My Vampire System
453 Race war
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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453 Race war

There was no shouting, no crying, no shaking, nothing. All that could be heard was silence as the two girls remained together in the room. Cia was doing her best to avoid eye contact, and Layla just didn't know what was going through her mind right now.

She had just finished telling Cia everything about herself, as well as her.

How she didn't know much about Cia's past but that both of them used to work for the terrorist organisation, known as Pure. She even later revealed the fact that Layla had broken off from the group and was now no longer a part of them.

Hearing all of this, Cia didn't really know how to react. When learning about herself, she didn't really know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this. On top of it all, even though Layla was telling her all these things and she believed it, it still didn't feel real.

It wasn't as if through Layla telling her these memories they had suddenly become her own, for in her own head she still knew absolutely nothing. She could have said Cia used to be Santa Clause and it would have had the same effect.

This empty feeling in her mind couldn't be filled even after learning of her past.

Seeing this Layla didn't know what to do, but there was one thing she was sure about, it was the fact that her negative feelings were no longer there. She couldn't see the smog from before, and right now she didn't really know how to help her.

"You know Cia, there was something that happened before I really knew you," Layla said. "I used to have a friend, and due to some things, I had no choice but to send them over to Pure as well. At least there she was safe. Even though I knew what they did there, I just wanted her to live.

"When she left, I was a bit lost, I felt alone, but you helped me. Looked after me and looked out for me during that time, and I wanted to do the same. I don't know if you did so because it was your duty or mission, but I would like to think it was real and that was the real Cia.

"During our time that we have spent together so far as well. Even though you didn't have your memories, I would say you were more real now than before being influenced by Pure."

With those words, Cia started to think, she thought about whether it would be best to head back to Pure. After all, Layla only knew so much about herself but didn't know about her parents. What school she went to or anything.

According to Layla, the type of people Pure usually tried to recruit, especially at a young age had already lost everything. More so than not, they would have no family, relatives or friends, keeping the organisation completely secret.

"Thank you for telling me everything." Cia finally responded. "I can tell you actually care for me. Its why I'm even here in the first place, but can't explain it. I know you want me to move on, make new memories and try to forget about learning about my past. But it's like this empty hole in your mind, it feels like it needs to be filled.

"It's hard to explain. If you can… I would like it if you could help me get my memories back. Ask Quinn, ask the other vampires, it doesn't have to be now I know you are busy but please if you could do this for me."

She started to think about it for a while. The main problem was if she was to have her memories returned, then quite possibly she would go back to pure and report everything that happened so far. That was if she could even have her memories returned which Layla still wasn't sure was a possibility.

Seeing that Layla was taking a long time to respond, she could guess what the overlying problem of the whole thing was. It was trust, and there was one way she could gain their trust if nothing was to happen.

"Even though I don't want to, there is one thing we can do if you don't trust me," Cia said. " As long as I'm with you, I think it will be okay, but if you can return my memories, then go ahead and let Quinn turn me as well. That way, you know I'm on your side, right?"

Layla was against this idea almost instantly as she replied back.

"No, you don't understand what we have gone through." She said as she thought back to what Peter had become. Her evolution wasn't so bad, but even she had her up and downs. Every time Quinn turned someone, it was a bit of a gamble of what they would become. "On top of that, you will no longer have your ability, your whole life could be changed with this."

"What life…" Cia replied. "Right now I have no life, I've only been at the academy with no memories for a month and here for around two to three weeks. The way I see it, even if I was a vampire, it would be just like I was born one. There's not much of a life to give up."

Layla wanted to try to say more, to convince her to stop, but looking into her eyes, she could tell that she had the same look and resolve as she did back then. She had already made up her mind. When saying this as a suggestion, she didn't hesitate. Perhaps even before asking, she had been thinking about it for some time.

"I…will ask Quinn about it. Ultimately it will be down to him anyway. I suggest you take some time to think about it and if you want you can go ahead and talk to the others, like Peter, who also used to be a human before all this."

While the girls were busy having their discussion, Both Logan and Vorden were busy away in the research lab. Correction, Logan was busy away, while Vorden was sitting in the corner on a stool, spinning around a plastic tube in his fingers. He didn't know how long he had been doing it for, but knew it was a long time.

"Any new information yet?" Vorden asked.

"This is the fifth time you have asked me that already," Logan replied, as a single drop of the green blood landed in a circle petri dish. "This is why Peter was the perfect assistant, he would be there when I needed him. Do as I asked and not ask too many questions."

"Well…?"Vorden replied as he could see numbers running on one of the machines next to Logan he didn't quite understand.

It took Logan a little longer since this wasn't his own lab. And he also needed to learn a little bit on how to use the newfound technology. Thankfully due to his ability, he was able to learn things quicker than most.

"You're right though, I guess the fifth time's the charm for you? Anyway, I have found some interesting things. The D.N.A. structure of the green blood, it seems to be a mixture of the beasts and…."

"And what?" Vorden asked.

"And Humans, believe it or not."

"You found all that out from blood?"

"No, the machines have some previous information on them from before as well. I guess this is just a reminder to us all."

"A reminder of what?"

"A reminder of what the vampires really are. Although Quinn is our friend and is a vampire more often than not, we forget he was originally a human. So perhaps using him as a standard for all vampires is something we shouldn't do.

"Let me ask you, with all these vampires here including the young ones and the ones at school. They all received blood packs correct? And they all had human blood in them. Where exactly are they getting this supply of human blood from?

"And I don't need to remind you about all those bodies we saw in the laboratory back there.. human body parts are just used for experimentation.

"You know I've been thinking if vampires always lived among us, then where were they during the first war? I could find no such report on them at all. But what if they never saw us, humans, as living things in the first place. If something was trying to destroy all the ants in the world, I doubt there would be many that would step in to safe them.

"To put it simply, I'm sure the vampires see us as nothing, nothing but food to them. And that's the problem, they still need us. This green blood that powers them up. Might be the result of mixing both human and beast blood together. Perhaps the vampires were trying to create their own unnatural source. So they would no longer have to rely on us."

It was definitely a lot to think about, and Vorden couldn't say he hadn't thought about these possibilities either. The truth and matter of fact was that vampires were not the friend of the human race. They were another enemy.

If there ever came to a point where the human race and vampire race were to be at war, Vorden started to wonder just what side Quinn would pick.


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