My Vampire System
468 Blood dome
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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468 Blood dome

"He broke the chains, a human was strong enough to break the chains!" Someone from the crowd shouted out.

"Human? What do you mean, can't you see it has spikes on its back, that's a humanoid beast?"

"But why would a beast try to save Fex?"

"Why would a human try to save Fex?"

The discussion amongst the people was rabid, as they were in shock. Mainly because they had just seen a teenage boy, using his brute strength to break apart the solid black material. The material wasn't impossible to break. Otherwise, they would have never been able to use it in the first place to build their structures.

But for many, they could say it was the first time that they had seen someone tear it apart like that with their bare hands. This led to confusion of what exactly had come to the help of the others.

"What the hell is that thing doing here!" Bryce said as he saw the figure. "Answer me Lee, is your family working with them?"

A strike came down from his blade, and Lee had managed to move out of the way. He then quickly covered himself in the red string, shortly after the first attack, several more clangs were heard even though Bryce's sword was no longer moving.

"I have no clue. I don't know why that thing is here. They shouldn't even know of this place!" Lee shouted back.

But no matter what Lee would say, it was clear that a Dalki was helping his son to break free. So his words weren't going to be very convincing.

Edward, who was equally in shock at what help had come to arrive didn't have time to think why, instead he shouted from below.

"Take him away, Leave. We can't fight this many with just us!" He shouted.

It was true. If they were to include all of the vampire leaders along with their vampire knights and the first leader. There was a total of eleven incredibly strong vampires they had to face. While on their side, there was, Silver, Edward, Lee, Quinn and Borden.

They were outnumbered and outmatched. The other leaders, although they chose not to take part in the fight, it didn't look like they were going to help either. No matter what the situation was.

"You heard him." Borden said with a smile. "Let's get out of here."

Opening up his arms, Borden proceeded to give Fex a large bear hug, he then squatted down on the floor as he was about to make his way out of the place with a large jump.

"You should leave too, Quinn," Edward said. "Don't worry about Silver and me. We won't let them kill us that easily."

Quinn hated the fact that there wasn't much he could do to help, but he was right. Even if the others who were still waiting were to come in and join the fight. There was still a high chance they would die. They had managed to get what they were aiming for, there was no longer a reason for them to stay.

Clenching his jaw tightly, he decided it was the only thing they could do.

"You really think I'm going to let them get away that easily, huh?" Bryce said.

Releasing the strength in Borden's thighs, he managed to leap up high with Fex in his hand. It was amazing the height they had gained from a single jump, it was almost as if the Dalki was some type of superhuman.

"Activate the blood dome!" Bryce shouted.

Out from the crowd of people, several vampire guards stepped off to the side and formed a circle around the entire plaza. Each one of them then raised there hands, and red aura seemed to seep out from them. There seemed to be around two hundred vampires, all working at once to create a dome of blood around the entire area.

The black sky was soon tinted with a red, and eventually, it was starting to go over where Borden and Fex were heading. Borden didn't know what the blood dome was, but he had a bad feeling about it.

Not wanting to touch the dome. He relied on his fist and punched towards the ground. The power shifted his weight forward. They were now no longer going up but now heading back down to where Quinn and the others were.

"You mad man, you would sacrifice your own men's life force for something like this!" Muka shouted from the sides. "You are not fit to be king, I wouldn't even say you are fit to be a leader at this point."

"Shut your mouth!" Bryce shouted back. "They all know what it does, they know the price, they are not doing this against their will. They understand that this is an important matter for us all."

The crowd that was surrounded by the dome, they too were a little confused by what was happening. It was something many of them had never seen before.

"What is this?" One of the vampires said as they reached out there hand to touch the wall.

"Don't touch it!" An elder vampire said, but it was too late, the second his fingers had crazed the outer edge of the wall. The vampire could feel it's life force being drained into the wall itself.

The man's appearance started to change. His skin became dry and tight, he looked dehydrated almost. "Blood, please give me blood!" The vampire cried out, but soon he had collapsed to the floor, shrilled up and no longer speaking.

"Is there a way to get rid of that thing?" Quinn asked.

"Once the blood dome has been created, the only way to get rid of it, is to defeat all two hundred men that were used to create it." Edward replied. "And I'm afraid if Bryce has already gone this far, he probably has more men waiting to replace them throughout the city."

Hearing this meant one thing, they now had no choice but to fight.

Two of the leaders moved in. It was at a speed that was too great for Quinn. At least at this very moment while his attention and focus were split. He had been looking at all of the vampires waiting for the right one to make their move. So he was unable to react to the two that moved in.

Edward using his mist he managed to alter the vampire's path and move them off to the side.

"You will not touch the boy!" Edward said.

"Oh, Edward you are but a mere fallen knight, whatever do you think you can do against me?" His opponent, was the twelve leader, Prima Killton, as for his weapons of choice it was a rapier. A weapon that focused on speed. The way he was dressed, the way he spoke, it was filled with class.

His hair was straight and dangled by his side, and he wore bright golden armour. As for his face, he was a handsome, clean-shaven young man. Although this was the age and appearance he chose to show others.

As for the other leader that charged ahead. Silver had rolled off to the side, and at the last second had managed to attach her red strings to the weapon. It was aiming straight for Quinn's head, and she had yanked it to the side, throwing the needle-like weapon off to the side and allowing it to pierce into the ground.

"Oh, Silver, Silver. You don't know how much I have been waiting for this day." The girl said as she chose to completely ignore her original target and decided to go straight for Silver who had interrupted her. "Do you know how many times a day I have to hear my beauty being compared to yours."

Silver continued to deflect the attacks, but her strength was far stronger than her own. After all, she was going up against the third leader, Suzan Topper. A beauty by many peoples standards, but she didn't have the personality to go with it.

Silver had successfully managed to get her red thread around Suzan's needle again. Still, this time, using brute force, she continued to make a thrusting action as it aimed right for Silver's belly. Whatever it took, Silver just needed to make sure that the needle didn't deal a fatal blow.

When looking at the needle carefully, even more, red thread from the side seemed to wrap around it. The external force from the side had moved the needle ever so slightly. Allowing the needle to only make a small graze across Silver's stomach, breaking her clothes and leaving a small scratch.

"Damn it! I was so close!" Suzan shouted.

"Don't think you can kill my sister so easily." Said Fex.

With Fex going to help his sister out, it left Borden and Quinn alone to face off against the remaining three vampire leaders and five vampire knights.

"Well, I can tell this might be quite the difficult one with just the two of us." Borden said. "But I like a challenge."

The spikes on Borden's back were tingling, although he knew he should have felt scared, instead, he felt excited at the thought that he could die during this fight.

If all of the vampires were to charge in at the same time, their attacks would get in the way of one another. So instead, the eighth leader using her abilities was in charge of instructing them all. She had ordered for the vampire knights to go in first, and the leaders following them closely behind.

'Remember do not underestimate these two. We have seen their power already." The eighth leader Jill said, using her telepathic ability.

As they all charged in, Quinn was trying to decide which attacks to stop, and which ones he should prioritise in attacking first. He understood why Edward had sent him on that training, to learn how to deal with multiple opponents at once, but this wasn't the same at all.

However, the vampire knights advance were quickly stopped. A black ball came out hitting the one out front wrapping chains around them and pinning the first one to the ground, soon after and a blue ghost-like spirit spear was thrown into the person as well.

Out from the side running out from the crowd a white and black sword was seen clashing against another knights spear and finally, what looked like a suited up human-sized mech came out at the speed of light. In its hand, it held a red shining energy blade, that had sliced one of the knight's shields in half.

"Layla, and…. All her friends. What are they doing out there!" Amy shouted, surprised.

As promised, if it was to come to a fight, then they would join the battle and do everything in their power to win.


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