My Vampire System
503 Same in and ou
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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503 Same in and ou

The eight men who had been caught and tied up at the back, were the same men that had caused the commotion in the club. Seeing this, Quinn was just wondering what Vincent was planning to do with them.

More than once now he had heard multiple people refer to people in the tenth as crazy and perhaps Vincent was also one of these crazy people. Just what was he planning to do with them, Quinn wondered.

However, Quinn didn't get to find out the answer to that. The reason being, whatever they had planned to do, the task was left to Edward and the others as Quinn followed to live on in Vincent's memory.

It was strange for Quinn, he thought that maybe once he had seen the scene he needed to see, he would be transported to the next one. Same as what had happened with the bone claw. Linking all together why he was being shown these things. Instead, Quinn was forced to continue watching Vincent's every move.

He saw him leave the nightclub and head back home. Clean his apartment before waiting for the sun to rise and falling asleep. If anything, it was boring. This didn't happen just once, but it was as if Quinn was stuck in a simulation.

Every day he would follow Vincent's life, of going to the nightclub at night, working. Incidents like what happened on the first night would happen every night, but it was rare for him to get involved. Because Vicent wouldn't directly get involved, Quinn didn't really see if anything strange would happen with them like he did the first night.

As the days continued, Quinn realized that this was more than just seeing Vincent's memory. He was living them and suddenly; he was starting to feel very lonely. Each day in and out doing the same thing. Not a change in routine, and even the small differences that would happen throughout the day felt the same.

Quinn was wondering if he could live like this and if his life at the castle would have been any different if he did.

While Quinn was living his life as Vincent, the lives of others would continue on as well, and this was true for one in particular. For a girl with long black hair was sitting at her desk, with a mountain of paperwork in front of her.

"Arghhh! What the hell is wrong. Do they really have to know every little detail of what happened?" She said screaming as she was going to pull her hair out.

Just then, the man who had come to the club with her that day came towards her desk and threw several pieces of paper. Katie lifting her head had a look at them and each one had a picture on the top right-hand corner.

"These are the people from the club, Gavin?" Katie asked.

"Yeah, it's a little strange. Their family doesn't seem to be concerned they're missing. Not one of them, but their workplace was the one that filed the missing report. Apparently, one of the guys who works with them was concerned and went to check up on him, but when he went to his apartment, there were no signs of him ever returning there." Gavin explained.

"So the last place they were seen was at that nightclub?" Katie asked with a dissatisfied look, as she remembered the events that occurred there last time.

"Alright, let's check it out tonight then."

Katie stood up from her seat, and around her waist, a certain badge could be seen with the words detective written on them.

That night, Quinn was going through Vincent's usual routine now, and he felt so strange he was wondering when it was going to end. It wasn't as if time passed faster while in Vincent's body. Every minute felt real to him. It was making him understand why some vampires eventually chose to go into eternal sleep. For how many years had he been doing the same routine.

The other thought that had crossed his mind was the fact that leaders were meant to stay at the castle. It was clear Vincent hadn't left the vampire settlement yet at this point and time, for several vampires including Edward were still by his side.

Had they given him a mission? If so, what one was it, but it looked as if Quinn would soon find out, for something had changed in the everyday routine.

"Vincent, today the quota needs to be met, we have prepared everything as usual," Edward said.

That night, the nightclub opened as usual, but this time. Rather than staying in his private room watching from above. Vincent had chosen to be on his own at the bar. Drinking a strong, clean whisky. Whenever it was a night like this one, he would do the same.

A vampire's taste was strange. They weren't able to taste many things, so they couldn't really appreciate what humans had. Oftentimes he would see people gather just to enjoy a meal, but he would never experience the joy of something like that. But Vincent and other vampires could appreciate the taste of good alcohol.

"Well, I wonder what the big-shot owner is doing here in front of all of the normal folk like us." A female voice said.

Usually, Vincent wouldn't remember the voice of every person he had met, but for some reason, he had remembered this one, and when he turned around, he did indeed see the girl he helped from that night. This time she was wearing a stunning red dress that showed off her curves well.

At the same time, he had spotted the man that was with her that night going through the crowd. Going to strangers one by one. As he closed his eyes, he could focus on their conversation.

"Hey, I'm looking for my friend, his name's Greg, he was meant to be here, he looks like this?" Gavin asked as he pulled out a photo.

It was a strange interaction to have, and he wasn't exactly being careful about who he asked. Of course, although Vincent was sitting in his seat far away, he could see and hear everything.

'They are looking into the missing people? Are they both police?' Vincent thought, but that wouldn't matter too much on a day like today.

"Is it wrong for me to be here?" Vincent said as he took another drink. Most people would sip a whisky, but he was drinking it clean without flinching, as if it had no effect or taste at all.

When Katie saw the man, she thought, who better to ask than the owner. If their questioning couldn't get them anywhere, then they could always ask to see the club's tapes. See if they saw anything that day.

She decided to sit down next to him, but his aura was intimidating. It was something she had never really felt before. Often more times than not she wouldn't be shy, but he had this look on his face that made it hard for her to be the first to approach.

"Why do you do? What you do?" Vincent asked.

"Huh, what do you mean?" She replied.

"Don't you think life is quite boring? We follow what others say, The whole of society follows a system, we get assigned jobs and roles but for what. In the end, what is the point of it all? To rise to the top and get in a position of power. But that only gives us all more responsibility. It doesn't give us freedom, so what exactly is freedom?" Vincent spoke.

This was something Katie wasn't expecting. She never thought a man would be rambling on such thoughts in his head.

"I don't really understand what you're saying, but I'm kind of a go-with-the-flow type of person you see." She replied. "I do what I want if it feels right. I had a load of bad stuff happen to me in the past, I'm sure we all have, but someone said something to me that changed me a little."

"The biggest influence on your life is you. It's not anyone else, it's not your job or the people you follow, but you. If you are bored, then change it. If you don't like your job, then do something else." Katie said with a sweet smile.

Vincent turned his head and looked at her. The whole time he was speaking and listening he was looking towards the crowd of people as if he was trying to find an answer. When he looked at her, that was when she realized how beautiful this man really was, but not only that… how lonely his eyes were.

"As expected, an idiotic answer from someone who doesn't understand the weight nor has no such responsibility," Vincent said.

Katie wanted to snap back, this man was a complete stranger and she was only trying to cheer him up, and in return, she had been called an idiot, but suddenly the man stood up.

"There are some things you can't control in your life," Vincent said. "And this is one of them."

At that moment, a hissing sound was heard, and following after, gas was starting to enter the room. The club was being filled with it. Some people started to scream while others were collapsing onto the floor.

They banged against the doors, but it was useless as the whole place was locked, and their voices weren't heard over the incredibly loud music being played.

Soon, even Katie's vision started to blur, but she could see the man who was standing beside her was unaffected by the whole thing, and finally, she had passed out, along with every human in the club.


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