My Vampire System
452 A new skill
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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452 A new skill

Although Edward had told Quinn to take the fight seriously and to use everything he had. There was never a worry in his mind that he would be severely hurt in this fight. There were two main reasons for this, the first being his unique ability.

As long as one didn't know the specific way it worked, to most vampires and even beasts, they would think that he was invincible since he was able to turn his body into mist. The second being the fact that he just couldn't sense the fear when looking at Quinn.

Perhaps it was because he could tell his evolution was only that of a vampire noble, and he knew he had recently become one as well.

Holding out his hand, Edward was the first to attack. "Blood spray." It was a move Quinn knew well, and suddenly a shotgun like spray of blood came shooting out from Edward's hand.

"Lets see your defensive skills then." Edward said.

The shadow that was hovering over Quinn's back immediately moved to the front,  covering his entire body,  and once it had blocked the attack, Quinn moved to the side.

This was training after all and was only meant for Quinn to show what he had, so he didn't charge in or do anything like he normally would.

"Okay,  try again." Edward said,  this time shooting out a blood spray once, and then a second time straight after.

But it didn't matter for Quinn if it was one or two. His shadow would be able to block it, but this thinking was exactly what Edward thought it would be.

"Blood control."

Splitting his hands apart,  the blood followed as if he was using some form of telekinesis ability on his blood. Edward was able to control the flow of blood as he wished, and he had changed the direction of the attack. Instead of coming from the front, the two blood sprays now were coming from the side.

However,   Quinns shadow was also able to react quick enough,  and was split in two, forming two blanket-like shapes covering his sides and blocking the attack.

"Looks like your defensive skills really are impressive,  I should have expected from the punisher's power." Edward said. "Now, lets see how you attack."

Once again,   just like before,  the mist started to fit the entire room, covering the whole space. The others could still see Quinn in the mist but had no clue where Edward was.

'Should I use the shadow void?' Quinn thought. 'No, it will be useless. It seems like the vampire knights know of the shadow powers and also now its weakness. Besides, more so than likely we will soon be facing multiple opponents. I can't rely on the shadow dome.'

A movement in the mist was seen,  and Quinn throughout a punch, but it hit nothing and the mist was split apart once again.

"A punch to the stomach." Edward said.

Hearing the voice from behind, Quinn turned and threw out a kick and all it did was move the mist about again.

'Where is he?'

"A kick to your back." Edward said again. "You would have been hit two times already by now,   I know you would have had the shadow to protect you,  but the shadow won't last forever. Quinn, I can see you have been human for most of your life now. You are relying far too much on your human senses, sight, hearing, touch."

"As a vampire all our senses are far more heightened, than that of others and we also have new senses. When you faced Clark the vampire knight, or even went against Jin, the vampire leader. Could you not sense how dangerous they were?"

"That wasn't in your head, that too is one of our senses, right now if you want to find where my true body is, you need to focus on that feeling."

The voice was coming from all over, and Quinn tested and turned his head, trying to find out where the voice was coming from, but it was completely useless. Edward could see he still wasn't listening.

"Fine." From the mist, Edward went in for the attack. As soon as his fingertips were felt on the back of Quinn's collar, Quinn decided to use the flash step directly behind him.

A hand could be seen trying to touch where he was just seconds ago, but the rest of Edwards body still couldn't be seen.

"The flash step. What a skilful move."

The hand then suddenly disappeared, and once again fingers were felt on his collar, but Quinn wasn't fast enough to react as he was yanked down and thrown to the floor.

"But it's a move that all vampire knights know. Perhaps it's impressive for those around your age, but others will simply match you with this skill, making it pointless to use and just a waist of stamina." Edward explained.

The mist started to disappear again and now Edward was seen on the other side of the room. "That's enough of that, is that all the skills you have in your arsenal."

                             "No, there are still a few things I haven't tried yet." Quinn said.

From this far distance, there was a great skill that Quinn could use. Twisting his hip, he let his leg out like a whip, throwing out a roundhouse kick. "Blood crescent kick." Not wanting to damage his power, Quinn tried to put the minimal amount of Qi into it.

Still, it was enough for Edward to see that this power was different; it was greater than a normal blood swipe.

But as the attack moved forward, Edward continued to stand there, and when the attack hit his body, it had passed through him. Where the attack connected with his body mist could be seen as it went past, and it quickly disappeared after.

"That ability is so strong." Quinn thought.

There were still a few things Quinn hadn't tried using yet, he had his new Blood shot skill, and he had hammer blood strike as well, but it seemed like both of these would be a waste on fighting Edward. As all the attack should just phase through his mist like body.

Until he learnt how to hit his real body, then there would be nothing.

"You must try to find a way." Edward said. "Some of the vampire leaders' abilities are far worse than mine."

"Maybe I could grab him with my shadow?" Quinn thought. "It would slow down the use of his ability. More so than likely, Edward is able to control when to change his body into a mist like shape, but it can't always be like that otherwise he would never be able to attack or touch. Only because of his great timing is he able to switch."

"Also, Humans aren't the only ones limited by Mc cells, so were vampires, so if he could he would need to use his ability as little as possible."

"You know, when I fought against Clark, I was trying to think of a way to increase my attack power. During that time an idea came up in my head to try something new." Quinn said. "I was saving this for the vampire leaders. I'm sorry, but I need to test out if this works first."

"I can take whatever you have for me." Edward said.

A few moments later, and Edward was on the floor, blood spilling from the top of his shoulder. He was covered in sweat and was looking up at Quinn, who was standing above.

"I… Knew it, of course you would have to be special to become tenth leader. Not just anyone can become a family head."

"Master, perhaps one day you will be able to achieve that silly dream of yours." Peter said, watching from the side.

While Timmy was speechless at what he had just seen, he didn't even know how to describe it.

With Quinn's abilities measured, Edward had asked Timmy to get some blood packs that were located in the castle. When returning, both Quinn and Edward were given them to speed up the healing process. Quinn wasn't hurt, but he had used some blood attack and it was best to just get him back up to speed.

While they were resting, Edward had asked Quinn about how he had come across the shadow ability in the first place and Quinn replied truthfully. This answer seemed to disappoint him a bit, as if he was expecting something.

"Sorry, I just thought that after learning you had the punisher's powers made, there were others out there. But it seems like you really did just come across the power by chance. Punishers were very loyal to their own, and would do anything to protect each other, so I thought there was a good chance that others might come to help you, but I guess they really are all dead." Edward explained.

"Alright, next on the training list will be the Wight, as for you two though I have a special task." Edward said. "When Timmy gave the blood banks, I remembered that there was something I forgot to do. While I'm busy training with Peter, I want you to go out around the inner castle area and deliver everyone their blood packs for this week."

"What, why me, And won't I get recognised?" Quinn asked.

"I promise you that this is also part of your training as well, I wouldn't waste time when we only have a short time frame. The other families aren't allowed to enter the inner area without permission, and I know you are going to complain about the guards and how you guys were let in easily, but the other vampires will stay true to this rule."

"Now go out there and deliver some blood."

[New quest received, Deliver blood to the tenths people.]

[Quest reward????]


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