My Vampire System
475 Leo changing?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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475 Leo changing?

After everything was sorted between all of them, both Erin and Leo were welcomed into the shelter. It took awhile for the others to get used to them, but because Arthur was treating them so nicely, the others felt like they needed to as well.

During their time on the planet, the three of them would frequently go out to train by the river, which was Arthur's spot. Knowing Leo was a new vampire. Arthur taught as much as he could and told them information about the vampire world, at least all that he could remember.

While there, Leo was concentrating on focusing his Qi better and also had passed all of his information to Erin. It turned out she was a fast learner. The main reason for this was her drive. She had the will to learn and get stronger all though this power-hungry side of her worried Leo a bit.

Often, both Arthur and Leo would spar. When fighting, Arthur two would use his weapon. The first time they had a spar, Arthur was in for a surprise. The attacks were far stronger than that for a regular vampire, it was clear this man was incredibly skilful.

'Is this that Qi I often heard them talk about. It seems to be incredibly handy things the humans have managed to learn. I wonder if it's something I could do as well?' But Arthur never did ask Leo to teach him.

It was no fun that way, and instead, he wanted to figure it out for himself.

While fighting, Leo was going full out, he knew he could deal with it and knew that Arthur had no trouble at all, so then he decided to give him something that might shock him.

A blood swipe using the sword and Qi was produced. Seeing this, he thought it was a regular blood swipe like all the others. When swinging his great large sword to match it the strength for the first time had shocked him.

But still, he hadn't moved a single spot from his position. Tensing his arm up a bit more, and flicking his hand, he was able to throw and deflect the attack making it go up in the air.

"That attack destroyed king tier armour before," Leo thought. "Yet it was unable to even put a chip in that sword. Just what is that sword. I haven't seen him use it properly once."

After that first session, they had less and fewer fights as there wasn't really much they could learn from each other. Their levels were too far apart, and Leo mainly focused on teaching Erin. However, it did give Leo the boost he needed to know that there were strong people out there he needed to prepare for.

A few days later, In one of the training sessions, something strange had happened to Leo. he had stopped in place and dropped his sword on the ground. It was a worrying sign for everyone.

But this was because he had felt a surge of energy rising in his body. He could feel it, his body was starting to change. He didn't say much and sat down, focusing his Qi trying to control the changes in his body.

However, just like before it looked like this would be something he couldn't avoid. The purple energy was evolving into something else.

Arthur looked over and was wondering when this was going to happen. He could tell Leo was at the peak of being a vampire and would evolve into a noble at any time.

The strange thing was why it didn't happen sooner than later, and why suddenly in the middle like so. Usually, there would be some sort of breakthrough, a grand fight when one was pushed to their limits. If this didn't happen then, vampires could force it through a ritual, but neither of these things had happened.

In order to aid Leo, Arthur asked Erin to slit her wrist and pour some blood into Leo's mouth. She did so and was surprised that Arthur himself hadn't asked for some.

"Would you like some?" Erin asked, a little nervous in her voice. She felt like for some reason, it was rude not to ask, but at the same time, it was weird offering one your blood.

He looked at it for a second before declining and instructing her further on how to help Leo.

The whole time they had been here, Arthur not once needed blood. He might have been getting it from somewhere else. But he didn't seem like the type to do that.

After the long wait, the transformation was over, and Leo looked like a new man. The most surprising change of all was he actually looked a bit younger. It was the new cells in his body, as everything about him had changed.

Moving his body slowly, Leo tried to get a hang of it, and it didn't take him long until he had the biggest smile one had seen on his face.

'This...With this new body, I can feel it. I might have a chance to go back to what I once was. Maybe even beyond. Quinn, I know you may think you have cursed me, but I wish to thank you with all my heart." Leo thought.

There was one thing humans could never defeat, and that was old age. They could replace their body parts with technology, but it wasn't the same, especially when it came to things like using Qi in your body. It needed original cells which were something robotic parts couldn't do.

Leo was past his prime, and he tried his best to fight it with daily training, but there was a limit to what he could do.

Vampires had an advantage in this, their body structures were different, and Leo was liking it.

Even though Leo had a newfound body, he never once quitted his will to train Erin, and it was good for him to learn control in his own strength.

Finally, one day, when the group was out training by the river as they usually did Leo felt something. An incredible pain was felt in his chest as he fell to the floor.

"What's happening Leo, are you okay?" Erin asked as she rushed over and looked to Arthur for guidance. "Is he evolving again?"

"Describe the pain?" Arthur asked.

"It's a burning sensation around my chest. It hurts but not physical pain, it's as if something is pulling on it." Leo said with difficulty.

"Your creator… He's in trouble." Arthur replied. "Usually a bond wouldn't stretch this far between planets. Even when one is hurt, but when they are on the brink of death and their blood is low. Every vampire that he ever created will feel the pain. When he's finally gone, that pain will go away."

"Does this mean something is happening to Quinn and the others!?" Erin asked. Had Jack Truedream found out what happened, or had Pure got to them trying to get to her. Right now, Erin was worried about all the possibilities.

"Do you want to save him?" Arthur asked.

The two looked at each other, and she looked at Leo, who was in pain.

"I promised that if he was ever in serious trouble, that I would come to help him at any time. I don't want to be made out as a liar." Leo said.

And Erin nodded, agreeing with his statement.

"You two are strong and brave. If you were normal vampires, I would have invited you over to my side. You have the right attributes.... Let's go save him then." Said, Arthur.

"What do you mean, how?" Erin asked.

"The ability you said your creator has, it turns out I have the same one. One unique ability of ours is we can travel to each other's shadows whenever we wish. It was what made us a force to be reckoned with. No vampires, creatures or such could ambush us. Although we were small in number, we were a unit to be reckoned with."

Walking over to the two of them, he waited until they were ready. When they were, he gave them instruction telling them to grab on to him.

Minny, who would often come over to watch them training, was sitting by her usual boulder and looking at them.

"Arthur, are you going?" She asked.

"Don't worry, it is not my time to say goodbye yet. I promise I will be back." Arthur said.

With those words, the shadow on the ground grew in size underneath the three of their feet and slowly they started to sink into the deep shadow.


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