My Vampire System
497 The first Vampire knigh
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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497 The first Vampire knigh

A vampire knight, an evolution that was not available to Quinn, for he only had the option to go evolve into a vampire lord. The reason for this was because a vampire knights position was something that could only be given by a vampire leader in the first place.

The way the system explained it, rather than an evolution it was seen more as a title. However, a powerful title that still did physically change the vampire's structure. It was a title that could only be given to vampire nobles, and it was best to give it to a strong one. For the family members would see them as just below a vampire leader.

Looking at Leo, Quinn honestly couldn't think of a better vampire to make his knight. He was stronger than all of them before he had even become a vampire, and he couldn't imagine what his strength was now. The one thing that did surprise Quinn, was Leo was a vampire noble already.

Something that took Quinn months, Leo had managed to obtain in a short amount of time.

"That's because Leo was already at the peak of a vampire when you turned him." The system explained. "But a vampire is not able to be above its creator. If I was to take a guess, he had evolved as soon as you did."

This was why Quinn, even though he wasn't a vampire Lord, he was technically a vampire leader so he could apply the position onto Leo.

"I feel like you have something to tell me." Leo said, even if he couldn't see Quinn looking at him. He could sense he was thinking about something. People's auras reacted to their thoughts and feelings. The aura was even more honest than a face.

Quinn decided to explain to Leo what he wanted to do. How he wanted to make Leo his knight and what that meant in the grand scheme of things.

"Of course, I will," Leo replied quite quickly. For him there weren't many downsides. He would turn into a stronger evolution then he was currently. On top of that, he would have the privilege to leave the settlement as long as Quinn ordered him to.

He was a vampire already, so it wasn't like saying no was actually going to change anything.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked. "A vampire knight's duties, although you can send them off on a task, if you do so. Then you will be in charge of everything that happens to the tenth family. Usually their knights deal with most of the work."

"Edward, in all honesty, I wanted to ask you to become my knight as well," Quinn said. "You helped me out greatly, and you are loyal. If you could continue your duties and act as knight, show me the ropes of how things go around here. That would really help me."

Of course just like with Leo. Edward didn't hesitate to accept.

"It would be an honour."

[Temporary knight: Edward]

The system notification appeared again, and now Edward's status had changed from former tenth knight, to temporary tenth knight. Looking at Quinn's quest, it had not increased. It looked like the system wanted him to create his own family directly after all.

'Maybe once I complete the quest, and the system accepts me as a leader. It will classify as all the people at the tenth as under me, but for now. The old Eno family and the Cursed family seem to be treated as two different things.' Quinn thought.

And he was starting to think about something else as well. The flame, the castle, was it really reacting to him?

Ignoring this for now, Quinn started the knighting process. It was a little different from the turning process where a human needed to consume Quinn's blood. Although Leo had turned differently, that was the standard way to do a ritual.

For the vampire knight part, Leo was to take off his shirt, and Quinn was to draw something on his back.

"Oh, you already know how to do this it looks like." Edward commented.

Of course, Quinn didn't, he was just following the systems command. Using his own blood Quinn drew a circle on Leo's back, after he connected lines towards the centre in a particular pattern, when the system said he was done. He was to place his hand on Leo's back.

[The knighting ritual has been activated]

[Would you like to turn this person into a vampire knight?]

[Yes] [No]

After selecting yes, a strange energy was felt rushing through Quinn's hand and was being transferred into Leo's body. It was similar to before but different, and this time, Leo didn't try to fight back the changes and allowed it to alter his body like so.

The circle on the back started to light up, and all of the points and the edge of the circle that was drawn with blood, started to shift and move towards Quinn's hand. Eventually, it went underneath. A few moments later, and the strange energy was no longer felt between the two. When Quinn moved his hand, the circle he had drawn and all the blood that had gone towards his hand had disappeared. As if it was never there in the first place.

[Congratulations, you have made your first vampire knight!]


[New skill acquired]


[Call: a skill that can only be used with your vampire knights. This skill allows you to call a knight by your side no matter where they are. It will forcefully bring them to your location. Can only be used once a day.]

With the successful notification screen, a few more things had come up that Quinn wasn't expecting and the first of them, was a new skill. Call sounded a lot like what Arthur was able to do. How the punishers were able to go to each other using their shadows.

But in this case, Quinn could only call over the knight to his side. It would definitely be handy in tough situations, and it didn't seem like it could be used the other way round. If Leo was in trouble, he was not able to call Quinn.

"Is this something all the leaders have?" Quinn asked.

"No." The system replied. "I believe this is a skill given to you by the system itself. A skill like this would have been able to save many vampire leaders in the past."

[Passive skill: Vampire knights buff]

[When a vampire knight is fighting alongside its leader, all stats and skills will be increased by 10 Percent]

[knight's command]

[A vampire knight is able to form a squad of ten vampires under himself. For those under the knight's command, all skills and stats will be increased by ten percent]

The notifications didn't stop there, and there seemed to be some advantages that Leo would be able to make use of, not just Quinn.

When Leo had finally turned around, Quinn was shocked to see who he was looking at. The evolution didn't just change his powers, but his looks as well. When Quinn first met him, he looked like an old man, later he looked slightly younger, and now he looked like a middle-aged man again.

"Quinn, I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. I feel like I am in my prime once again." Leo said, but as he clenched his fist, he shook his head. "No, I am even better than I once was."

Erin had been standing by the side and had seen all the changes Leo had gone through as it was happening. When they were training on the planet with both Arthur and Leo, she could see the extra strength that they had.

She wanted it too, right now she could only see the plus sides and none of the negatives, she would be able to learn an ability again, and her body would be improved as such. Finally, when she was strong enough, she would shove her sword right up Truedream's backside for putting her through all of this.

Erin didn't need to think about the three options, she had already decided. As Erin was about to step forward and talk to Quinn. The doors to the dining area opened again and stepping in was both Cia, and Layla.

"Leo, do you look, different?" Layla said.

"Oh, do you mind getting me a mirror, maybe I can take a look?" He replied.

For a second Layla was about to go look for one, before quickly realising, he had made another joke at his own expense.

"Quinn, we've been thinking a lot. Or I've been thinking a lot about it." Cia said. "Remember what we talked about before? Well out of the options we have. I don't want to lose my memories again. I can't even think about doing that, forgetting everything that happened, forgetting all of you. I still want you to keep your end of the deal, about trying to find a way to get my memories back, but if you can, I want you to turn me into a vampire."

At that moment, Erin decided to put her foot down as well.

"Quinn, you promised me before as well remember. If I asked you, you said you would do it, and I want you to turn me as well."

This situation, Quinn never imagined. When he had first turned Peter, it was because he had to, and Leo was an accident. But all three of the girls in the room had asked to be changed.

"Are you sure?" Quinn replied. "Logan said he might have a way for us to get out of this, without having to turn you."

"Quinn, I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for myself." Erin replied. And when he turned to look at Cia, she nodded.

"Okay." Quinn replied.

The two girls walked to the front, with Layla standing in the middle and it was time for Quinn to turn both of them. The question was, what would they become?


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