My Vampire System
447 The tenth“s ability
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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447 The tenth“s ability

After hearing the words come out from the boy's mouth. Edward couldn't keep his own closed, it was left wide open as his mind was slowly processing everything that was happening.

"I'm-mmm sorry, do you mind repeating that?" Edward asked, stuttering his words and fumbling over them.

"Are you deaf, old man?" Peter said. "He said he is the tenth leader."

At any moment, Edward wanted to be woken up from this nightmare. The tenth leader was a mere vampire noble, and not just that, but his strength was nowhere near that of an actual leader.

Although he didn't want to believe it, now things were starting to make logical sense in his mind. Now he understood why the castle had lit up and when he entered why he saw these two. The castle had to be reacting to the very child in front of him.

"Oh Vincent, what have you done?" Edward mumbled.

Judging from the old man's reaction, Quinn could see he was not impressed and honestly he didn't know how to feel about this. He didn't really know what type of reaction he was going to get. Open with welcome arms, a celebration. Perhaps this was the more reasonable reaction from someone finding out a regular human turned vampire had become a human.

It was better that Edward didn't know this fact. If he did, he probably would have died from shock finding out the person in front of him used to be human.

"No," Edward said, shaking his head. "Vincent was a smart and clever leader, he must have had his reason for doing so. If you are the tenth leader, then I can assume Vincent had passed on his powers to you?"

"Powers?" Quinn replied back, confused. Was the man referring to the system?

"His ability, the tenth leader's ability. Tell me, he must have taught you his ability, right?" Now Edward was sounding quite panicked at all of this.

However, Quinn really wasn't sure if he had the tenths ability or not, was it part of the system, but that couldn��t be the case. Even vampires, just like humans, were only allowed one ability, and right now he had the shadow ability. If he remembered correctly, the system had stated that his ability was not the shadow one, so he didn't know much about it.

"You do not have my ability." Vincent said. "Just tell him the truth, Edward is a good man and I'm sure he will still help you. The fact that he is still here after all these years proves it. He is a strong vampire at any time he could have switched and joined another family. His title was relinquished when I disappeared, yet he still chose to stay."

Listening to the system, Vincent's words, there was a bit of sorrow in the voice. More and more Quinn was starting to wonder if it really was an AI system behind everything, or was his spirit somehow trapped in the system as well.

"Vincent taught me no such thing, I don't think I have his ability." Quinn replied. "What exactly was his ability?"

Edward placed his hand on top of his forehead as it took him a few seconds to regain his composure before giving an answer.

"I guess there is nothing to be done about that then. If he chose you to take his place, then he must have done so for some reason." Edward replied.

But Quinn was still unsure if he really was chosen to take his place or if the book just happened to come into his hands.

"You see, the tenths family is a unique one. It is the only family that doesn't pass on the leader's ability to all those close to him. The only one that is able to learn the ability are the leader himself and his chosen successor." Edward started to explain.

"You see, for the leader's power was a great one. It was the power of equivalent exchange. The power was limited to the creation in one's mind, as long as he knew what he wanted and had a rough idea of how it worked he could create it. However, the stronger the creation, the more he had to exchange to create it.

"He needed the materials beforehand, and much research was needed to be done. Most of Vincent's work was things related to alchemy, such as pills, potions and what not created from different beasts. Still, he did dabble in weapons from time to time, I believe you saw some of the creations he made below on display."

"The creations that are in your shop were also made by me." Vincent said in Quinns mind quite proud.

"This meant that the vampires belonging to the tenth would usually be considered quite weak compared to the other families, but it was not the case at all. During Vincent's time and even before the tenth family had power to rival the others. Due to his power, he was able to create items, potions, and other such things that would increase their strength. There were many who wanted to join the tenth family for this reason.

"But that all changed when he left. There were many who resented him, including the other former Vampire knight. Our power had decreased and become nothing. I thought if he had at least past on his powers, then maybe you could help out the tenth family once again, like he did before."

Hearing all of this, Quinn understood why Edward was so shocked to hear he hadn't learnt the tenths ability. It wasn't just the hope that a new leader had returned, but one with his powers as well.

It felt weird that Quinn probably disappointed this man in front of him, when he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

"Im sorry Quinn." Vincent said. "I know how you must be feeling. Part of the reason I never wanted you to reveal you were the tenth leader is because of this. When I left, I was unsure how the people who belonged to me felt. Perhaps finding out a new leader had returned they would put all their hopes on you, or perhaps there were some who felt angry enough to even go against you. Taking out their anger on you.

"There is also another reason, and that is to do with our politics. At some point in the future, a new king will need to be elected. The current thirteen vampires must vote and choose who will be the next king. With you still not being at the same strength level, you will become an easy target.

"They might try to force you to come over to their side, or if you are against them, others will target you. Getting rid of your vote. If you don't understand what I mean, they will take your life."

Hearing this, for some reason Quinn wasn't afraid. In the past something like this would have frightened him, but ever since coming here he had been so determined to save Fex, he already had the resolution. Not once even while fighting had he run away. And he felt the same now, was it because of his change every time he evolved.

Still shaking his head in disbelief, Edward couldn't believe Vincent hadn't told him anything, but suddenly something had hit him. How was this young boy elected to be the next leader?

The torch had gone away many, many years ago, and the kid in front of him didn't look to be above 18 years of age. Sure, a vampire could hide their appearance, but it didn't feel like he was doing that at all, or at least he wasn't at the skill level where he was able to do such a thing yet.

Had this kid ever even met Vincent before?

"Thank you for telling me about everything." Quinn said. "I'm sorry about all that's happened, and I'm not exactly what you were expecting. I didn't ask for any of this. And I'm sorry, but I am here to ask a favour of you.

"Vincent informed me that if I told you who I was, you would help me, and even though me and you are strangers, there is no one else I can ask."

Quinn paused while saying this, most of the words that were spoken. The system was telling him what to say to ask for help, but Quinn wanted to see the look on Edwards face, afraid that this could go sour at any second.

"I have a friend, his name is Fex, and he is to be executed soon, I wish to save him from this excution." Said Quinn.

Edward gave a look at Quinn up and down. He thought that the boy was crazy. Of course he knew about Fex, everyone knew about the execution that was to take place. He was to be publicly excuted and on the day all of the leaders would be present. To try to save him… it was a crazy task.

Then, an unexpected smile appeared on his face.

"I don't know why you wish to save this boy, but it's not my place to ask. My loyalties lie with the tenth family, and you are currently the tenth leader. So whatever you need, I will help with.

"You are one crazy boy, you know that… Just like the last leader. Still, there is a lot to do if you want to save him. The way you two are now, you will be killed before you could even reach the platform. If you want to save him, you two will have to get stronger. If you wish, I can train you. That is, if you are up for it?" Edward asked with the biggest grin on his face.

"Of course." Quinn replied.


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