My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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478 Best Actor

"Raten, switch with me now!" Vorden shouted as he saw the third spike beginning to grow on Borden's back.

It was clear that his emotional state had made him stronger, and now he was going onto the next stage. The question was, how far could Borden go. The humans didn't know much about the Dalki race, but there were a few observations that had been made about them.

The Dalki for one didn't really train. They did learn some basic combat skills for fighting, but they didn't really train to get stronger. It wasn't like they had abilities that they need to grow and master. What this meant was the number of spikes a Dalki would have or were able to have, was determined from the day they were born. They were natural fighting warriors, and as for Borden, he seemed to be very talented.

"No!" Raten replied.

"What do you mean, it's clear he's like this because he can tell we're different, and what the hell did you go and attack him for? Do you want to get us killed?"

But Raten remained silent as Borden's spike was still growing outward.

"You can thank me for this later," Raten said as he started running.

In Peter's fight against the fellow Wight, it had gotten to the point where he had regenerated too many times. His hunger was now at an extreme.

"How many more times can I regenerate? I haven't even been able to hit him yet, apart from the first attack?" Peter thought, and when things looked like it couldn't get any worse, they had just done.

He could feel that his two Lesser Wights had been killed and now another Vampire knight was coming in his direction.

Looking around, Peter was trying to see if there was anyone he could turn. There was the first knight that Quinn had killed, but it had the top half of its body blown off. It was unlikely he was able to turn that into a Wight. As for the others, they were still busy fighting away.

Then he looked in the direction of Vorden's fight and could see that the knight he had faced was unmoving and down. He wasn't sure if the knight had died, but he was definitely badly hurt. If Peter was able to turn a vampire knight, it could be the advantage he needed just to delay the fight a little longer.

That's when he noticed something. When looking in that direction, he could see Vorden running his way. He looked to be sweating as he ran as fast as he could.

'Is there something even more terrifying after him?'

When peaking around Vorden, he could see that Borden was following closely behind with two-spirit spears in his body.

"Maybe they are here to help me?" Peter thought.

"Get out the way you undead freak!" Raten shouted. "Move, Move, Move."

It was clear he wasn't the only one confused by this, as the two vampires knights that had arrived were as well.

"Now it's your turn. It's time to put on the show of your life." Raten said as he left the chair and allowed Borden to take over.

Vorden was confused by just what he was doing. Had he really just angered a three spike Dalki and taken him into the middle of the Vampire knights? But when thinking about the situation like that, an idea really did come into his head.

The spirit spears were starting to wear off, and soon Borden would be back at full strength.

Suddenly, Vorden went down on his knees as if he was in pain. His hands over his head.

"Borden it's me! Your brother!" Vorden shouted. "I don't have much time, but I managed to fight something that's trying to take control of my mind. I think it's one of the vampire knights' abilities. I think it's possibly the two closest to me."

Borden had stopped, he could tell that this really was the Vorden he knew. Borden had made a note of all the attributes of his brother. The fluctuation, tone of voice, and the overall body movement and the way he carried himself.

When he was taken over, his voice was slightly angrier, confident and his posture when moving was utterly different. To Borden, he really had become a different person.

He looked at the two vampire knights, the Wight and the other up ahead.

"Don't worry, I will get you back!"

A step off his foot and the ground beneath was uplifted by his power. The tiles from the floor had come apart and gone up in the air. In an instant, he had appeared directly where the Wight's feet were.

It was too fast for the Wight to do anything, and as it was lifting its hands to cover its face, a fist had already been slammed into it. The fist continued to go down until the punch's power had ended with his head being crushed against the floor.

He had been killed.

"You gotta protect the head…At all costs," Peter said.

Turning around, Borden went to look at Vorden to see if he was okay, but he still had his hands on his head and was moving about as if something was trying to take over him.

The other knight who had just recently joined the fight could see how easily his fellow comrade was defeated. Something had clicked inside him that hadn't happened since he had a spar with the vampire leaders. It was fear.

Before he knew it, he was already turning around and running in another direction, but this was a mistake. A hand was felt on the back of his head, and soon he could see the sky. He was pulled back and slammed into the ground as well.

Turning once more, Borden wanted to see if his brother was okay.

"Ha, ha you will never find me amongst the vampire knights, you three spiked crap. What do you think you are, a dragon? What kind of lame arse Dragon looks like you!" Vorden and Raten had switched temporally once again, this way for sure he knew it was a different person.

Borden started laughing with a smile on his face.

"Maybe you didn't notice, but there is only one vampire knight left on the field," Borden said. Proud of his deduction. He was off to the next place.

This time it was by Logan's side.

Even though Logan's blood energy blade had gone, he had switched to the normal beast energy blades that could harm the king tier beast. As well as this, during the time Arthur and the others had come as a distraction, he had used this time to change his suit. Currently, he was wearing a large bulky mecha like defensive type suit.

It was badly damaged right now, but he only needed to hold off until help arrived, and it certainly had arrived at the most unexpected time.

The Vampire knight was pounding away at the metallic Mecha suit, the blows so strong that they were still going through the thick heavy armour and was hurting Logan inside, but then a blur came. The vampire knight was no longer in front of Logan.

Looking to the side, he could see Borden with the vampire knight underneath his foot, and the three spikes on his back. For the first time, Peter, Vorden, and Logan felt like they could rest.

It was clear for all three of them that they were not at the strength of a vampire knight. Most of them hadn't used their ability apart from the one facing Vorden. If they never had the three spiked Dlaki, it was quite possible that all of them would have been dead.

"Raten, did you really need to do something like that and anger him?" Vorden asked. "He was on our side anyway, we could have just asked him to fight the vampire knights."

'True, but without my agitation, he would have never become a three spiked Dalki. Whatever it's fine. I'll go back to my hole. Bring me back out when a pretty lady comes along. And maybe you should become an actor rather than a fighter."

The leaders, who were now standing by the crowd, and including the crowd themselves, couldn't believe it. It looked like the intruders had managed to turn the tide in a few seconds, and it was all thanks to the mysterious beast looking human.

"Were the Dalki always this strong?" Cindy asked as she seemed to have a dep concerned look as her eyebrows came closer together.

"That's the strength of three spikes?" Jin said. "Perhaps we have left them alone for too long. As long there aren't many above the three spike level. We will still be fine. All this time we have been too worried about the threat of each other. Too long have we been at the top, maybe they had grown in this time."

But as Jin said that, something strange started to happen. Borden had collapsed and fallen to the ground. It was so sudden, so instant that the others didn't know what was happening. Nothing had come out and attacked him, and moments ago he looked so strong as he had taken out the Dalki.

Peter, Logan and Vorden had run over, and the suit was starting to come apart from Logan as the spiders began to turn into something more slimming.

"What's happening to him?" Vorden asked.

They could see that he was covered heavily in sweat, his spikes that were on his back were reverting into his body. It was a sight they had never seen or heard off before. Once a Dalki spike was out, it stayed out.

He looked incredibly weak, in pain, and his eyes looked as if they were asking for help from the others.

"I think... he's dying," Logan said.


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