My Vampire System
449 New evolution
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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449 New evolution

The sudden emotional demand from Cia's mouth came at an unexpected time, but it wasn't like the others, including Quinn, never expected for this to happen. The more time she spent with them, there was always the chance that she would find out sooner or later.

However, Quinn had been suppressing this thought ever since seeing Cia. He felt a little guilty every time he looked at her and couldn't look at her directly before. But it wasn't all because he felt bad, no it was because when he looked at her he didn't truly feel bad. As if what he had done was the right thing to do. He felt as if his feelings were a little numb to the whole situation, and he was afraid it was because he was changing.

Still, he had a clear mind. Even if she looked to be broken down, and heavily torn by what was happening and he felt a little heartless. He knew she was right, and that she deserved to know the truth.

"Yes." Quinn said. "I was the one who removed your memories, but before you lash out at me, or anyone here you should learn the truth, or why I had chosen to do it."

Hearing this, Cia started to break down in tears, and the bystanders who were watching were left a little confused. Timmy was still wondering what was suddenly happening, and felt like he couldn't interfere in such a big moment, while Edward was trying to figure out why there was the need to remove another vampire's memories. It was possible for a vampire to remove another vampires' memories, but one would have to be far stronger than the other.

"Please Cia." Quinn said. "I think it would be best if you found out the whole situation from Layla, the two of you are more closely connected than you think." Quinn tried his best to reassure her in a calm voice. She was on her knees with her hands covering her face and the tears could be seen creeping through the gaps.

She felt lost. This whole time she was wondering who she was, what had happened to her and why, and the only people that seemed to care or looked after her, were involved in getting rid of her memories.

"No!!!!" She started to scream. "No! No! No!"

The screaming and sobbing was getting out of control.

"Can someone please shut her up!" Peter said as he covered both of his ears with his hands. "If she carries on like this, then maybe I'm going to do something."

Seeing the situation was getting a little out of control, it was clear no amount of words would get through to her at this time. Layla, who was still close to her, tried to embrace her with a hug, but Cia, ended up shoving her away.

"Get off me, how can I trust what you say now!" Cia shouted.

Seeing this, Layla felt like there was only one thing she could do. The dark smog surrounding Cia was heavy and denser than she had ever seen before. She had chosen to do this as little as possible from now on, but this was an emergency situation.

Using her hands and moving them in a circular motion, she was able to control the black smoke, and allow it to enter into her mouth and nose. The others who were watching couldn't see what Layla could see, so it all looked a little strange.

As the smog started to disappear, Cia started to automatically feel better. The negative thoughts were starting to go away, and she was starting to feel positive about it, but then when looking at Quinn again, they had returned and the smog with it.

Layla tried harder to consume the smog, and eventually when she had consumed every last bit. Cia's mind felt free, perhaps too free as her vision started to blur and her body felt weak. After swaying backwards and forwards, she eventually collapsed onto the floor.

"Is the shouting woman dead?" Timmy asked, still confused.

Logan had gone to approach her, and it looked like she was still breathing, and her heart was still beating. "I think she's just asleep."

However, after consuming all of the negative emotions, Quinn noticed that Layla was shivering. Her whole body was shaking from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

"Layla, are you alright?" Quinn asked, as he rushed over.

"Stay back, I'll be okay." Layla replied.

She had consumed too many negative emotions and the excess energy was now inside her body, but this was the perfect opportunity to show everyone how much she had changed.

She started to gather all the excess energy, and spread it around her body, and soon her appearance started to change. Her body started to get slightly taller, her two small bumps that were on her head started to grow into full-fledged horns, and as for her two side teeth, they had turned into large fangs. Although they weren't like the fangs vampires had. Instead, they were thick and large, going down to her chin if her mouth was closed.

When her transformation was complete, the shivering had stopped.

"Is that Layla?" Vorden asked, shocked by the sudden change.


[Hannya, Evolved form: Chunari]

Using his inspect skill Quinn was able to get a little bit of information, but it didn't delve deeper into the details like last time. Although he was afraid to tell Layla what had just happened, as he started to remember the last time she had transformed, before she just had little bumps, but now she had full-fledged horns, could she really live with herself, and if they were to go back to earth, how were they going to hide that from others?

She clearly wasn't human.

"Oh a Hannya, now when was the last time I saw one of those?" Edward said. "How many more surprises will I be getting?"

Vorden started to look at her more closely. He started to think if you took away her two large horns, and tusk-like teeth. Then the increase in height and Layla's figure in other areas had greatly improved. Although some would think she looked like a monster. No one could doubt it was a pretty one.

He continued to stare, and this was frustrating Layla.

"Can you all stop staring at me like that!" Layla shouted. "I know what you are thinking, don't worry.... My evolution is temporary, I just needed to get rid of the excess power somehow and this was the best way. Once the power starts to fade, then my form will revert back to what it once was."

"I think you look kind of cool." Timmy said as he looked up at her.

The compliment was welcomed by Layla, as a smile appeared on her face.

Now that she had evolved, her abilities were also different as well, but there was no need for her to display them right now and would wait till later.

"Now all the drama has been dealt with, we can get back to the matter at hand." Edward said. "Who are these friends of yours, are they also here for the same reason as you?"

"Wait!" Timmy said. "You mean you don't know who they are either Edward. I was sure you would have known them since everyone here seems so familiar with each other."

This was going to be a hard one for Quinn to explain and he didn't really know where to start without having the two of them go into a panic. Especially since Quinn didn't even know who this little vampire who traveled with his friends was.

"If you wait a couple more minutes, then it might be easier for you to explain." Logan said.

For a second Quinn was confused, but after a couple minutes had passed, the scent of everyone there had come into their noses and he finally understood.

It looked like Edward was still getting surprises here and there and many was still to come.

Outside of the tenth castle, between the inner castle area and the normal living area. A few black blurs could be seen in the night sky passing by. It was a brief flicker and if one wasn't paying attention, they would have never seen it. This was indeed the case for the guards that was stationed at the tenths inner castle living areas. For they were half asleep while on the job.

These blurs were a pair of vampires who had been stationed at the tenth castle. Once they were far enough away from the tenth castle, they had continued to travel until they had reached their own castle. Reporting back about their findings.

They were inside a throne room and sitting their was one of the leaders with two men by his side.

"Sir, based on all the information gathered, the students have successfully returned to each of their families." The vampire reported. "However, there was one anomaly, and that is to do with the tenth castle you stationed us at. All of the people inside and outside of the inner circle had been accounted for beforehand, and when we checked it with the files, there seems to be an increase of four vampires."

"Four vampires that aren't registered heading to the tenth castle." The leader said. "The castle lights up signalling the possible return of the tenth. The punisher child with the prisoner was last seen heading towards the tenth castle, and now four new vampires are seen entering as well. It looks like soon there might be a big clash heading our way."


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