My Vampire System
476 I want him!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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476 I want him!

Out from Quinn's dark shadow, Quinn could sense something was behind him, but he was barely able to lift his head to look at the three figures standing by his side. His health was low, and he had been badly hurt. But seeing how Vadeen suddenly backed up like that, made him want to see what was happening.

Using the last bit of strength he had, he lifted his head and could see the faces of people he never expected to see. "Leo…Erin and…and.." As for the last person, Quinn had no clue who he was, but he could tell he was strong.

Both Leo and Erin were dressed in a sort of green armour, it was made using the beasts from the planet they were on. All of the equipment they were using was at the advanced level. The crystals provided were from the beasts Arthur had killed before they had even arrived. Apart form Leo's sword that was.

As for the man in the middle, Arthur, he wore nothing but a standard set of clothing and didn't even have his weapon on him.

Arthur looked at the punisher boy on the floor carefully, it was clear the boy had the same ability as his. However, it was someone he didn't know. He thought that the last surviving punisher would have at least been someone he recognized.

Looking at the situation, there was only the face of a single person on the field he noticed, but he could feel their strength. He knew right now he was in the presence of the new vampire leaders, the ones chosen while he was in his slumber.

"Did you decide to go up against them on your own? It looks like you are a punisher at heart after all." Arthur said.

"Now who here decided to hurt my little punisher?" Arthur asked with a calm expression, but the aura surrounding his body was telling a completely different story.

All of the fights that were happening had now stopped from his pressure alone, and even the leaders took a step back.

"Who is this guy?" Jin said. "I know the punishers had the ability to travel to each other at any time, but I don't recognize this person. But it's clear…he is not one to mess with."

Due to the power, the leaders had taken a step back. As for Bryce, he had finally managed to get a good hit on the Bone Claw, and for the first time it had backed off. Due to Quinn weakening the Bone claw wasn't in the best shape either and it started to return to Quinn's side.

"Bonney?" Arthur said. "Is the king here, I thought that man would have given up his familiar long ago." But then, he saw the mist from the bone claw start to disappear and head towards the punisher boy on the floor.

'This boy, he was the one who freed me, and he has the kings familiar? I have a lot to learn, whatever the case is, I can not let him die.'

"Erin, it's best if you help out your friend, if he doesn't get any blood soon, he will die."

Erin quickly going to Quinn's side, made a cut on her hand and started to give him the desperate blood that he needed.

At this point, Bryce had, had enough.

"What are you doing, we are the vampire council. We are the order of the vampires." The punishers no longer judge us. They have no power over us. Get rid of this guy!" Bryce shouted.

The others snapped out of their frozen state and continued to fight their counterparts.

"Guy? Bryce, you were nothing but a normal vampire back then, and now you have the balls to call me some guy?" Arthur replied.

But Bryce was a little confused, he didn't remember seeing the person in front of him, he was sure he had never met him before. Although the punishers were mostly covered in armour that hid their appearance from others. The only one that was known to the others was the leader, and this person was not the leader they knew.

It was not the leader they had killed back then.

Quinn had now consumed enough blood, but his wounds were severe, and it would take a little time to heal. Erin was continually looking over in Layla's direction, a lot of blood could be seen, and she didn't seem to be moving.

"Go, I will not let this boy die," Arthur said.

And with those words, Erin quickly rushed over to Layla's position to help her against the vampire leader Jill.

There had been a little shift in the fights that were ongoing since the appearance of the new people, and this was all being communicated by Jin. The reason, they knew that they would need more than one leader to take on the mysterious new presence that had arrived.

The leader Kyle that was facing Borden, had run off to join Bryce, the same with the leader who was fighting Edward named Prima. Edward was already down and out of the fight, so he too had gone to join Bryce.

Borden originally wanted to chase the leader he was fighting, even though he was severely hurt and wounded. However, he stopped himself, the main reason being that Vorden was struggling against the vampire knight, now that it was using its ability as well. Because of this, Borden rushed over to his brother's side.

Finally, as for Silver and Fex, they still weren't doing the best. In truth, Silver was far too concerned for her brother. At first, he was a great help, but as the fight continued, he was now only getting in the way.

"You know they told me to go and help beat that new punisher guy." Suzan, one of the leaders said. "But I'm just having too much fun breaking you down."

With the needle in her hand, she dashed forward, Silver had several whole marks oozing with blood from where the needle had hit before. Fex wanted to pull her, but he too couldn't move since there were two punctures that had been made in his legs.

"Die, Die, Die!" Suzan shouted with a mad look in her eyes.

"Now that's not very nice to say to a pretty girl." Out from the side, a slice from a sword had pinned the needle to the ground, and then with his Leg, a kick was made hitting Suzan away.

"It's you..?" Silver said, as she recognized the blind man, for she had a confrontation with him once before, however, there was something vastly different about him this time. Somehow, someway, he had been turned into a vampire.

"I hope you don't mind me helping?" Leo said with a smile.

With a shift of opponents, it now meant that Arthur was to face off against four leaders all on his own. There was Bryce who was fighting with the Bone claw up to this point. He had also taken out Lee, the thirteenth leader. Then there was Prima who had beaten Edward with ease without showing his ability and Kyle, who was winning in a battle of strength against the two spiked Dalki, Borden. On top of all this, there was also Vadeen, the person who had broken Quinn's bones.

"Now, is there really a need for four of you to go against me on my own. I guess Its time to test how well the new generation has been able to keep up with the old." Arthur said.

"Shadow equip."

Shadows started to form around Arthur's body in all different places, when the shadow dispersed, in its place, was a red and black armour design. It was the same armour that Fex and Quinn had seen when they had entered the tour.

Bryce, although couldn't recognize the man, he certainly did recognize the armour. This was the basic punishers armour that was given to each of them. An armour made from blood crystals. One that was crafted from the prisoners that they captured and punished.

It served as a reminder to the vampires, that if they wanted to break the rules, there was a good chance they would become a part of their equipment. Although for now, Arthur still had chosen to keep his blade in his shadow not using it, for he didn't feel the need to.

"Wait!" A voice from behind Arthur shouted. When he turned around to look, he could see it was the punisher boy standing up on his feet. He had managed to heel far quicker then he had thought, especially from such server wounds like that.

"I don't know who you are or why you are helping my friends and me, but I want to just ask you one thing." As Quinn said these words, Arthur could see a fire and anger burning in his eyes.

"What is your wish boy," Arthur asked.

"Let me take on him," Quinn said, pointing at Vadeen. "I need him everything I got."

Vadeen starter to break out in laughter.

"You Fool! I beat you before, what difference is there now. You want another beating fine by me."

But this time Quinn knew it would be different, he was far too distracted by the others, but he could sense the power in Leo and Erin. He could trust them now to help out his friends. So that meant he could concentrate on his fight with the vampire leader a hundred percent and show him everything he had, unlike before.

"Go ahead boy, he is all yours. Show him what it's like to mess with a punisher" Arthur said.


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