My Vampire System
479 Saving Borden
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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479 Saving Borden

Both Erin and Layla in her new snake body were ready to battle together. It had been a long time since they had fought on the same team, and a nice feeling appeared in Layla's heart as she was reminded of the old times. However, it would be completely different from before.

The two girls were different fighters compared to the last time. Erin's sword abilities were good, but they weren't too great as she would often rely on her ice ability that she no longer had. As for Layla, although she still used her bow to do battle from time to time, she was now focused on her new abilities as a vampire.

This was actually a major problem for her at the moment. She had never been in the Honnari state before. She had no time to test it and had no clue what her current form was capable of. As for her emotions, right now they were a mixture of things. She felt anger, sadness, and compassion as she looked towards Erin.

Looking at her, a strange feeling in her stomach was felt and she could feel something light up. Moving up from her belly it wanted to come out of her mouth and eventually, something had come out. It was what could only be described as a green ball of fire. It had dropped from her mouth and was in her hands. The flames continued to move flickering.

She didn't know why, but even though it was a ball of fire, the glow made it look soft and peaceful. There was no pain as she held it in her hand. Then suddenly, just like when Peter knew what to do with the Wights, she understood what she needed to do with the green ball.

Erin had been hurt from the vampire kick just moments before. Using the green ball, she placed it on Erin's back. The green ball of fire started to morph into her body but no pain was felt, and a calming warm feeling was felt inside of Erin's body.

The pain that was felt in her stomach was now there no longer.

"What kind of magic spell was that?" Erin asked.

"I think it was a healing.. fireball." Lyala said realising how ridiculous the last bit had sounded.

Erin, feeling that she was back to her regular self, was ready to fight once more. Xander and Amy had already left the field and headed back to the crowd. The leaders standing by the crowd gave them a glance but did nothing as they joined the others. They weren't going to do or say anything about their involvement, and perhaps Bryce was too distracted to even notice which students had come to their Aid.

"A Hannya, such a useful subclass to have." Phill, the teacher who had taught Layla and the other subclasses, was also among the class. He was surprised when he first saw Layla, but not too much. If there was a Hannya in the vampire settlement, then he would have known about it before they had attended school, so he knew something was up.

However, Jill wasn't just going to stand there while the two were trying to figure out a plan. She moved in for the kill once again. The attack was still too fast for Erin to completely react in time. A kick was sent towards her head, and Erin had moved her arm up, reinforcing it with Qi just before it had hit.

She was knocked over towards the side by the powerful kick, but at least her arm wasn't broken due to the Qi. Next, Jill moved on to Layla, striking her in the stomach, but through her natural instincts, and using her body, she had moved back. The blow had still hit, but it also had negated most of the attack.

Her flexible body seemed to be more than just a look change.

By now, Erin had returned with an attack of her own. It was a swing and a miss and another hit was made towards Erin, knocking her away again.

After seeing this, anger started to fill Layla, and this time a red fire ball had fallen from her mouth. It was clear that this one was different from the green one. She threw the fire ball directly at Jill who was coming towards her and the ball had hit her shoulder causing a scorch mark and a small explosion to take place.

While Jill was recovering, Layla had to think on her feet about what to do. She started to think of Erin and the green flame ball appeared, only this time, she started to imagine it in a different shape. The green ball started to change until eventually, it had made an arrow.

Although it was made from flames, the object was quite solid. Taking her bow from her back, she shot the arrow at Erin who was now a distance away and the ball had hit her right in the stomach. Its effects started, and the healing had begun.

It looked as if different colored balls would be produced based on the different emotions she was feeling, and these balls depending on the color had a different effect. On top of this, the flames could form a solid shape and she could alter it.

Using it with her arrow meant she could apply these effects from nearly anywhere on the battlefield as long as she had good aim.

Although the two of them weren't able to do much to the vampire leader, with Layla's new skills and Erin, the two of them could make the fight go on for a while.

Over at where the boys were, they were all deeply concerned for Borden, who still looked to be in pain on the floor. Vorden especially, after hearing what Logan had said.

Although Vorden hadn't known Borden for long, he felt close to him. He actually had felt more like a real brother than any of his actual siblings did. Whatever the case, he didn't want him to die.

"Please Logan, if anyone can do something about this, I know it's you. You can do something, right?" Vorden asked.

But Logan wasn't really sure what was wrong. If his theory was correct and that Borden was created due to the information he had inputted, was there something wrong with the formula he had created?

He thought long and hard at where the possible margin of error could be until he had come up with something, it was a thought or perhaps a theory. The green liquid that was created was part beast and part human blood.

The error had to be in one of these two things. Either something was wrong with Vorden's blood during the process, or it was the beast crystal that was used.

Thinking about it more, Logan was starting to think that the beast crystal used during the process played a bigger factor than he thought. If he was to imagine the Dalki being like his energy weapon when using crystals. Logan had only used an intermediate tier crystal to create the green liquid.

Maybe when Borden had used his power just like with his crystals, it was a bright flame that was burning the wax away even quicker, but if a stronger beast crystal was used...

Now, something even stranger was happening to Borden's body. Both of the spikes including the scales had already disappeared from his body, but now it looked like he was physically shrinking. He wasn't getting younger, but just smaller in size.

"Hey if this continues on, he might completely disappear!" Peter said.

It was happening at such a fast rate that it looked like what Peter had said might have been right.

Not really knowing what to do, Logan was going in for a gamble. He pulled out the green liquid, the one he had created for Vorden, a spare and extra, and stabbed it into the side of Borden's arm and had injected it into him.

"Please work!" Logan said.

The shrinking hadn't stopped, but it had slowed down. On top of that, Borden's face appeared to be in less pain, but Logan no longer had any more green liquid that was created for Vorden.

However, he did have another syringe of green liquid, one that was obtained from the trial room. When Borden had come giving gifts, because he had denied taking the green syringe, he didn't have them as part of the rewards, so this was the only one they had.

He looked over at Quinn, who appeared to be ready for his battle against Vadeen. Honestly, Logan would have liked to have given the green syringe to Quinn, to give him more of a fighting chance. He knew that it gave a temporary boost to vampires.

"Please!" Vorden shouted again, seeing that Logan was hesitating with the syringe held in his hand.

When looking at Borden now, it looked ridiculous, for he was now the size of a small dog, yet still looked the same as before. Having no more time to waste, the syringe was stuck in and the liquid had been placed.

They all patiently waited for the results. Still, they could see it had some effect for the shrinking had stopped. However, Borden was now the size of a puppy that was able to fit into a handbag. He was nothing like his former self.

Then the scrunched up look on Borden's face had completely disappeared, and the sound of gentle snores was heard as he was sound asleep.

"Thank you," Vorden said.

Peter had to blink a few times and rub his eyes because he couldn't believe it. The scary Dalki that had defeated three vampire knights in an instant was now the size of a puppy and looked like a normal human.

"What in the world is going on?" Peter said.

All of them, now with the situation with the vampire knights over, looked at where Quinn was. They were all badly beaten up and hurt but honestly; they didn't want to get in the middle of Quinn's fight. He was going up against a vampire leader.

Each of them couldn't even beat a vampire knight, so all they could do was wish Quinn good luck.


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