room. But all he was in this story, was a bystander. Soon he came to the realization that everything that was happening, had already happened.

Watching everything was Vincent and Edward. "So are you ready to head back again for the rest of the year?" Edward said. "Jim will be happy you're back, you know he asks about you every day."

At that moment, he could see the girl he was talking to seconds ago, being dragged on the floor away like the rest of them.

"Make sure everything is sorted, we can't have anyone finding out," Vincent said as he walked off.

Everything had been done in a matter of hours, and the vampires were quick to work. Eventually, the group of them including Edward had all returned, and were once again in the dark room. With them, several large vehicles that had a cage filled with the people inside. Powering them for the movement was the blue crystals.

All that was left to do was turn on the teleporter, and it was time for them to head back to the vampire settlement. When the last person walked through, a strange device was thrown on the ground. A countdown was shown and a few seconds later, it had exploded, destroying any evidence of the advanced technology that had yet to be introduced into the human world.

Following Vincent's movements, Quinn noticed that the place they were in wasn't exactly the same as the settlement they knew today. It looked slightly different and there was only one moon in the sky. Which would suggest the portal they used was still on earth.

The people including Edward were busy escorting the group of people somewhere, and Vincent himself was to report to the king of his duties. During the report, Quinn had found out what those people were to be used for and what Vincent's job was.

It seemed like Vincent's job every year was to find humans that would be used as a blood source for everyone. There was a date that was always set and a quota he had to hit. How many years he had been doing it for Quinn had no idea. All he knew was the way he was acting, he had become numb to doing such a task, or he never cared for the humans in the first place.

Still, Quinn felt like the Vincent he knew now and the A.I. that would usually talk to, they seemed like two entirely different people. Something had to have changed.

As for the current king that was there, it didn't look like the one that Quinn had seen. It was making it hard for him to place when exactly everything had happened. All he knew is it wasn't the first king, neither was it the current one.

When Vincent returned to his castle, there was someone waiting there, waiting for him. It was a man with short brown hair and his lips would stick out a little further than usual. This man's name was Jim.

"Sir, did you have a nice trip. I bet you have many stories to tell me this time." Jim said.

"I'm a little tired," Vincent replied. "Do you have any news about the tenth settlement?"

"Of course sir, I understand. I have prepared your bed for you already." Jim said. "And as for the people ever since you gifted them those power crates to help move their belongings, the people have been even happier. I also set up your research lab just the way you like it in case there is anything you want." Jim replied.

"Thank you, please continue to look after the people, after my rest, I will be going to the lab," Vincent replied.

Jim was a strange man. He was Vincent's other vampire knight and while Edward would often be with Vincent. Jim was left in charge of the castle to look after the people. However, Jim had a strange fascination with Vincent that Edward just never understood quite well.

Because Jim, although he didn't look it, was even older than Vincent. In a way, they were related and Jim was Vicent's great uncle. But their relationship never seemed to be like so. If one was to take a look, they would think it was the other way round.

Jim always was respectful to Vincent and admired him. Vincent never told Edward why their relationship was like this. So the whole thing was a mystery.

Vincent certainly did rest when he returned, but it wasn't for long, and soon after he would go straight to his research lab. Quinn seeing this place, knew it was exactly the same as the lab that Logan was using. Only at the moment, it was more full. With materials and liquids lying around all over the place.

He got straight to work and was silent. The whole thing Quinn didn't really understand, but he could tell Vincent was incredibly focused. He would often while working taste the strange liquid he was trying to create, which was red in colour, but each time he would shake his head in disappointment.

If he needed a break, he would start to work on other things, like strange weapons.

What interested Quinn most though, was from time to time he would look at his notes. When this happened, Quinn had gotten a chance to read them.

Trying to see what he was working on, and after a lot of back and forth and flipping through pages, Quinn finally understood a little of what Vincent was trying to do.

He was trying to make a replacement of blood for the vampires. So they no longer needed to rely on humans anymore.

Things were starting to make sense. Arthur had explained some of the laws that were agreed upon between the punishers and the council when he had left. Of course, he knew that they needed blood to survive, or at least not to turn into crazed, hungry blood suckers.

So there was no rule saying they couldn't exactly get blood from humans. However, there was a rule about breeding humans. Using them as some type of cattle. A life like that, Arthur just felt was too cruel.

They had no choice but to go to the human world every so often and pick the unfortunate to be used as a blood source. What Quinn was wondering, though, was if Vincent was doing this out of his own choice, or was it something that the king had ordered him to do.

Eventually, it looked like Vincent had run out of the source material of the red liquid he was trying to make. When he went to leave the room, he could see Jim standing by the door.

"Jim, didn't I tell you to look after the people. What are you doing here?" Vincent asked.

"Well, now that Edward is back sir, he is dealing with those normal duties. This gives me time to help you with your work if you so wish. I'm not a fool, you know, I could greatly help!" As he spoke towards the end, Jim sounded as if he was getting more excited.

"You know I can't do that, Jim please…" Vincent said, and Jim quickly realized his place and calmed back down.

"I assume that you are looking for something. They should be awake by now." Jim said. "Would you like me to go fetch one?"

Jim knew Vincent's routine in and out, he had been working on the same thing for years after all, and their conversation never seemed to differ. So he thought, just like today, he would go get what Vincent needed and return. Hoping one day he would change his mind when asking to help him with his research.

But today was different, as for the first time, Vincent had replied differently.

"Actually, I would like to go get one myself. Only a fool does the same thing again and again and expects the same result." Vincent replied. "Maybe there is something else that I'm missing."

With this said, the two of them traveled to their decided location. Finally, they had arrived, and the two of them were now at the ninth castle. Around the back of the castle was a large square-shaped building.

The ninth family was in charge of all the prisoners, and this was their prison. Upon entering the prison. The two of them continued to walk. Strange creatures could be seen as they walked through the halls and a few vampires here and there, but eventually, they had reached their destination.

They were looking at the cells full of humans. Most of them inside looked like they were shaking, shivering at what they had seen and wondering what had become of them.

"Hey, you! You tricked us! Get us out of here!" A voice shouted.

Usually, the humans would have learned their place by now and had broken down into silence. Too afraid of what might happen to them if they acted out. From time to time they may have been screams and noises but not clear speech. so Vicent was quite surprised to hear this. As he moved over to a different cell, he could see her. The same girl from the nightclub that one time.

"If I get out of here, I swear the first person I'm going to kill is you!" She shouted.

Vincent smiled back at her and said…

"I'll take this one."


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