My Vampire System
477 Straight to the next step
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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477 Straight to the next step

As Erin rushed over to Layla and the two other girls, she could see that Layla was in pain with her eyes closed. She was groaning but still breathing, which was a relief.

"Who did this to her?" Erin asked.

Amy looking towards where Xander was standing, they could see Jill not too far from him. She had her hand, held over her shoulder. It was where the blood shot had managed to hit her. Usually, something like this would have healed by now, but for some reason, the attack was taking longer to heal than usual.

The look Amy had given was all Erin needed to tell who it was.

'That was no ordinary blood shoot, why hasn't it healed yet.'

While in the middle of her thoughts, she could see a blonde girl walking towards her with a calm expression on her face. Her sword had been drawn, and she didn't look away from Jill for a second.

"Make sure she lives, or you're all dead," Erin said as she walked past Xander.

Xander and Jill had no clue who this girl was, but there was one thing they were sure about. It was the fact that she was human. They could smell it.

'How could a human be so confident when going up against a vampire knight like this?' Xander thought. 'Who are these crazy humans, what the hell is happening.... Well, I guess I'm not completely sane either. I went against the first leader. I'll be lucky if I'm still in the first family after this.'

When she was close enough to Jill, Erin had thrown out her sword. It was slow, but this was done on purpose. Through the use of Qi, one was able to speed up the cells in their body. They partly became superhuman. Right now, Erin wasn't using any Qi on her body, instead she had focused all of it on the blade.

"What is wrong with you all!" Jill said, as she hardened her arm ready to knock the sword out of the human's hand.

But when the sword went down and the two collided, the sword wasn't knocked away. It had instead pierced through her skin. Jill was fast though and the second this had happened she pulled her arm away and took a step back.

There was a cut across her forearm, and just like with the blood bullet, it was healing at a slow rate.

'These humans, do they know some type of weakness against the vampires?' Jill thought.

Seeing how the vampire had backed up, Erin had decided to charge again, but it was a mistake. This was a vampire leader, and it wouldn't be that easy. Perhaps Jill was a bit foolish in thinking she could knock the blade away but the strike, she could defiantly avoid.

Erin, swung, swung and swung again and even though each of these hits would have hurt the vampire, none of them were able to connect.

'Damn it!' Erin thought, 'Am I still this weak without an ability? But I trained so hard.' The problem wasn't that Erin was weak like she thought she was. It was just that a vampire leader was too strong.

Jill proceeded to hit her in the stomach and sent her back flying, but before she could go any further, her back had hit something and two hands were felt upon her shoulder.

"Let me help you." A sweet, calming voice said. "Like the old times."

It was a voice that was comforting, and one she hadn't heard in a while, but when she turned around to look expecting to see Layla, she was seeing something completely different altogether.

The bottom half was the body was that of a snake, and from their upwards, a beautifully curved figure could be seen and finally, on top of its head it had two very large horns and fangs like tusks coming from its mouth.

Although her body was completely different, Erin could see behind all those features that it was Layla's face. The wound that was felt on her stomach had now completely healed and she seemed to be a foot taller as well.

"Layla… You went through a lot as well, I see." She said with a bit of sadness in her voice.

Layla had managed to consume Cia's negative emotions, but it was more than she had ever consumed before. This was because Cia felt like it was her fault that Layla had been so hurt in the first place.

What this resulted in was a skip in the evolution stage, instead of going from a regular Hannya to a Chunari, she went from a Hannya to a Honnari. Skipping the middle step completely.

The two girls were ready to do battle...

Vorden, or now Raten, was busy fighting against the vampire knight. However, it wasn't just any vampire knight. It was the one belonging to the first leader Bryce, making it one of the stronger of the lot.

He had done well to remove an arm from the knight. Cia's spirit spear had done them well in wearing the vampire but ever since the first spear attack. Raten was unable to get another one in. The knight was quick to work out that the spirit spear was what had caused his energy to be drained from him.

His wound that was open around his arm had now healed up and he could still use his spear well, even with just a single hand.

"Come on, what's wrong? I know you're better than that!" Raten said trying to taunt the knight. "I'm just a weak human, who managed to chop off your arm, don't you want to return the favour?" Raten said pointing at his own arm with his blade.

The knight closed his eyes and took a deep breath getting his composure back to what it once was. "Your right, I shouldn't let my pride get in the way. What would be more of an embarrassment, is if I were to lose this fight to you."

Charging in, the vampire moved slightly faster than before but Raten was a bit of a genius natural fighter. Not only could he wield two abilities but he was a better fighter than Vorden and Sil. He could often predict where his opponent's attacks would be, the reason for this, was because he would create openings on purpose for them to aim for.

When the knight threw out his spear, Raten had already known where he was going to attack beforehand, for he was aiming in the spot he had created. Seeing this with a flick of his head he was able to avoid the spear.

This is what he had been doing throughout the fight, although his own attacks were still too slow to do anything back.

"I thought you were going to attack like you meant it this time!" Raten said, hoping to anger him to the point where he would make a careless mistake, and so far he hadn't.

But then, a smile appeared on the knight's face. Pulling the spear back and not touching his body at all, multiple stinging pain spots were felt in his shoulder and across Raten's face.

Blood was dripping from Raten's shoulder as well as the scratches on his face.

'But I completely dodged the blow, how?' Raten thought.

Not letting up, the knight charged in again with his spear and this time Raten used his placement technique again, controlling the flow of the spear to the right spot.

"Raten that didn't work last time, why do you think it will work again!" Vorden shouted.

"Shut up!" He replied.

However, this time, it seemed like he wasn't even aiming for a certain spot on Raten's body and just aiming somewhere near it. The spear attack had missed his belly by a few centimeters. Raten didn't even have to dodge this one.

Still, moments later and a deeper cut than the ones before had come out from the side of his stomach.

"It has to be an ability of some sort, the same as the leader," Vorden explained.

But what else could Raten do? He was avoiding the blows narrowly before and that was using all the skills he had and even that didn't seem to work.

The fight continued and Raten was continuing to get dealt blow after blow and his movements more sluggish. It had eventually reached the point where his movements were starting to slow and finally for the first time. The spear had managed to hit him cleanly in the thigh.

The knight quickly pulled it out and proceeded to lick the end of the spear. "You humans are nothing but a food source for us. You thought you probably crippled me for life by removing my arm. But you see us vampires, we aren't like you. As long as I get that arm back and consume a bit of blood, it will reattach itself. All I need to do Is…" Then the knight had stopped mid explanation, the reason why was his arm. Seconds ago he saw it was on the floor and now it had completely disappeared.

"Looking for this!" A voice shouted and as the vampire turned his head, his own arm was slammed into his face with such great force his body had gone flying over across to the other side. When he finally had hit the floor, it looked as if the vampire was no longer moving.

"That guy was a lot easier than the vampire leader," Borden said. Borden too was covered in blood, but the special trait of the Dalki was the more they were hurt the stronger they got, and Borden was badly hurt from the fight with the leader.

The punch he had just delivered was the most powerful attack he was able to make so far. When Borden turned around to see if his brother was okay though, a white blade was seen in his sights.

Lifting up his arm and with his hard scaled skin, he was able to block the attack and the blade wasn't able to go very far in but still had caused a cut.

"What are you doing brother, we are on the same side, have you gone mad!" Borden shouted.

"You stole my kill, I was going to skewer that guy and shove my blade up his arse, but you had to come and ruin it!" Raten shouted.

Knocking the blade away, the calm and fun expression that was usually shown on Borden's face hadn't appeared. For the first time, it actually looked as if he was angry.

"You are not my brother..Who are you. Tell me where my brother is?" Borden demanded, this newfound anger was causing a new tingling feeling to be felt on his back, as a third spike was starting to be revealed.


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