My Vampire System
440 Xander“s opponen
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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440 Xander“s opponen

Due to the sudden announcement, all the Vampire knights were to return to their castles for a briefing, and this was especially true for Silver, since the occurrence of the punisher was last seen in her castle and Peter had been taken. Based on the information that was given, she was also afraid that others would start to think that the thirteenth family was more involved in this than they thought.

Everything seemed to be happening so soon, and with Silver suddenly leaving, the gang of three was left a little clueless with what to do next. Although Logan was sure Silver wouldn't reveal or tell the others about who they were or why they were there, he had no clue why she had suddenly left the room like that, that day.

'Is something going on?' Logan thought 'There is still some time left before Fex's execution right.'

During the night, he would continually try to contact Quinn for answers to see if there was any reply. In truth, he was a bit lost with what to do next himself. They could possibly head to the public execution, but there would likely be many people there, including a few vampire leaders, if not all of them. Would Quinn be strong enough to save Fex in front of everyone? If he couldn't get strong enough, then there was one other option, to create an army of his own but that seemed even more impossible.

The next day, when the three of them had arrived into class, they were in for a bit of a shock. For they were unaware that Silver had been asked to return back to her castle, meaning that today Silver wouldn't be their teacher. At her usual desk, there was someone else standing in her place.

He was quite a small framed male teacher, who had rounded classes and was covered in dark black robes. "Hurry and get a move on you three, we don't have all day." The teacher said as the three of them stood still for a moment.

Hurrying to their seats, every one of them was now starting to sweat and worry a little as the class began. As they remembered the schedule that Logan showed them, the teacher began the lesson. The theme of today's lesson was displayed on the screen: Sparring matches.

If Silver was here, then she would have helped them get out of such a mess, stopped them from fighting somehow, but she wasn't.

"There are some important matters going on within the families and for that reason me, Reli will be your teacher for today." The round glasses man said. At this point, Logan realised that all vampires had perfect eyesight, so the glasses were possibly there, just as a fashion statement. "Today there will be a sparring match. All of the classes will be involved and it will be a chance for everyone to show what they have learnt in the classes so far."

"However, to make it more interesting, we will select two opponents up from a different class into the fighting arena. As these fights go on, everyone shall standby and watch. Once a winner has been declared then we shall discuss what one person did well, and what the other did wrong. The winner of the fight shall select their next opponent which has to be from a different class. It cannot be from the same class as themselves, nor the same class as the opponent that they had just faced."

"This will allow us to see the levels of each of the classes, of course eventually the winning student will more likely lose, because of the continuous fights they will have in a row."

With the rules and today's lesson explained, the students were all rallied up outside as they did once before. What came as a surprise was that all three of the subclasses were also invited outside on the field to watch the event. Although they were told they wouldn't be taking part.

As Vorden walked onto the field,, his eyes matched up with Layla's and it seemed as if she had a worried look on her face. Seeing this, Amy gave her a slight nudge, hitting her with her shoulder. "I thought you said you weren't into the tall blondie, why are you so worried ?"

But Layla didn't reply, as she was too busy thinking about the worst that could happen.

Outside on the field, they had a platform that had been raised. It wasn't too big, and the platform was only raised about a foot off the ground. It was round in size as well. All the different classes were told to sit on the floor in rows around the circular platform.

The students were sitting quite close and were worried that if a fight was to take place, that they might be hit by some of the attacks that would go off from the platform. A larger teacher approached the side and saw the concerned look on their faces.

"Don't worry too much." The teacher said as he banged his fist on the outside. As if it hit an invisible wall where his hand had landed for a brief second, a digital red grid like display showed before quickly disappearing again. "Using the beast crystals, we are able to create an invisible barrier for you guys. Any attack from you regular vampires will be stopped by this wall here, so you have nothing to worry about." The teacher explained with a smile.

Reli walked into the centre and looked as if the wall hadn't activated, suggesting someone was in control of when the wall was turned on or off. "We all know why we are here. You should have been briefed by your teachers beforehand, so let's cut to the chase and get this started. Hopefully that way we can see as many fights as possible today."

Two students from different classes were selected, and two of them had entered the stage, one a female vampire while the other a male. None of these did Vorden or the others recognize. When the two entered, the teacher shouted to start the match, and the fight had begun.

It looked as if the two inside were evenly matched and they continued to fight without the use of abilities, only using blood attacks. However, the female did have a dagger that she would use, while the male student used nothing but his bare hands Eventually though the female vampire had less stamina and was starting to lose the fight.

A pretty bad cut was made with a claw like hand on the female student, and the fight was immediately stopped by the teachers. The male student had actually attempted to make a second attack following up on the first one, but one of the teachers had entered too fast for the others to see and held the male student's hand stopping the attack.

It looked as if there would be no accidental deaths in these sparring matches. The vampire teachers were just on a completely different level compared to the students.

With a winner declared, the students were asked about the fight, talking about what had been done well and what had been done wrong. This also gave some time for the students to rest and recover a little, but now it was time for the student to select his next opponent. He was still pretty tired, and it looked like it would be easier to beat him now than before, but seemingly out of nowhere, from one of the classes a little chant started to take place.

"Xander, Xander, Xander, Xander." Slowly others started to join in as well.

"Of course they would do this." Amy complained, looking at him.

Xander was well known amongst the regular vampires, and the other students wanted to see him fight. Having given in to the peer pressure, the student eventually called Xanders name and with it, the students cheered.

Xander of course smiled as he stood up and looked at the students behind him. He even gave them a bow, as if he was their king of some sort. Climbing onto the stage, he didn't look at his opponent in front of him. Instead, he looked at Vorden, who was sat on the floor.

"This isn't good." Logan thought no one had to be a mind reader to figure out what he was thinking.

The fight once again started, and right off the bat, Xander dashed in, avoiding the first attack from the student, at such a close range Xander threw out a strong fist, then another, and another not letting the student fall to the floor. It was his signature move, a flurry of punches, however, after just the first two punches, they were quickly stopped by a teacher entering the platform declaring him the winner.

This time, there wasn't much time spent on what went wrong or right as there wasn't much of the fight to be analyzed and he was told to select his opponent from another class. First Xander looked to his right, where he could see the pretty girls and looked towards Layla.

With a wink, he blew out a kiss towards her. Seeing this, all the girls around started to scream and push Layla around on the floor.

"Was that at her?"

"She's so lucky."

"Why does Xander even like her!"

A Lot of the girls wished that Xander had paid them that much attention, but Layla felt the opposite.

Then lifting his hand, he pointed at a single blonde boy sitting down. "I chose you!" Xander said.

It was Vorden's turn to go up on stage.


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