My Vampire System
485 The first vampires
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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485 The first vampires

Although Fex had asked a question towards Arthur, he was continuously glancing towards Quinn as he walked behind him. The reason for this? It was because both he and Silver couldn't believe what they had just heard on the field.

During the tour, the two of them were walking towards the back, discussing amongst themselves. The others continued to look at the strange objects placed around while the two of them would have their own discussion.

"I guess this just delays the inevitable then," Fex said in a depressed monotone voice, but he wouldn't let it keep him down as his sad face had soon turned into a smile.

After all, he was with his friends right now, and just moments ago he thought he would never see them again. Being sad at a time like this would just offend all of their hard work.

"Don't lose hope brother, we have come this far, and maybe there is some truth towards what Quinn says." Silver replied.

"You really believe he's the tenth leader? It makes no sense. He was a vampire that was on the human world, and when I met him he was nothing but a regular vampire. How, and why would he be the leader? It would be more understandable if what he said out on the field was just to buy time. But I've decided... I should just accept my punishment.

"So far I have been lucky, you, father, and everyone else here who came to get me hasn't been hurt yet. But there has already been blood spilt because of me, and it could get worse if this continues.."

The group continued to walk onward, while Arthur was bringing them along to the main lounge room. Before he told his story, he wanted everyone to sit down and relax.

While walking, Silver continuously looked at Quinn as well, and then towards Layla, Peter and Leo.

She knew that Leo was a human before, and now the sudden change to a vampire. How and when and who could have possibly turned him? These thoughts were going through her head as she thought about this.

'Did he create all three of them, but how would he have the power to do something like that?' And then a major thought had come to her head. 'What if everything Quinn had said out on the field was actually true?'

After All there was one thing that they did know, that the tenth leader had left his castle to go somewhere else. No one knew where but what if he had remained on earth at the time when the vampire settlement had moved.

Only time would tell, but she too was also interested in finding out what had happened to the punishers. Perhaps it would explain why someone had gone so far to try to extract extra information from her brother.

They had entered a quite large room, with a bookshelf on either side and a large glass-paned window at the back. There was a desk that faced the opposite way, looking at the door, and in front of it were two sofas and a desk.

Everyone sat down on the two sofas, while Arthur went looking around for something. He pulled a certain book and a secret compartment had been opened. The others were intrigued to see what it would be, but then were a little disappointed when it just looked like some form of drink.

He poured the drink into his own glass and sat down at his table, before taking a sip. "This helps me bring back memories, it still tastes the same as it did back then. Back when this all started." Arthur said.

"Since there are a lot of you here that are human, or just turned vampires, it would make sense for me to start from the beginning, and then maybe you will understand how things came to be. A quick question for the two, I guess I should say the regular vampires here, do you know what the vampire code is?" Arthur asked.

"The vampire code, a set of rules that were established by the firsts a long time ago." Silver replied.

"Correct." Said, Arthur. "Although I am quite old, I'm not that old, so take what I say with a grain of salt. In the past, there weren't many vampires. To be exact, there were thirteen first vampires in total. Sound familiar?"

"These were the ones who created the code, as for why, the reason is unknown. Perhaps the first vampires had fallen in love with the humans, maybe they pitied them, or they knew they needed them as a food source. Or something else entirely different. It could have even been because there were so few of them. After all, even with a vampire's strength against the humans at the time, they were outnumbered and there was a chance they could have died.

"But because of all this, they decided to make the vampire code. These were a set of rules that were established between them from the beginning. They had decided what to set together based on the troubles they had each been through so far."

"An example of one of them would be to never fall in love with a human. Of course, these rules have been adjusted with time, but this is rumored to how the current council and thirteen families came to be in the first place."

"But you see, there was a major problem in all of this. The thirteen vampires were all friends of each other. They didn't always agree, and what would happen if one of them were to break these rules?"

"Not only that, just because they had agreed to follow the rules, why would their followers do such a thing? The people they had turned and called their family. Some family members grew mad with power and wanted to lash out, some felt like being superior beings they should have taken over the human race."

"Sadly though, all these thoughts that they could see that their people had felt; they had once felt the same way. They were old and had already been through what they had been through. People learned from their mistakes and it was their job to pass it on to the others."

"As disagreements continued between the thirteen, a choice was made and this was how the first vampire king had been elected to their seat. They needed control and order as their population grew and a certain direction."

"Sometimes more heads are better than one, but a leader is sometimes needed at the helm. And if one of the thirteen were to break the rules, then he would be the decider of their punishment. Some time had passed and things were looking quite good. That was until the king himself had broken one of the rules of the vampire code. What rule he broke we do not know."

"But, what we do know was there were some vampires that chose to side with the king and some that chose not to. This was the start of the first Vampire civil war and in the end. The first vampire king was killed. One of the first vampires, gone forever."

"The group was saddened and devastated by this. When the first vampires had come together, they never thought they would need to do something like this."

As Arthur was telling his story, the others were glued in, listening to everything. It was interesting learning about the past, and even for Silver and Fex, this was something they had never heard before.

"Wait, did you say first civil war, how is that possible?" Silver asked. She had heard of the Civil war between the vampires, but first?

"You know, history is a funny thing. We learn it and teach it to others, so we can learn from our mistakes. So we don't repeat our past actions. Yet for some reason the vampires have chosen not to pass on this information. Which makes the saying even more true that history has a way of repeating itself, and that very thing had happened…"

[Many… Many years ago…]

The first vampires had taken a break from each other for a little while after the incident with the first king. They continued to look after their families apart and away without the vampires interacting with each other. Some had hoped it would have led to a better life when they were apart, but it hadn't worked that way at all.

At this point and time, humans knew of the existence of vampires. They didn't exactly know the truth, but they hunted such things referring to them as demons. There still weren't many of them and spread thin like this, they were weak. Being killed off one by one.

Then they realized there was another problem that would occur. Vampires made families, but the same family could not harm each other. This led there to being no discipline within the families. Or at least made it hard to do so. To control the vampires, they needed each other.

The first vampires had met up once again, and they wished to revitalize the old ways. At this point and time, there were no fancy castles or housing for each other. They had simply met up in a cave together.

"So you suggest we go back to our old ways. I agree life used to be better that way." One of the first spoke.

"And what if the same thing was to happen again? I can't go through hurting one of you, I can't do that again." Another spoke.

"But we must, I believe you are all facing the same problems with your families as I am doing mine. I know I am not a first like yours, but for the sake of my old leader. I would like to continue to pass on his bloodline, but at this rate, the humans will learn more about us and we will all be killed."

"Then I have a suggestion to make to all of you. How about we throw a third party into all of this? A neutral camp who does not know us to uphold the rules." Another suggested.

"You can't be thinking of asking a human? Could you?"

"Through my experiments and research, I have found a way. A way to turn a human into one of us, just like how we the first were turned." One of the first said. "And it wouldn't just be any human, but my suggestion would make it so the humans would forget about us, to stop chasing us. I think we should turn to the current king. King Arthur."

"Eno… You mad man. The more I know you the crazier you become." Another replied.


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