My Vampire System
438 Unknown Skill
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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438 Unknown Skill

Jin didn't immediately start attacking straight away, nor did he rush in, and there was a big reason for this. This was because he was worried, worried about a particular skill that the shadow users had.

'Are there really other punishers still out there?' Jin thought. 'Or is this really the last one? Somehow the skill might have been passed on to him. The problem is, if he isn't the last one, then it might be best to wait for the others.'

With these thoughts on the back of Jin's mind, he decided to wait for his opponent to make the first move, while keeping his shield out in front of him.

The information from the system stated that the person in front of him, Jin was the fourth leader. All those that were high up and belonged to the same family would have the same ability, which meant Jin had the explosive blood, same as Clark.

Seeing the blood drip from the sharp edges of the shield was a concern for Quinn.

"Well, it worked before, so let's see if it will work again!" Quinn said, as he activated his shadow void. This time he had created quite a large void, using up almost half of his MC cells. The reason for doing this was because first, Quinn wanted to make sure he got Peter and the others inside as well, but the more important thing was he needed some space.

If the area was too small, he would be easily hit by the explosions. Still, he needed the void if he was to perform his shadow hop, which would be a great help in any fight.

When the shadow finally had encased the whole area, it had even blocked all of the tunnel exits as well. Seeing this, Jin smirked a little.

"Perhaps this worked on the vampires you faced before, but unfortunately for you, it won't work on me," Jin said. "I have seen this before."

Tapping the front of his shield again it started to slightly glow red and then, flinging his hand off to the side, he propelled the shield upward into the air and towards the top of the dome.

"Blood Rain."

As the shield spun in the air, it seemed to stay there in place, hovering. From the razor-sharp edges, blood would be flung off, shooting outward and falling to the sides and ground like rain.

"Quinn, protect yourself now!" The system shouted, and Quinn responded by pulling Peter in, and at the same time, the other two Wights followed.

Using his shadow control, Quinn was able to cover everyone for what was about to happen next.

"Ignite." The rain like blood drops that fell from the top of the ceiling started to explode in all different directions. Some blowing up as they fell to the ground, others hitting the edge of the wall.

Then after a few seconds, Quinn came to the realization of what Jin was trying to do. It was something people hadn't done before due to their cautious nature, but Jin was attacking the dome itself rather than trying to kill the user.

Whenever the wall was hit, it would repair itself, but at the cost of using Quinn's MC cells. He didn't worry about this too much since his MC cells recovered faster when being in the dome, but this type of attack where it was being hit from all different directions was too fast and powerful for Quinn to keep up.

His MC cells were rapidly dropping, which left him with no choice but to deactivate and take down the dome. As soon as this started happening, Jin raised his hand, and the shield started to glow red again, returning to his hand as if he had some magnetic force.

The shadow control had shielded Quinn and his allies, but now he had next to no MC points left to be used, which meant the only thing he could fight with now, was his blood abilities.

"How did the shield come back to him, does he have two abilities?" Peter asked.

"That shield is a blood weapon. Do you remember the red crystal you obtained before, and the strange weapon you saw behind the glass casing? These are both the same. Although obtaining blood crystals is illegal, it wasn't like that in the past and those that have blood weapons were able to keep them. Which means most of the vampire leaders will have a blood weapon." The system explained.

"There is an ability called blood control. It allows vampires to control blood similar to that of how water users are able to control water. Although it varies from vampire to vampire, inside Jin's blood weapon is blood itself, and that's why he is able to bring it towards him and control it so it stays in place, hovering like that.

"Quinn, I'm telling you now, but you can't win against a vampire leader yet. You have to run, get out of here!."

Without his Shadow abilities, Quinn knew that the system was right, but they couldn't exactly turn their backs to the leader in front of them. If the system was anything to go by, a leader was the rank of a vampire lord, which was twenty levels ahead of what Quinn was at now. The leader would be faster, stronger, and could naturally catch up to them.

But then, Quinn noticed that for some reason, Jin still hadn't exactly gone to attack them yet. So far he had only used one skill. Was he worried about something?

This was definitely the case, as Jin was still worried about the unknown skill of the shadow. Because of this, he wanted to wait for more to arrive.

Making a dash for one of the tunnels, Peter proceeded to do the same following Quinn along.

"You two, attack that man!" Peter shouted, and the two weights immediately listened, going towards Jin.

"I'm sorry you two," Jin said. "But may you rest in peace."

In a moment, he had moved towards both of the Wights, and using both of his hands he grabbed onto their heads, the next second two explosions had gone off and their heads had splattered leaving nearly nothing behind and allowing the two bodies to drop to the floor. This was something the Wights were unable to recover from.

"Take this tunnel! Quickly!" The system directed while Quinn followed.

"Running is the right choice, but it won't work!" Jin said as he made a swiping motion with his hand and a red line of aura followed. He still didn't wish to get too close and kept his attacks at a distance.

Seeing this Quinn could tell the attack was powerful, more powerful than any other blood swipe he had ever seen before, perhaps the blood hammer was the only thing powerful enough to stop it but that took time and the attack was too fast, so it left Quinn with only one choice.

"Peter, you're going to have to carry me and keep going."

Quickly, infusing his Qi into his leg, not caring about control or amount, he allowed the ball of energy to be used. Mixing this feeling with the blood rush feeling he usually would do when he used this attack. His leg was now vibrating slightly, holding in the power.

"My body is stronger, I can do this!" Quinn thought as he threw out a Blood crescent kick, powered with his Qi. The red aura came shooting out from the tunnels and collided with Jin's, at that moment both of the powers were equal as they both shattered falling.

This was unexpected, and for Jin, for a brief second, he was stunned at the result. "A vampire Noble, creating an attack this strong. What was that?" But snapping out of his daze, he gave chase.

Right now Peter was carrying Quinn as he was ordered to before. As Quinn had thought, even though his body was stronger, he was still unable to use all of his Qi properly with his blood powers. The result where his foot was completely crushed and shredded, it was unusable right now and this was why Peter was carrying him.

Using his Blood bank, Quinn was able to start the healing process of his leg, but what he was surprised about was Peter. Who seemed to be running at a great speed while not slowing down. Due to him being a Wight he had no stamina issues and had the same stats as Quinn himself. So in a way, he was perfect for a long chase.

But what they had come across looked like a completely dead end, as up ahead in the tunnel there was a strange round door sealing off the exit. It had the same circular patterns as the one outside that Quinn had used to enter the tunnels in the first place.

"Why did you lead us this way?" Quinn asked. "Even if I can unlock the door, my inspect skill takes a while before it will allow me to open up the door," Quinn complained to the system. Knowing full well that Jin wasn't too far behind them now.

"Don't worry, I will tell you the combination to the door." The system replied.

By this point, Quinn's leg had already healed, and with the system's instructions, Quinn was able to successfully unlock the door. As the two of them went through the door, it sealed up behind them blocking off the exit once again.

"Are we safe?" Quinn asked. "Won't Jin also know the combination to the door since he's a vampire leader?"

"Leaders only know the combinations to their own tunnels underneath their castles, apart from the ninth family. Jin is from the fourth, so there is no need to worry." The system said.

"Then, where are we going now?"

"We are heading to the tenth family castle."


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