My Vampire System
469 A pool of blood
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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469 A pool of blood

"Look, even more people have joined in the fight." A vampire said.

"Hey, aren't those the guys that were in our class?" Another replied.

"Yeah, I think your right, I recognise the one that beat Xander."

Usually, a comment like that would have annoyed Xander, but he was carefully watching everything that was going on.

'So, It looks like you weren't a normal student after all. No wonder you were able to beat me." Xander thought, looking at the group. It was something he told himself, making him feel a little better as he looked at Vorden.

As for Amy, she was by his side and deeply concerned about Layla. She knew her skills, and at the start of their classes, they weren't exactly great. Even if she did improve quickly, there was no way she was ready to fight against vampire knights and leaders.

'Who are these people you've gotten yourself involved in, please just be safe.' Amy prayed.

While the group had three of the vampire knights busy, there was still two more on the way, and with it, one more person had emerged from the crowd. When Xander saw this person, shivers were sent through his body as bad memories of him being beaten were starting to surface.

At a great speed, Peter had come out throwing a fist out at one of the vampire knights who had no weapon on his body. It was fast and unexpected, but the knight was able to react in time, twisting his body and grabbing Peter's fist.

However, the power was far stronger then the knight thought, and the punch carried immense power, enough to completely shatter and brake the knight's wrist. The bone had pierced through the skin, and his hand was dangling by the skin.

"Sorry I'm a little late. I was preparing something." Peter said as two more vampires came out from the crowd and headed to confront the remaining knight. The reason why Peter had taken a little longer then the others was because he was busy dealing with two guards to obtain himself two lesser Wights.

"Oh, a strong one." The knight said. The knight wore a hood that was covering his head. In the process of taking it off, a bald-headed, thin paled skinned individual could be seen, but what was even more impressive, was that his wrist had already healed.

"It's my first time fighting against a Wight like myself." The knight said. "Let's see if I can make one of your friends into a faithful minion of mine."

The two of them rushed forward both throwing a fist, it would be a battle of strength for this clash.

"Idiot, a Wight's power is based on their creator's power, and I am under a vampire leader. You are no match for me!" The knight shouted, but Peter didn't let that phase him, when the two fists collided, for a second it was as if they both stopped midair, but eventually, there was a clear winner. As the knuckles on Peter's hand started to cave in, and the bone inside his forearm started to shatter.

"Looks like this is going to be an easy fight." The knight said.

Although the five vampire knights had been temporally stopped, there were still three more leaders heading straight for Quinn, and by his side, he only had Borden for help.

"Quinn, stay behind me, they're after you, and I can take a few hits!" Borden said with a smile.

The vampire knight that was fastest, was Kyle Dawn, the seventh leader. Covering his eyes, he had a pair of sunglasses on. Which seemed a bit odd considering it was always dark in the vampire world, but it suited the black leather clothing he was wearing.

"You think a mere two spike is enough to deal with a leader?" Kyle said."Yeah, we were surprised to see you here, but we were never afraid of you. For someone like yourself who excels in physical strength, we have plenty of options."

Swiping his hand, Kyle had thrown out a blood swipe, but he did so with both hands, creating a cross-like shape. Borden not knowing what the attack was, covered him self raising his forearms in a cross of his own. When the attack hit him, it had sent him back skidding across the floor but not falling over. The red aura was soon piercing his tough skin and muscles.

The attack started to pierce deeper into himself, while he was continued to be pushed back bit by bit by the attack, more blood was being drawn. The green liquid could be seen falling to the ground. At the same time, the spikes on his back were starting to shake in response to this.

The same energy when he was injured by Quinn as last time entered his body and using that newfound energy, he threw his arms out, and with it, the red aura was shattered.

"Not too bad, am I?" Borden said, smiling.

"Ha, ha." Kyle started laughing. "Do you know the blood swipe is the most basic and weakest skill a vampire has? and look at you, you're already so hurt by it already."

"that just makes this fight even better," Borden replied.

"Die!" A loud voice shouted as it ran past Kyle. "I'll kill you for embarrassing me and killing my vampire knight!" Vandeen said, hurling a spear-like weapon towards Quinn.

Thankfully, he was prepared and was able to use his shadow in time. Like a bull charging at him, Quinn wrapped his shadow around the spear and blocked the attack, but the red tint at the end of the spear showed it was a blood weapon.

Not taking any chances rather than spreading the shadow thin. Quinn opted to wrap the spear completely in the shadow, stopping its power. If he had used part of his shadow, there was a good chance it would have caused more damage to the shadow and would have taken more of his Mc points.

"There's more than one you know?" A soft female voice said.

On Quinn's back, a sharp shooting pain was felt as his body was hurled off to the side and sent skidding across the floor. He bounced a couple of times, before eventually coming to a stop.

In a single kick, there was such power.

[80/100 HP]

Although Quinn was able to block one of the attacks with his shadow, he was unable to block two, especially from two leaders. It felt like it would nearly be impossible for him to fight two on his own. On top of all this, Quinn's attention was focused elsewhere.

The person who had kicked Quinn from behind was the eighth leader Jill. Usually, when Jill was to walk up or face an opponent, all of their attention would be on her. If one was fighting a vampire leader, they would have to focus on the threat in front of them.

Instead, Quinn wasn't looking at her at all. He was scared but not scared of her. When she looked into his eyes, she could see he was staring off into a different direction.

"Oh, so you're more concerned about them then you are me, is that right?" Jill said. She could see that Quinn was looking at the two girls who were on the battlefield.

Quinn was worried because out of everyone on the field, they were the weakest. Cia and Layla. They were support type fighters who both fought from far range, so even with the two of them, it was even more than difficult when going up against the vampire knight.

Thankfully, with the use of Cia's spirit ability and Layla chains, they could continuously slow down the knight. Not getting hurt but not doing much damage either.

Jill suddenly stopped walking towards Quinn, and instead changed her direction as she started to walk towards the girls.

"What are you doing!" Quinn shouted, picking himself off the floor.

"Stay down you filthy dog!" Vadeen said as he stabbed his spear into Quin's right shoulder, pinning him to the ground.

[50/100 HP]

"Watch as your friends die. You could have just let Fex die, but now all of them will. Just like you killed my vampire knight in front of my eyes, she is going to do the same."

The girls already had their hands full with the vampire knight, that they hadn't even seen what was coming next. Suddenly, right next to Cia the female vampire, wearing a red dress with a slit up her leg appeared.

"You have quite the annoying ability, I'll deal with you first," Jill said.

Before she knew it, a fist was plunged into deep into her stomach.

"Is this the end?" Cia thought, but something strange had happened. She felt no pain at all. Was it the adrenaline? While in her thoughts, a scream of pain was heard and when turning to look, she could see it had come from Layla who was bent hurled over, and on the floor was a pool of blood.

When Cia looked down at her stomach, there was no wound, and instead, a strange like portal space surrounding her was there, where the wound would be.

"A Hannya, what a brave thing to do," Jill said. "I never expected someone to use the link skill like this."

Before the two girls had entered the fighting area. Layla had cast a spell. It was one of her other skills. She didn't say much to Cia just that it would protect her, but Cia never expected this. All wounds that Cia would receive would instead go to Layla.

The reason she had done this was because Layla was still a subclass vampire. Yes, she didn't have super strength or the speed, but she still healed and could survive more fatal wounds then a regular human like Cia. Still, she never expected to receive such a wound like this one.

Seeing that Layla was suffering and in pain, the vampire knight was finally free form the spiritual chains and decided to charge in planning to finish her, killing her there and then.

The knight close enough had swung his hardened claw, throwing a single line of the blood swipe. It was large and powerful. If it touched Layla anywhere, it would slice her in half.

But there was no chance for that to even happen, as three blood swipes from the side, had come out hitting the single large swipe. It wasn't enough to shatter it, but it had hit it enough to the point where the course of the attack had been altered.

Looking at who the next person was that intervened. Amy soon noticed that someone was no longer standing next to her. "Xander, what the hell are you doing out there!" She cried.

Xander, now standing in front of Layla's body had his eyebrows furrowed, and his fist clenched.

"I will not let anyone harm the women I love." Xander declared. "When I met you, I was serious about going out with you. I won't let them hurt you!"

"ARGHHHH!" But soon, everyone on the field was interrupted by the cries of a single boy. They weren't cries of pain or such, but instead, they were cries of anger.

Looking at the blood surrounding Layla and seeing the pool of blood only getting bigger, something started to boil up inside Quinn. Something he had never felt before. This strange deep dark anger.

"I only wanted to save one person!!! Why!!! Why!!!" Quinn shouted. "You, I'll make you pay for this. I'll kill you all!"

'Is….that…your…wish..' A deep dark voice inside Quinn said.

"Yes…I want them all dead!" Quinn replied.

At that moment, a dark black portal opened behind Jill who still had her hand lodged deep into Cia, and out stepped Quinn's familiar. The Bone Claw.


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