My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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The bolt had already left Edwards Crossbow, and most in the room had been paralysed by the intense scream. For once, it seemed like the vampire's sensitive ears were working against them. But Even though Vorden and Logan were close, they had been stunned by the scream as well.

Although not hurting them as much, it was still causing pain, and a slight dribble of blood could be seen from their ears. The bolt came out fast, and when they saw it, it wasn't a regular crossbow. Powered by the crystals, it came out at a speed that was meant to be used against vampires.

Gritting his teeth and bearing through the pain, Quinn leapt forward hoping to stop the bolt. He had already hurt Cia more than once in this whole trip, and finally, she had come up with a solution that was quite fair, he didn't want her to die here.

Not just that, but a feeling inside him was urging him to try and protect her.

Flash stepping forward he moved closer but fell to his knees from the screams. His eardrums had popped, and the pain was great. At that moment, the bolt had hit her, and the screaming had stopped.

"Cia….Cia….Cia…!" Layla was screaming, but the sound to Quinn was muffled as if they were being shouted through walls. His eardrums were already being repaired, but it was hard for him to make out some things. When he turned his head around to the side, he could see Layla and Erin over her, Cia collapsed on the floor.

"That screaming finally stopped, what the hell was that!" Peter said.

"Why, Edward, did you really need to do that?" Quinn asked.

"It was best for all of us," Edward said. "If she had continued like that, we would all be on the floor hurling in pain for hours, and even she would have possibly damaged herself from the screaming."

That's when Quinn had done a rain check on Edwards words. Damaged herself, but hadn't Edward just killed her. Going over to Cia's body, he could now see that the bolt had landed in her stomach, the wound was bleeding, and although Cia was passed out, she wasn't dead.

"Just give her some of your blood, and she will be okay," Edward said

Pulling out the arrow and giving some of his blood, she certainly healed but Cia still seemed to be fast asleep, drained from the evolution.

"What happened to her, it wasn't the same as my own evolution?" Erin asked. "Did something go wrong to cause her to scream like that?"

Before Edward had answered, Quinn had used his inspect skill to get his own answer.


[Banshees are known as the Harbingers of death. When one of them comes into this world, including themselves, they let out an almighty scream to announce it, but this is not the only time they will do so. The reason for their name is because they are able to tell when one of their family members has died. They too announce this with a scream or a cry.

Banshees often are able to predict death in their family, and see a distorted future. The method this comes to them is different for each one. For some, it can be whispers, some visions and other ways. Just because a banshee has seen such a sign doesn't mean it will happen, as the future can always be changed. It is just one of the possibilities they are seeing]

"A Banshee." Edward said. "Most families have one as they are quite good at predicting the death in their own families. It helps them make certain decisions sometimes. Though due to her scream I'm sure the others will know that another has come into this world by now."

The two girls decided to take Cia out and rest with her in another room until she was okay. After that, Layla and the two girls would try to figure out the new bodies they had been given. Seeing what differences they had. Quinn had offered to help and guide them with the system's knowledge, but Layla insisted it was not needed.

She was sure he would be busy with other things, and Layla had learnt a lot about the different vampire types while in school. On top of this, there was a library even in the castle that they could use. She didn't want to get in the way.

After that was done, all the boys decided to sit back at the table. The three that had entered couldn't help but notice Leo's change, they knew something had happened but decided not to say anything.

"So have you decided what to do yet, or come up with a plan?" Quinn asked.

"Not yet," Logan replied. "Me and Vorden are pretty sure we want to keep our powers, Quinn. For both of us, it's not really an option for us to lose. So what we are stuck on, is either to pretend that we have been turned into vampires and stay here, or lose our memories and head back."

The news, saddened Quinn a bit. Because he didn't want them to lose their abilities, at the same time though, he couldn't imagine not being with them.

"Don't look so down, Quinn." Vorden said. "We still have some time until school starts again, so we don't have to make an immediate decision. You're the leader of this place right, so as long as we don't leave this planet before we decide one of those things, then there won't be any trouble, right?"

They turned to Edward for confirmation, and he seemed to agree.

"There is something we wanted to bring up with you though Quinn," Logan said, as he turned to Vorden. At that moment, Vorden reached down from below and placed something on the table. For a second Edward looked at the thing on the table confused, but as for Quinn, he knew what it was.

"Brother is always so gentle with me, but he has to remember I still have a strong body!!" Borden said.

He was the same size as a puppy but looked just like another human, moving well. Borden had finally woken up. He was wearing clothing that had been specially made by Logan. So he still looked the part.

"Is he permanently like this then?" Quinn asked.

"For now. I've done a few tests with some of the things here and doesn't seem like he will get any worse, or better for that matter, but this does seem to be permanent if nothing is done." Logan replied.

"Thank you for helping us in the fight Borden," Quinn said. "You really helped us save both of them and the lives of all the others."

Borden started to blush as he was being praised and was rubbing the back of his head. "My brother's friends are friends of mine. I was glad I could help."

When Borden turned around, though, he could sense that a certain set of eyes were being darted into his back, and those were the eyes of Leo. The others couldn't see it, but Leo could sense it. The little puppy sized figure on the table had the aura of the Dalki.

"Leo, it's hard to explain, but it's on our side," Quinn said.

"I know," Leo replied, with his arms still folded. "If I didn't, it would have been sliced to pieces by now."

"What did he say!" Borden shouted angrily, but it was hard to take such a small figure seriously. But in its anger, it had stomped on the table, and a loud bang was heard. Like a gunshot had gone off. The table had cracked, and it wasn't just a regular table, but one crafted from the black material.

"Oh, I forgot to mention. Borden still seems to have his monstrous strength as well." Said Logan. "Quinn, the reason I brought him out though is because I wanted to ask you something. I think we need to head back to that lab where this all started….

"Before you go crazy on me, there are a few reasons. I'm pretty sure I was the one created by Borden by accident. I have already gone through this with the two of them, so don't worry. With the green liquid from that robot, we were trying to make something that would also power Vorden.

"If the red pills worked, then I thought I would be able to create something that would help out in this fight. Using the tenths machinery, I gave it a lot of information regarding Vorden, and I found out that all of this information was being sent out to a different place. My guess, from what Borden has told us, and from my research, it's the same place. Or at least in the same area. I don't have all the answers, but if we want to save Borden and return him back to what he once was, or at least find out what is going on, I think we will find our answers there." Logan explained.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about, but it seems to be an important matter," Edward said. "The only problem is, the others will be looking at you closely at the moment Quinn. I think it's best if you stay in the castle for now."

Quinn wasn't just going to ignore Edward's advice, the problem was, Quinn thought it was important to find out what was happening at that lab. The system said he had no clue, but clearly, he was involved, or maybe not him but someone released to the tenth family.

And the lab wasn't exactly the safest of places/

"You stay here Quinn," Leo said. "I will go with the two boys to the lab. Make sure they are safe. You can trust me."


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