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446 Follow the Castle light!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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446 Follow the Castle light!

Walking towards the tenths castle, Timmy was leading the way without really knowing it, as the others would let him go in front. The castles could be seen from nearly anywhere in the settlement since they were so large and grand. The problem was though; they didn't exactly have numbers on them showing which castle was which.

And due to a large castle being placed in the middle and another large one right on the end. Logan couldn't even make any logical sense to an order of the castles. However, each castle was slightly different in design and the large banner bearing down from the top was also different from each one.

It was the family crest. A few times, Logan would see the family crest on certain students. An example of this was Xander, those that were within the inner circle of the family and not part of the pool.

Currently, the group was in what was known as the main area. Every vampire belonged to a family, but this was what was referred to as the vampire pool. The vampires that didn't have the families abilities and were able to switch between, hoping to one day rise into the inner circle by showing their strength.

The way of living wasn't bad. There were still nice houses all around, happy faces of the people and shops. It looked just like any regular human town, apart from the place being in darkness the whole time. While walking, Logan was a little afraid that Timmy would just be walking to his own house, which would be located in the pool area. Which meant they wouldn't be able to go to the tenth castle, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which was the tenth castle, he thought.

Cia was now practically clinging onto Layla's arm as the two of them walked at the back. She had become even less talkative now, and it looked as if she wasn't really speaking to Layla either. The truth was, Layla was finding this a tad bit annoying now.

Thanks to her training at the school, she was able to control her own emotions now quite well and at will. If needed, she could use both of her skills without having to feed off Cia's negative emotions. Still, for some reason, frequently negative emotions were starting to seep out of Cia more and more, and not knowing what to do, Layla would still consume them for her, but she couldn't help but think this might be a bad idea. Perhaps Cia was becoming dependent on Layla now to lift her mood.

Soon she would have to stop, or find the root cause to what exactly was causing her negative thoughts.

As they walked, suddenly, everyone on the streets including Timmy who was walking stopped as they could see the sight in front of them. All of the people around started to point and look in one direction in particular. It was one of the castles.

Unlike the others, this castle wasn't lit up, until now that was.

"What's happening, did the tenth leader return!" Timmy said excitedly.

But soon after, the lights had gone off, but that didn't stop the people on the streets and such discussing what they had just witnessed.

"Guy's did you see, did you see? The tenth's castle lights went on!" Timmy said in excitement. Timmy wasn't exactly an outspoken or energetic person, so to see him this excited about something the others felt like this must have been quite the big deal.

"Yeah, I can't believe it, right?" Vorden said, trying to fake his excitement as well.

Now when walking and leading the way, Timmy was walking a lot faster than before. With each step he had a little hop and the smile on his face hadn't gone away. Looking at the others around though, Logan had noticed their faces mostly had a look of concern.

The good news was that Timmy seemed to be heading to the castle that had lightened up. He could only assume it was the tenths castle and now even if Timmy did live in the pooling area, they knew the general direction that they needed to go.

Finally, they had gotten quite close to the inner castle area and a wall not too high could be seen that seemed to split the two sections apart. Timmy continued to walk forward while the others stopped. For there seemed to be guards stationed at the wall that separated the two areas.

When Timmy noticed the others were no longer walking, he turned around.

"What's wrong?" Timmy asked. "Oh, is it because we are going into the inner castle area? Don't worry too much about it, I can get us in. I'm close with the former Vampire knight, Edward. He always lets me in.

"The truth is, me and my family don't live in the inner castle area either, but you see Edward is a really nice guy. Unlike the other families, they don't believe in their segregated tier system. As long as you are a part of the family, you are free to choose to be in the pooling area or in the inner castle area.

"He's told me multiple times that if it was up to him, he would have torn down these walls already, but unfortunately it's the current rules of the place. Besides, you know our situation is unique anyway, right?"

"You mean because there is no current tenth leader?" Logan replied, remembering from his research what he had found out. Still, when looking there was no reason attributed to why there was no current leader in the first place, so he had to be careful. Especially with Timmy. Since the two of them should have the same base of knowledge.

"No, I'm not talking about that." Timmy replied. "The fact that the tenth family has no set ability like the other families. It makes sense for them to segregate the two areas since those within the castle area know the family's abilities, but for us, who all either have our own ability or none at all, it makes no sense. In a way, I guess this is also why no one wants to join the tenths family and try to move up.

"Even if you get within the inner circle, what's the reward? You don't learn a strong cool ability like the others. Although my Mum and Dad said it wasn't always like this, before many wanted to join, but It never made much sense to me."

Timmy's explanation seemed to be all over the place for Logan to get any decent information. However he couldn't really blame Timmy. It seemed like it was like this for a reason, and there weren't many that actually knew the full reason why the tenths castle was the way it was.

Still, it wasn't really their problem, what was more important was they found Quinn as soon as possible.

When walking with Timmy, it was just as he said, the guards had waved them in no problem. They didn't even bat an eyelid as they walked past, as if the guards were just statues there for show.

For now, Logan thought it was best to continue following Timmy. They weren't even sure if Quinn was actually in the castle in the first place, and maybe they could learn more from this Edward person that Timmy wanted to meet.

Finally, they had arrived at the largest house in the inner castle area. It was hard to call it a house since it looked more like a mansion. There was a gate outside and a pathway leading up to the large door.

There was a metal knocker that was about the size of a human head, lifting it up. Timmy gave it a few knocks.

They all waited for a while but there was no response at all. "Thats strange. Edward is a hermit, he never leaves his house. I even used to get food for him from time to time."

He knocked again and this time also shouted. "Sir Edward are you there!! I wanted to ask what was going on at the tower, and the school told us you would tell us what was going on."

Once again there was no answer, and Timmy could only assume that nobody was in. Still it was very strange indeed.

"Well, should we just head to the castle?" Layla asked. "That's where the light turned on right? Maybe Sir Edward went to check it out?"

Timmy thought about it for a while before giving his answer. "The problem is, no one is allowed in the castle, and even then there is a circular lock on the front door. Edward is the only one that knows the combination so I don't even know how we would get in."

At that very moment Logan could feel the mask going off inside his backpack. He made sure to keep a spider inside, that would notify him if it was receiving any messages. He decided to do this incase of times like these.

"Logan are you there, I have an important message. Me and Peter are safe. We are currently inside the tenth castle. If you can answer this as soon as possible then we can come up with a plan.

"It would be best if you could head to the tenth castle now."

Hearing this message, Logan decided to make the suggestion.

"I think we should check out the tenth castle just in case anyway." Logan said.

Seeing no harm, Timmy agreed and the group decided to head off towards the castle, after being split for so long, it looked like they would once again be reunited.


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