My Vampire System
471 A diffrent smell
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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471 A diffrent smell

The legendary three-headed dog was well known as a familiar between the leaders and the vampires watching from the crowd. There was a big celebration in the whole settlement when Bryce had managed to finally make it his. Yet, for some reason, such a strong and legendary creature was now bowing in front of another.

This greatly angered Bryce. The vein on his forehead was bulging and looked as if it would pop at any second.

"Out of my way!" Bryce shouted as he struck Lee between his neck and shoulder. Lee at this point was completely drained, but he still managed to make his own red thread just in time to block the attack. However, this time it was useless, as the sword had a new strength to it, that it didn't before and the blade sliced right through. The sword dug into him deeply, and a few seconds later he had fallen to the ground.

Although he wasn't dead, he wasn't going to get back up.

"Must I do everything myself!" Bryce said as he had walked off the platform.

The beasts including Bryce's continued to shiver. They hadn't even turned around or taken their sight off of the Bone claw.

At that moment, the Bone claw lifted its hand and spoke something. The words that were sounded were deep and in a language the others couldn't understand.

"Yak back gu taken na." The bone claw said and suddenly. Black mist started to appear as the familiars started to fade away and return to their masters.

"Return to your masters and don't come out in my presence," Rokene said as he repeated the words said by the Bone claw.

The only one that was left was the three-headed dog. Although Bryce didn't know what was going on, it was clear that it would listen to him no longer. On his walk through his mind connection, he spoke to it several times but there was no response.

"Get out of here!" He shouted and the dog too started to disappear.

The first leader swung its blade, releasing a blood swipe with it, but the bone claw simply teleported, and the next second it was by Bryce's side. It did its usual attack, swiping its long fingers. However, even though Bryce hadn't lifted up his sword, the sound of its claw hitting against something was heard and its large hand was thrown back.

Another attack was made from Bryce, but the Bone claw teleported once again, appearing on his other side.

"I can't believe it!" Frank said, "How is a familiar able to go, head to head with a vampire leader. I have to be dreaming. How is this possible?"

But Rokene knew differently, from what the black rabbit, his own familiar had told him, this wasn't just any regular familiar.

While the Bone claw and the first leader were busy fighting, the battles on the field continued, and one of them was on a time limit. That was Logan.

Logan in his right hand had a red beam of energy coming from his hand. He was using an energy blade. Just like when he had thought against the king tier beast, but this one was slightly different.

Instead of using the beast crystal, Logan was using the blood crystal. After testing out the blood crystal, Logan had found out that the amount of power it held in comparison to the beast crystal was far greater, however there was a major problem.

Blood crystals when used wouldn't naturally charge back up again. They needed an outside source, that source being blood itself. Logan didn't know if it was the same, if it was to be made into a blood weapon, but it meant when using it as an energy blade, although it would be stronger, it meant it would burn out faster as well.

Thankfully, in his first attack, Logan was able to destroy the vampire knight's shield, his main weapon. Now he just needed to land a successful attack. He had chosen to use his speed suit, which had an aerodynamic design and didn't cover him in much armour.

When choosing which suit to turn his spiders into, he had three choices, his power suit, his speed suit, and his defence suit. For this battle, he had chosen to go with the speed suit. The vampire's speed was far greater than a human's, and he thought it was the only chance he had at winning.

Due to the weapon, he already had his power. But even with the suit's extra speed, Logan was finding it hard to get a clear hit on the vampire knight. It was clear that it was keeping its distance, especially after seeing what he had done to its shield.

The vampire knight would return with attacks of its own, but it didn't seem to be trying so hard, as if it was waiting for something. As for these attacks, with the speed suit, Logan was also able to avoid them, just not deal attacks of his own, and then finally, the red beam of energy had gone out.

"I was waiting for that?" The vampire knight said.

Seeing the raw power, the vampire knight was able to guess what was going on. Their senses were far greater than normal humans and he could tell as time went on the energy that was being emitted was dimming and lessening.

Over on the other side with Peter's battle, he wasn't faring much better either. The Wight was clearly stronger than him. The only plus side was thanks to Edward's training, he had avoided a blow to the head, using everything he could to protect himself.

They didn't have much time to train, but the lesson was clear. Protect the head or you die. If he wanted to turn the tide of this fight, he would need the help of his two lesser Wights, but they two looked like they were nearly finished, as they were losing their battle against the vampire knight.

"I'm sorry Quinn, but...I don't think I can win this one."

Peter wasn't the only one that was struggling. With Amy and Cia looking after Layla, giving her time to focus. Everything was left to Xander. But who was he, for he was not a direct descendent, nor was he a vampire knight. He was a simple vampire, and he was meant to protect them from a vampire leader. It just all seemed to be impossible.

Still, he would keep his promise and protect her. He gulped nervously, looking at his opponent.

"Your mist ability is annoying I will give you that," Prima said. "But once you figure it out it's useless."

Edward seemed to be down for the count as he was practically crawling on the floor now. He managed to use his energy to turn his head, wondering how the others were doing.

He could then see Silver and Fex, facing off against the other leader. And they too were covered in marks and looked like they would lose soon.

"It looks like they will soon lose this fight," Jin said. "Apart from Bryce, the leaders haven't even used their abilities against their opponents. To be honest, they have surprised us many times in this fight, I didn't even expect them to push them this far, but there is a clear level difference in power."

The other leaders standing on stage couldn't agree more. But Muka, he was staring outside the dome now, looking outward, as if he was waiting for something or someone.

As For Vorden, he had consumed all of the pills that were given to him by Borden. He now felt like a new person and with his active skill using the white blade, he was moving faster than ever. The problem was just like with Logan, it just wasn't fast enough to match up with a vampire knight.

He now had the strength to deal with possibly a standard vampire noble but not a knight. He was barely hanging on, as he blocked spear attack after spear attack, but he was clearly being overwhelmed.

Vorden wanted to switch with Raten, but it was too difficult, he didn't even get a second of rest to do so. That way he could use Cia's ability to his advantage and possibly turn the tide.

Left, right, swirl, duck, jump. He was doing everything he could do to avoid the attacks and so far he hadn't been hit. Looking at the others, he could tell they needed his help. Even Borden, fighting against the Dalki leader, seemed to be struggling. Every so often, waves of power clashes could be felt coming from his right side, as he heard loud bangs.

This was from the result of the fight between Borden and the vampire leader.

"If only, if only I had abilities I could copy, I could help." He said in anger.

There was no choice he needed to change to Raten and use the spirit spear. Some of the fights were quite close and the spear could change the tide.

As Vorden switched for a brief mini second, his mind was delayed, slowed down, and the vampire knight was skilled enough to recognize this. He thrust his spear as hard and fast as he could.

At the last second, the switch had been made to Raten and the look in Vorden's eyes had changed. Twisting his head, he did his best to avoid the spear, but it still had managed to craze his cheek.

Doing so, blood had been drawn, and with it, the sweet smell had entered the battlefield.

"What's that smell?"

"It smells so sweet."

Most of the vampires didn't have an initial reaction, but for the students who were stationed close and intreated in the fight. An urge in their body had started to overwhelm them.

The student's eyes, were starting to turn red.

"He's a human!"


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